Obsession, Madness and Love

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Summary: Draco Malfoy has come into his inheritance on his 16th birthday, he has developed a full veela males powers. Now the search is on for his mate, what happens when he runs in a certain boy-who-lived on the Hogwarts Express. And Voldemort is in this story as well. Yes, this is another veela story, but hey, I don't think you can too many of those. (Note: Kidnapping and violence along with slash will be in this story. If you don't like m/m/? relationships, take a friggin' hike, this ain't for ya.)

(A/N: I never read the sixth year book, I was supposed to get it for Christmas but didn't, so this is now an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, where the events of book six never happened, this is essentially a new book six. Also in this story students can use magic outside of school in SIXTH year. 5/7/07 This chapter has been beta'd by Emu Alive and Kicking. She is my new beta and will beta each past chapter, and all future chapters. Thank you.)

Chapter 1: I'm a what?

(Pop) Dilly the house elf appeared in Draco Malfoy's bedroom. She looked at the young master sitting at his desk, smiling to himself as he finishes the last of his summer holiday homework. "Excuse Dilly, Master Draco, sir. You'se father has requested that you come to him in his study immediately."

"Yes, tell Father I'm on the way."

Draco got up, checked himself in the mirror, feeling particularly good that night; after all, why shouldn't he? Tomorrow was his sixteenth birthday and he'd be able to get his apparition license, he'd be able to use magic outside of school, and he'd get a simply mad amount of birthday presents as well. Yes, Draco was feeling very good when he entered his father's study.

Lucius Malfoy sat in a big wing back chair in front of the huge fireplace in his study; he held a glass of red wine in his right hand and stared at the flames. Near his seat was another wingback chair that semi faced the fireplace and semi faced Lucius' seat. The warm light of the fireplace flashed on Lucius' face, yet it gave him no air of warmth. It was like his cold heart superseded anything that could cause him to look like a decent human being.

Draco entered the study and spotted his father by the fireplace, "You wanted to see me, Father?" Draco asked. Draco had never had a close relationship with his father; he had always been closer to his mother. His father had always treated Draco as more of lackey or a clone and tried to mold the boy into a copy of Lucius himself. Never are there hugs, or statements of appreciation of Draco's efforts to be like his dad; there are only statements when there are failures, and punishments when Draco doesn't quite make the mark. Still, Draco doesn't hate his father; he just doesn't love him.

"Draco, take a seat, we have something to discuss." Lucius said without taking his eyes off of the fire.

Draco took the seat near the fire.

"Son, as you well know, tomorrow is your sixteenth birthday." Draco nods "Well, there is something about the family that your mother insisted that we not tell you, so that you could have a normal childhood. Frankly I don't see why that matters but you know how she gets. The woman positively dotes on you."

This was true. Narcissa Malfoy absolutely doted on Draco. She had a cool exterior to the rest of world, and indeed to her own husband but when it came to Draco, her only son, she melted like butter on a hot summer day. Draco was a raison d'être, she thought she could never have children, and Lucius was extremely angry with her for it. For the first four years of their marriage, they tried everything to have a child. They tried wizarding ways and muggle, but to no avail. They had given up, and Lucius was planning to divorce, stating that the Malfoy line must continue.

One night, they went to some death eater function and returned home drunk. Suddenly Lucius found himself madly attracted to his wife, and she to him. They hadn't had sex in six months and were planning the divorce, but that night none of that seemed to matter. Narcissa smiled and flirted with an eager Lucius. Lucius picked her up and carried her to his bedroom. Three months later, Narcissa wasn't feeling well, as Lucius and she sat in front of the barrister to discuss the divorce. She fainted dead away, and was taken to the St. Mungo's. Lucius went with her, for appearances sake. And there, after some testing, it was discovered that she was three months pregnant. No one was happier than Narcissa. Lucius, of course, dropped the divorce, and they remained together. Though, Narcissa has never forgiven him for being so willing to throw her aside in the first place.

"Son, as you know, we are pureblood wizards." Draco nodded. "We are purebloods because everyone in our family had magic in their bloodline. What you may not know is that to be a pureblood does not mean that everyone in your family had to be… human." Lucius paused for a moment to let his son absorb this revelation.

Draco looked at his father. He had always assumed that that was a given. He sat and listened, speechless. As passionate as his father was about purebloods, and his hate of muggles and mudbloods, never had he mentioned that a pureblood didn't have to be entirely human.

"Son, our family has another magical species in it." Lucius stated without looking from the fire. "My grandmother was a veela."

Draco was stunned.

"And your mother's grandfather was a veela."

Draco's jaw dropped. He tried to say something a couple of times and then just wound up staring into the fire, trying to process this new information.

"When you were born, we had you checked out to see if the veela trait from your mother and I would be dominate in you, since they were essentially dormant in us. The test indicated that it would be dominate in you."

Draco blinked hard a few times.

"This is not say that you are not still human, and wizard; it just means that you have something a bit more. You will have most of the powers of the vela, except that you shouldn't be able to transform like a true veela can. You will have their allure ability, and you will have the more than human strength of a veela. Your magic will increase and you will become impossibility handsome."

Finally, Draco smiled. "So no downside, then?"

"Well, actually there is a downside. You will have to find your mate. Just like a true veela, you will have one mate who will complete you. This one person who will bring you absolute joy and bliss; unfortunately, your allure ability will not work on that person. You will have to make them fall in love with you just like everyone else. And the really sad part is that if you use a magic to make them love you, you will hate yourself and try and kill yourself, because this will be construed by your veela half as betrayal to your mate. The only thing that will save you then is your mate's truly felt forgiveness."

"What if I can't find my mate, or what if I can't get my mate to love me?" Draco asked.

"Well, there is a such thing among the veela as the number two. The number two is like a fall back, this person will essentially satisfy your veela needs for a mate, but nowhere near as well, as your true mate would. A number two will be affected by your veela allure; if you use magic to get them to love you, you won't have any of the feelings of betrayal. A number two is usually similar to the true mate, in some ways. With a true mate you are submissive and willing to do anything to please and protect them; with a number two you have a more dominate role, and you can basically make the number two your slave. However if your number two is a particularly strong magical being, they can overcome your dominance; this would be very bad for you. Veela who are with number two of such a type usually become slaves, sex slaves, because in addition to the allure ability there is the sex charm ability. Over the centuries, the most powerful wizards have been known to capture a veela and its mate then to hold the mate prisoner will keeping the veela for such a purpose. They never dare to kill the mate because this would drive the veela insane, and would lead to a massive release of magic that would very well take out an area the size of Diagon Alley."

"I'm a bomb!" Draco said with a shocked expression on his face.

"Well, only if your true mate is killed, and you could have prevented it and didn't or couldn't. This rarely happens with true veela and even rarer with part-veelas like yourself, but there is a slight possibility."

"Anything else I need to know?" Draco said with a mixture and of anger and confusion.

"Yes, actually. I have to tell you about bonding. You can only bond with your true mate. The number two will keep you from needing to bond, but you can only actually bond with your true mate and once you bond with them, a number two will no long satisfy you at all. Bonding will make it so that you will be able to trace and protect your mate at all times. No matter how far away you mate is you will be able to track them down. Your sex charms will grow stronger, though you will still be unable to use allure on you true mate.

"Also, you will still not be able to transform as true veela can. You will only gain retractable claws in your fingertips. These claw are magic and can never hurt your true mate, however anyone else will be cut for they are far sharper than a razor. Lucky for you they will be retractable. The allure ability is a defensive weapon. One final thing, you must never force a bonding. The veela community is highly loath of this behavior to take a mate and force them to bond is rape. And unless the mate of their own free will forgives in open veela court, they will destroy you."

Draco sat, trying to process all of this, and finally said, "Well, is that all?"

"Actually, no."

"What there's more? I was being rhetorical here. What else could there possibly be?" Draco asked.


Draco eyes bucked.

"Son, I know of your preference for males and I'm alright with it. We are wizards and there are ways around it that make children entirely possible, and your being part-veela is one of the best."

Draco sat speechless.

"Homosexuality is actually quite commonplace in veela. Most couple mates are male/female but about thirty percent or so are same sex. The veela species developed a way for same sex mates to have children. First of all, it involves a third party. Let's say you and your true mate decide to have children some day. Well, what you would do is to have sex with your mate. You're body will naturally store your mates…genetic donation, until a suitable female, this female doesn't have to be veela, is found. Then you would have sex with this female. Your body will then inject an enzyme into the female that will search out one of her eggs. It will then destroy all of her genetic information, then a new combatant of your genes and your stored mates genes will enter the egg, and a child will be created with you and your mate's genetics but not the females. Then nine months later, you have a child that is all yours and your mates. The birthing mother is usually considered an aunt."

Draco sat and listened. His outer appearance was essentially calm, but inside his mind he thought he would faint.

"Please tell me this is it, I'm not sure I can handle much more at this point." Draco told his father.


"Oh Gods, what now?"

His father looked at him and just shook his head, "Actually, this about the actual coming into your inheritance part. At some point in the next day or so, you will go through some rather drastic physical changes, and since I don't have a much veela in me as you I have no idea if it will be painful or not. When I came into my meager inheritance I just gained a very weak allure, which as proven to be most beneficial over the years. You, on the other hand, with veela genes on both on your mother and father's sides will get some major changes. Well, that's about it. I guess you should be getting ready for bed, you have a big day tomorrow." With that, Lucius got up and left the room, leaving a stunned silent Draco staring at the fire.