Obsession, Madness and Love

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Chapter 9


One week before Harry's attack

July 25th 9 a.m.

Narcissa and Draco arrived at the Veela Hospital Spa in Spain two weeks ago. Draco's temporary cure of the healing sleep had long ago worn off and his obsessive love of his mother had returned with a vengeance. He could only tolerate the absence of her presence by holding H.R.

"Meenax, when are we going to treat Puff? It's been two weeks and I'm really scared for my son. He can't take me being away from him for anything longer than an hour even with H.R. being there with him." Said an exasperated Narcissa.

"I'm sorry, it's taking so long but we think your son is a good candidate for a new treatment, that we've developed. Even wizards don't have this method of treatment, but it should put Draco to right without intrusion of the magical brain surgery. While magical brain surgery is still an option, and is safer than muggle brain surgery, this new method of treatment should be far safer than the standard magical treatment. When it's done he should be able to go home in three days, we'll just be keeping him then for observation." Said Meenax, as she waved her wand; a silver tea set and biscuits came into being.

"What exactly is this new treatment?" Asked Narcissa as she took a cup of the offered tea.

"Well, it's similar to using a time turner except that it takes the patient's body and only the patient body back in time. When we get him back to before his inheritance kicked in then we can do everything we can to insure that he gets the full time in the cocoon. This way his condition will hopefully have never happened and Draco should be a completely normal healthy veela." Said Meenax.

"And what are the risks? I know there must be some or you would have told me about this treatment much sooner than now."

"Yes, there is some risk, but as I said it's minimal. The primary risk is that it's a really new treatment, in fact, we've only ever used it twice before. However both times it's been a hundred percent success, complete cure. However, theoretically there is the time problem. According to the current theories, some things are simply meant to be and even going back in time won't change them or stop, they simply manifest in an unexpected way at another time. If this is the case, and Draco redevelops the condition, well, I'm afraid the Veela Court will… will destroy him. There will be no second chance; veelas who have had his condition in the past and treatment failed later went on to commit, murder and suicide. Their poor innocent mate killed. The court will not allow that to happen again, it destroys the reputation of our race. As things stand now, it is an honor to be loved by a veela, but what if potential mates became afraid of us? What of our rights? If we are proven dangerous, they could treat us no better than house elves, we could eventually wind up as slaves. The court would destroy your son to protect our race. So you have to choose, if we go with the new treatment, there is a chance that fate could cause his condition to occur again, and the Veela Court will have him killed, or you could stick with magical brain surgery, which while safer than muggle brain surgery, it can either cure him or damage his mind or even kill him." Said Meenax in all seriousness.

"So let me see if I understand this correctly. I could agree to the new treatment, if it works it will be like Draco never was sick, and be good as new with his inheritance, but if for some reason he was destined to have this condition and it reoccurs he will be killed by the Veela court, or I could go through with the magical brain surgery, which could work either fully, or damage his mind or kill him? I have to choose something I can't leave him like this, he was so horrified by what he did the three days the healing sleep gave him as himself, I can't leave him like this." Said Narcissa. "Meenax, what would you do if it was your son?"

"I'm not allowed to say, Narcissa the decision has to be yours and yours alone, you can present the option to Draco, and see what he would want to do, though you have to take his condition in to account when while listening to him. I suggest when you talk to him that you remind him how he felt after he woke from the healing sleep."

"Well, I guess it would be best I did this now. I want to help him, I need to."

"Of course you, dear just come find me after you made your decision." Said Meenax.

Narcissa gracefully rose up out of her seat and left the healers office in search of her son.


Number 12 Grimmauld Place

Remus Lupin was the last of the true Marauders; the rat was dead to him now and simply a spy and enemy, one that would be destroyed on sight, now that Sirius was no more. It broke Remus' heart to lose his friend a second time, and this time there was apparently no reprieve that could save him. Remus has been drunk almost everyday since Sirius' death, feeling that he nothing and no one left. He contemplated volunteering for every dangerous job in the Order he could in the hope that he would meet his end and get to be with friends once more. He felt so horrible about his betrayal of Sirius. Yes, betrayal, Remus has always felt that he should have stood up for his friend even if he thought there he was guilty. He should have at least tried to hear Sirius side of things. He should have done everything he could to save his best friend from twelve years in hell on Earth. Sirius had forgiven him and for that Remus was eternal grateful, but the problem was that Remus never forgave himself, he devoted his time to Sirius when not on missions to make sure his friend was comfortable and had everything he needed while he was in hiding, it help elevated some of his guilt, but now his friend was dead and he, Remus, arrived a moment to late to save him, so again he had failed his friend. The guilt weighed on him heavily.

Remus sat in the kitchen, drinking alone at 2 a.m. lost in his guilt, morning and remorse. The room was quiet and his werewolf senses were properly dulled by the fire whiskey he'd been drink for the last few days. The trash in his room was loaded with empty bottles, and he could be heard crying all times of the day and night. It finally got to the point where someone put a silencing charm on his door. Today was one of the rare days when he left his room, so he sat in the kitchen alone remembering his friends.

"Sirius, I don't know how you can forgive me for failing you again. The pack is dead, and I'm all that's left. The order does good work, and is fighting for what's right but it's not my pack. I have nothing without you; you're my brother. You and James were always my pack brothers, and Lily my pack sister, I didn't come to life until I met you all at Hogwarts, you were my first true friends and over our years there, you became my pack, my family, and now I'm all that's left. God I miss you, James and Lily. I thought living to get vengeance on that traitorous rat would be enough but it's not. I'm not the lone wolf type, I never was, I can't do this alone, I can't be alone, I need you all." Sobbed Moony.

"Your not alone, there is a pack member left."

Remus turned around and saw Herminone standing in the doorway, in her dressing gown. Her hair was braided into two braids one just behind each ear. She wore a red dressing gown with the Gryffindor logo on the left breast pocket.

"I am alone. My pack is dead, that fucking rat is not part of the pack-he's dead, or will be next time I see him." Growled the drunken wolf.

"I wasn't talking about the rat, I'm taking about Harry. He was born into the pack was he not?" She said and she took the seat next to her old professor.

"The cub?"

"Yes, the cub, isn't Harry the cub of the pack? I don't know much about werewolf society, there's not much written about it, which probably contributes to the fear everyone has of werewolves, but I have read of wolf society. In wolf society, cubs are the children of the whole pack, they are nursed by all mothers, raised together, loved by the entire pack, a wolf cub doesn't have one parent or two parents, the entire pack is the parent of the cub. Is it similar in werewolf society?" Asked Herminone as she got up went to the cupboard and came back with a glass.

"Yes, it is, or I've felt that way from the moment that Harry was born. I saw him as being just as much my cub as James and Lily and later Sirius'. Actually, James and Lily told me that to them, Harry was just as much my child as theirs; they wanted me to share in raising him. I became Daddy Mooney to Harry. It was James and Lily's idea, they knew that I would never be able to have a child of my own because of the ministry, so they wanted me to share in raising Harry. God, how I loved them for that, that's why it nearly destroyed me when they were killed; I'd lost my brother and sister in one night, and then next day while I was still reeling from that shock, I find out that Sirius had betrayed them, killed twelve muggles and another pack member was dead. I ran, I ran and left Sirius to hell on Earth instead of talking to him, instead of listening to his side of the story. I ran into the forest and let the wolf in me grieve and rage at the world. I wasn't around humans again for three years. And even then it was just other werewolves, werewolves that had turned their back on a wizarding world that had turned it's back on them. I stayed with them on and off for 7 years, until I ran across Headmaster Dumbledore in the forbidden forest a year before Harry's first year."

"You lived for ten years in the Forbidden Forest? How? Didn't the centaurs object?" Asked Herminone as she poured herself a shot of the fire whiskey.

"Werewolves are treated much better by centaurs than wizard and muggles are. Centaurs see how wizards treat us and consider us kin because of it, so long as we don't side with wizards against them, centaurs have no problem with us being on their lands."

"In that ten years, did you never think about Harry?" Asked Herminone as she took a drink of the fire whiskey, which caused her ears to release steam very similarly to pepper up potion. "Wow, how can you drink that?" She asked with scrunched face.

"It's an acquired taste, hey you shouldn't be drinking that in the first place." Said Remus as he took the glass from her, poured at the fire whiskey out and put the glass in the sink. "And yes, I did think about Harry, I went to go get him that night after I heard what happened, I went to Godric's Hollow, and found my pack brother and sister's bodies, I took them to the mortician, and made for their final arrangements, it cost me every last cent I had but I was going to see them get a proper funeral. Then I headed to Hogwarts to see if Dumbledore knew what happened to Harry since I searched the house and couldn't find a trace of him. I found Dumbledore in his office, and asked him where Harry was. I told him I wanted to take him. Dumbledore said that a. I couldn't raise him because I'm a werewolf and the ministry would never allow it, and b. I would be unable to protect him from all the death eaters wanting vengeance for their fallen master. He said he put Harry with a family that could take care of him, and that I was to stay away from him for at least ten years. He said that the death eaters would watch me since I was so close to the family; they would follow me to Harry, so I had to stay away. Dumbledore didn't even tell me which family Harry went to; I felt destroyed, I couldn't even take care of my cub, that was went I left for the forest." Said Remus as his voice choked.

"I see," Said Herminone, "so what's the excuse now?"


"Harry is still alive Professor, he's alone with a family that hates him, undoubtedly feeling just as guilty as you are now, more so probably. Sirius went to rescue him after all. Plus his friends got hurt, as well, and he probably blames himself and his hero complex for that, even though he told us to stay behind. And if you think about it, it was just last year that Cedric got killed, and I know how guilty Harry was feeling about that. Ron told me Harry's still having nightmares about that above and beyond the crap that Voldemort was sending him. Harry's alone and hurting and do you even care?"

"I care; of course I do." Growled Remus.

"You do? Then what's all this crap about being the last of the pack? Lily and James made you his parent just as much as they are according to what you've told me. Where have you been since you came back before Harry's first year, why didn't you come see him at Hogwarts in his first year? Have you even looked at him? Haven't you noticed how small he was? Do you know that Harry was the smallest student of our year when we started Hogwarts? Have you seen the clothes he wears? You knew James and Lily; you know they had money, so why does Harry dress like a homeless child in clothes ten times his size? And no, professor, it's not the fashion. Lily and James gave you the gift of sharing their child, and you have done nothing for him. Why?" Herminone nearly yelled.

"A lot of reasons. Dumbledore said I should leave Harry to his family after I came back. He said I would interfere with the bond they've created if I were to come into his life. Then in third year, I was afraid, afraid that Harry would reject me because I was a werewolf, after he found out and still wanted me to stay, I could have cried with joy, because he still wanted me in his life, but I had to go; I had to go take care of Sirius. Dumbledore assured me that Harry was fine with his guardians, and Sirius was still so weak after Azkaban, I thought Sirius needed me more. After fourth year, as you know Dumbledore forbade everyone from having contact with Harry. I thought that was wrong, and so did Sirius, but we kept quiet. It was stupid; we should have stood up to the Headmaster but we didn't." Said Remus quietly.

"And what's your excuse now? You're too drunk most of the time, to even do guard duty and check up on him yourself. Professor, I'm worried." Hermione said plainly. "I've written him, Ron and Ginny have written him and all we get back are these short little answers or an 'I'm fine.' Those muggles really don't like him; you know that, you were there with the Order when they gave his Uncle the warning at the train station. How can you not follow up on it? A few letters saying 'I'm fine,' shouldn't be enough. They could just as easily force him to write those letters.

"And another thing, I'm not exactly sure that Dumbledore is doing what's best for Harry. Don't get me wrong, I know he cares and all but I think he's thinking too globally and not enough about the individual. How much abuse is Dumbledore willing to allow Harry to suffer in the name of protecting him for the greater good. I mean sure Harry's protected from death eaters, but what protects Harry from a family that hates him? His small size, which thanks to living nine months a year at Hogwarts and eating good food has come to almost a normal stature for a kid his age, but still he was darn small those first two years, and what about his clothes? And still when he comes back to school after a summer with his relatives he's always so thin, and it takes him a month or two to get his weight back up. And I know for a fact that his family calls wizarding folks freaks, when Ron called their house once he heard them yell to Harry not to give 'those freaks' their number again. I have to wonder what do they call him? I mean Professor, Harry has got to be a textbook example of a child suffering from neglect and his hero complex from what I've read in the books could be symptom of an inferiority complex, in that he values everyone else's life more than his own. Harry needs to talk to someone, he needs to be taken care of, hell he needs to be a kid while he still can, and I don't see that happening at the Dursleys." Hermione said passionately.

"You're right Hermione, it's about time I stopped letting my fears control me. I'm going to be there for my cub. I've got to stand up for him, he needs me, I think he always has and I've needed him, but I let too many things stand in the way, well, no more. First thing to do is to get a copy of Lily and James' wills. There is no way in hell they wanted Harry within two kilometers of the Dursleys. I don't even know if their wills were ever read. I left the day I found out they were dead and that Sirius was a traitor. I don't know how Harry will ever forgive me for not coming for him sooner."

"Don't worry Professor, one thing about Harry is he has an amazing capacity for love and with love comes forgiveness, you'll see." Said Hermione with a soft smile.

"You know, you talk so passionately for him, I know you've always been there for him even when everyone including Ron has turned on him, I swear if I didn't know you liked Ron, I'd think you were in love with Harry." Said a smiling Remus.

"Who said I liked Ron?" Said Hermione.


"Well, sure I was attracted for awhile I'll admit, but really we have nothing in common. Look at him and look at me and tell me you see us together in the long run?" She said.

Remus thought for a moment. "I guess you're right but really when did you decide this?"

"Ron is a good guy, really he is. But he's too much of a whiner and not enough of a do-er for me. Ron is constantly jealous and he wants to be on a level with his brothers or stand out but he's not willing to work for it. I've spent years trying to get him to study and work towards something, but all he thinks about is quidditch and chess, and then he's not even willing to put the work in on those two things to be good at them either, he's too frustrating. He wants it all but doesn't want to do anything to get it. You would think he would do a little research into chess and find out that he could actually be a champion, and make a living at it. There are tournaments and competitions for chess all over the world, but does Ron try to find out about it? No, he just wants to stay a large fish in a small pond so he can feel big. Quidditch is a great game, but he does nothing to get past his handicap of stage fright, and he could be working a lot harder during training but no he doing it half-heartedly like everything else in his life. I also think he's holding Harry back. Every time Harry wants to sit down and study and get some real work done Ron comes and wants to play chess, or exploding snap or quidditch, and if Harry says he wants to work, then Ron treats him like he just kicked his puppy or something. You watch how Ron will react with the OWLs come out, I know Harry did better than Ron did, and that was with everything that was going on, watch how jealous Ron will get. See I can't be with someone like that, we have nothing in common. Strike that, we have one thing in common besides both being Gryffindors, and that's Harry."

"So, you're saying you are in love with Harry." Said Mooney with a cheeky smile.

"I never said that." Hermione said with a blush.

"So you're saying you're not in love with him." Said Mooney.

Hermione got up out of her chair, walked over to the door, "Goodnight Professor."

"Harry, you have a very good friend in her, maybe more, I hope when all is said and done that she will always be a part of your life one way or another. Well, in the morning I'll start the search for James' and Lily's wills." Mooney said to himself.


Meanwhile at the Veela Spa in Spain…

Narcissa found Draco in his room, he didn't leave it much; he didn't to leave H.R. unprotected. He jumped for joy when he saw his mother, running over to her hugging her tightly, telling her how much he missed her and how worried he was.

"Puff I was only gone for an hour." She said smiling.

"An hour is an eternity when your not with the ones you love." Said Draco as he settled on the sofa with his mother and they quietly watched the fire. He held H.R. in his lap, and his head rested comfortably on his mother's shoulder, Narcissa could have sworn she heard him purr.

"Puff, sweetheart, we have to talk." She said quietly.

"Sure, Mother, what do you want to talk about?"

"Your treatment, Puff. I've talked to the healer Meenax and we can schedule for tomorrow, but now we have options."


"Yes, they have a new treatment alternative to magical brain surgery. It's a sort of time travel that will take your body back to before you got your inheritance, then they can monitor your entire inheritance and make sure it goes off perfectly, then it'll be like you never had this condition. There are some problems with it though, so you may choose to go through the magical brain surgery…" Narcissa explained all the pluses and minuses of both procedures to Draco. "So I'll go with whatever treatment you choose Puff, I love you and I just want you to be better." She said as she kissed the top of his head.

"I'll go with the time reversing treatment, mother. I don't want to risk brain damage, and if is the way I'm meant to be for however long it is, it is still better than brain damage I think. Schedule the procedure for tomorrow." Narcissa scheduled the treatment for 10 a.m. the next day.

Draco and Narcissa were shocked to find themselves standing outside a cave at 10 a.m. the next day, having arrived by portkey, instead of in a hospital wing awaiting treatment. Meenax arrived a few moments later with a few other people dressed in white robes.

"Ah you are right on time, good, good." Meenax said. "We'll be begin soon, but first let me explain exactly what's going to happen. This cave is essential a magic free zone. We have found that when cases like Mr. Malfoy's here occur it can usually be traced back to some other magic interfering at a crucial stage of development, this cave has been found to have natural magic dampening capabilities. That is to say, that magic in the cave stays with the source and does float around freely unless it is forcibly directed. So ambient magic is down to a bare minimum. Now we will use a time bubble that will be conjured by my colleagues and myself, to regress Mr. Malfoy here back to the day before his inheritance; then when his inheritance kicks in again and makes the cocoon, it will be in this cave, we will stay with him and monitor him closely through the entire process and hopefully when Mr. Malfoy emerges from the cocoon, he will emerge as normal healthy veela male." Meenax stated. As she finished two more colleagues came up with a device of muggle design. "Oh good it's here. We'll be able to begin in a few minutes. This device is a sonogram machine, a muggle diagnostic machine that uses sound waves to provide input on to what is happening inside the human body without actually have to cut them open and look. We'll be using it to monitor Mr. Malfoy while he's in the cocoon, so that we only have to use low power diagnostic spells, so as to not interfere with his development." Meenax said. Draco and Narcissa nodded their understanding and were led inside the cave.

The cave was large and deep they walked for about thirty minutes before reaching a furnished section of the cave. It was decorated like an open suite. To the left was a seating area, with a sofa, loveseat and matching chair all in a Queen Anne style, with a white matching coffee table set. The next area on the left of that was a small kitchen and dining room area, with muggle appliances. Next was a hospital area, with more muggle monitoring devices, and a muggle hospital bed. Lastly was a section that looked eerily like a section of Draco's bedroom, the corner where he had cocooned himself.

"Now as you can see, we have set up this section (pointing to the area that looked like a bit of Draco's room) to look like the conditions in which he cocooned himself previously. We hope that this will make the process easier on Mr. Malfoy. Now Mr. Malfoy if you slip into this muggle hospital gown then get on the hospital bed, we will be the regression spell. After the spell is done you will remain here in the cave until you cocoon yourself, is that understood."

"Yes, Healer." Said Draco.

"Excellent. We'll begin as soon as you are on the bed."

"I thought you said magic wouldn't work in here." Said Narcissa as Draco went behind the changing curtains.

"No, I said that magic stays with its source unless forcibly pushed away. You can do magic here, but it will stay with you. This way there is no errant magic floating about that could interfere with Mr. Malfoy's development. But we would prefer for you to not do magic here, no need to push fate, eh? The reason we have so many people here to help with your son's recovery is that the spell itself is powerful and it has to be pushed to Mr. Malfoy which requires more power, it's best that this magical burden be shared by many instead of struggled with by few."

Draco went and lay on the bed. He was nervous there were about seven healers around the bed and they began chanting, soon he felt tired then fell asleep. Narcissa sat in the seating area and watched the procedure. The language of the chanting wasn't Latin, or any language she'd heard spoken before. Soon Draco began to glow and then levitate about a foot off the bed. A pale blue oval of light surrounded his body, the chanting changed and got louder, and faster. Suddenly, all the veela characteristics that Draco had gained from his inheritance started to fade away. The oval of light faded away and Draco slowly lowered back down onto the bed.

The entire procedure took about an hour, but from what Narcissa could see it looked successful.

"Ah, Mrs. Malfoy," said a tired Meenax. "He should wake in an hour, then you'll have a few hours together before he goes into his cocoon stage again. He should be pretty much the same Draco Malfoy you knew before his inheritance, you will have to explain everything to him because for him none of the problems with his inheritance have occurred yet."

An hour later Draco awoke and his mother had to explain about his inheritance, and the problems that occurred, she and he both hoped that this time it would go off without a hitch. Around midnight that night, Draco went into his coughing fits and once again cocooned himself in the corner just above the fireplace. The Veela healers were there this time and monitored him very closely through the sonograms and through the low power diagnostic spells. Draco remained in his cocoon for two full days before his cocooned finally slowly lowered itself down to the floor.

Narcissa was awoken about 6 a.m. that morning by the healers, "Mrs. Malfoy, Mrs. Malfoy, time get up Draco should be emerging soon." Said the healer with the nametag that read Forbes. Narcissa got up and looked and the cocoon was on the floor, she reached for her want to cut him out as she had last time when healer Forbes stopped her. "Sorry Mrs. Malfoy, he must emerge entirely on his own he's still developing even at this stage that little bit of magic could cause the condition to occur again. As a matter of fact Draco will have to remain here in this cave for the next three days so that we can be sure that he is fully developed and stable."

"But he is alright now, though, right. Puff is going to be okay?" She asked almost desperate for a positive answer.

"So far, so good, everything looks entirely normal. There were a few times when it looked like the condition could occur again, yesterday but we caught it quick and repaired it before it became an issue. I can say that we are cautiously optimistic that he should be completely healthy, but again right now he's highly sensitive to outside magic, so please no magic. When he leaves in three days he should be fully stable and developed." Said the healer with a reassuring smile.

"Oh thank the Goddess." Said Narcissa as she sat back on the sofa and watched fascinated as Draco slowly worked himself free of the cocoon, it was like watching a cocoon and see a butterfly emerge she thought. It took three hours for Draco to free himself from the cocoon, and when he was done he was exhausted and slept for the rest of the day. The healers monitored Draco all during his emergence and reported that everything had gone normally. Draco awoke and was his old himself, H.R. was just a treasured toy again, and though he loved his Mother and her death would break his heart, he knew that he could survive if he lost her. At the end of the three days the healers pronounced him healthy, not cured because the time spell made it so that he was never ill in the first place. Draco and Narcissa stayed at the spa a couple of extra days and decided to head back home August first.


One week later

August 1st, 1 a.m.

An hour after Harry's Attack

Harry arrived at Hogwarts in quick order in Professor Dumbledore's arms, Harry was set on a hospital bed and they waited for Madam Pomphrey to arrive. He looked at the battered form of the boy hero and his ancient eyes misted over as tears welled up.

"I'm so sorry, my boy. I thought that with time, your mother's sister's family would come to see that you were just an innocent child like any other who needed love and a family. I never thought they could hate you so much. I should have listened to Minerva all those years ago. I'm so sorry my boy." Said Albus as he carded his fingers through the boy's hair.

Moment later, a harried Poppy Pomphrey rushed into the ward. She instantly waved her wand over Harry and gasped at the results of the diagnostic spell. She went to work, minutes later she heard the arrival of the Weasleys and Severus Snape.

"Out, out, all of you out, I'll tell you something when there's something to tell, but I must say right now it doesn't look so good." She ushered them out of the hospital wing and through a locking charm on the door; she needed absolute concentration.

In the hall outside the hospital wing…

"Sweet Merlin, why didn't anyone know?" Said Ron his eyes filled with tears; he couldn't stand to lose his best friend.

"I don't know, someone (pointed look at Dumbledore) was supposed to be keeping him safe, but failed miserably." Said Snape.

Dumbledore held his head down; he knew he made a huge mistake in sending Harry to the Dursleys all those years ago, but at the time…

Minerva McGonagall arrived at the hospital; apparently Dobby the house-elf had sensed that Harry was there. "What's going on, Dobby says Mr. Potter's here?"

"Indeed he is. His muggle uncle has all but beaten the boy to death." Said Snape angrily. Most of the Weasleys gasped at the statement but didn't disagree.

"Damn it, Albus I told you when you placed him there as a baby that they were the worst sort of people and you said you had taken care of it. 'I've written a letter,' you said, like it was the answer to their hatred of all things magic and Lily in particular, and I foolishly believed that you would do the proper thing and check up on the boy. This has been going on for years hasn't it?" She snarled.

"I… I don't know." Dumbledore said sheepishly.

"It was your job to know. You said it was the best place for him." Said McGonagall her anger rising.

"It was the best place for him, once we get this straightened out, I'll make sure they treat him better when he goes back." Said Dumbledore trying to assure everyone.

"GOES BACK?!" Everyone in the hall yelled in unison, even Snape.

"Well, yes, he has to go back, it's still the best place for him and his uncle will be gone in jail. The wards will still protect him from death eaters." Said Dumbledore like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Everyone, all the Weasleys save Percy, McGonagall, and Snape looked at Albus Dumbledore like he was quite mad.

"He gone mental, hasn't he?" Said Ron.

"I believe," Said Fred

"So, dear brother." Continued George.

"I think we need," Said Fred

"To have Madam Pomphrey," Said George

"Do a check up," said Fred

"From the neck up," said George.

"On you, Professor Dumbledore." Fred and George finished in unison.

"Look he…" started Dumbledore as the door the hospital opened to reveal a tired looking Madam Pomphrey.

"How is he, Poppy?" Asked McGonagall.

"I've stabilized him for now, but we need to get that cousin of his here as quickly as possible."


Meanwhile at the Ministry…

Dudley Dursley sat in a place he never even conceived of, much less imagined being… the Ministry of Magic. Sure, he knew that Harry got owls saying that if he did magic in their home he'd be expelled and Harry did say that if came from the Ministry, but for some reason, Dudley just assumed that it would never have anything to even remotely do with him. Now however, it does. Dudley sat in a small gray room alone, dressed in his now too large dark blue running suit waiting for the constables, err… ours... no, aurors to come question him. He decided that he would tell the truth about his father and their family, Harry never deserved how he was treated him and it was time it was stopped and if his father had to go to prison, well he got that the old fashion way… he earned it.

Dudley had been waiting for twenty minutes, maybe a half hour, he wasn't sure; his watch was acting strange in this place. He looked around the small dark gray room; it had a large mirror on one wall, which he was pretty sure was a two-way mirror. There was a plain wooden table and three chairs; Dudley sat in one, kind of amazed at that because he usually would have used two, one for each butt cheek if he was to be comfortable. Dudley sat waiting and idly wished he had some ice water. Suddenly a clear glass pitcher, filled with ice and water appeared along with a glass. Dudley figured that since this was the Ministry of Magic there must be some spell that activated to bring water to someone being interrogated. Now that magic had saved his life suddenly all the prejudice and fear he had of magic was gone. Magic was not this evil force out to corrupt and destroy the world the way his parents taught, he discovered that magic could be good or evil depending on who used, and he knew that Harry would never intentionally hurt someone that wasn't trying to hurt him or someone else, if Dudley was absolutely honest he knew that Harry wouldn't hurt anyone who was just hurting him. After all, if that were the case, Dudley and his family would have been wiped out years ago.

The door to the gray room opened and in walked to men dressed in what looked like blue bathrobes with badges to Dudley.

"Okay, young man, are you willing to take veritaserum?" Asked the wizard.

"What's berataserum?" Asked Dudley.

"That's veritaserum, it's a truth potion you can't lie if you take it." Said the wizard.

Dudley thought for a moment, and knew that if he were questioned in the muggle world they would have to get his parents there, and he was pretty sure they never used drugs on minors, as well. Dudley may not know much, but after his many near misses with the court system he did learn a little bit on procedure, and he was willing to bet it transferred to the wizarding world.

"Not without one of my parents being here, I'm underage even though I'm a witness, I'm not stupid enough to trust you lot like that." Said Dudley.

The auror inwardly cursed he had hoped to get that one past the boy so that he could question him more on Potter than on the uncle. At that moment a third auror entered the room the tall black auror that reminded him of Hawke from the American TV show "Spencer for Hire." This auror had the same look that just screamed "cool but dangerous"

"Has the questioning begun yet?" Asked the dark skinned auror.

"No, we just asked if the witness would submit to veritaserum, he declined." Said the older auror. The dark skinned auror frowned. Dudley wasn't sure why he frowned but figured it didn't matter to him.

Kingsley Shacklebolt couldn't believe they tried to give veritaserum to an underage muggle witness. It was obvious now that the ministry were still after Harry even though they now admitted that Voldemort was back.

"Fine," said Shacklebolt. "Mr.…" he looked at Dudley.

"Dudley, just call me Dudley."

"Okay, Dudley, can you tell us what happened between you and Harry, and Harry and your father?" Inquired Shacklebolt.

Dudley explained Harry's life at the Dursleys in all honesty, he didn't sugar coat anything, he told his part in it, and his only excuse was that it was the way he was raised. He admitted to bullying Harry all his life, all the fights and everything. And then he went on to his parents' treatment of Harry. Dudley felt terrible. As he retold everything, incredible guilt hit him. He and his parents had done nothing but make Harry's life a living hell and still Harry saved him. And what thanks did he get for it… he gets practically beaten to death. For all he knew Harry could be dead or dying right now, magic or no, Harry didn't look good, and it worried him more than he ever thought it would.

A knock came to the door and message was handed to Shacklebolt, he read it.

"Okay is there anything else you would like to add, Dudley?"

"Um, no, just that Harry didn't deserve it, or to be in trouble with you lot, all he did was save my life, I was dying, if he hadn't did what he did I wouldn't be sitting here now. No one saw us, and it wasn't planned, he shouldn't be punished for saving someone's life, even if it is mine," Dudley added in a small voice filled with self-loathing.

"Alright then, let's go." Said Shacklebolt as he helped Dudley out of the chair.

"Wait we're not done yet." Said the older auror.

"Yes, you are. I'm senior auror on this case, he's said everything and gave us plenty of evidence against the uncle, and the magic that was detected is obviously powerful accidental magic, and no one gets prosecuted for accidental magic. Now, I've gotten a message that he is needed at Hogwarts, Mr. Potter doesn't look good and the Healer is calling for him." With Shacklebolt grabbed Dudley's arm and led him out. The older auror cursed.

"Minister's not going to be happy we didn't get anything we could use against Potter."

"You know, I never liked Fudge, and I always did believe the boy. I'm glad we can't do anything more to him. His life is bad enough as it is considering the people he has for family."


Shacklebolt led Dudley through the ministry to his office that had a private floo. He cast a silencing charm around himself and the fireplace, took some floo powder from a jar on the mantle and called out "Hogwarts, headmaster's office; licorice wands." The fire turned green, he dropped the silencing charm grabbed Dudley rather forcibly and pulled the boy into the fire before he had a chance to protest. The arrived at the Headmaster's office, it was empty. Shacklebolt led Dudley to the infirmary, outside stood a mass of redheads, an elderly man in bright blue robes, and a elderly woman in burgundy robes. They walked up to the infirmary doors and knocked.

"Madam Pomphrey I've brought the boy." Yelled Shacklebolt.

A minute later the woman was at the door and quickly ushered the boy in alone.

Dudley looked around the bright white room and saw the many beds; he was ushered to a bed near a curtained bed that he assumed had Harry. He said nothing not sure what he should, but sure he was needed.

Suddenly the woman came from around the curtain, she looked tired and worried and it did nothing to assuage Dudley's own worry for the cousin he spent years abusing and had only just this summer learned to care about.

"Is he going to be alright?" Dudley asked the woman as she waved her wand over him muttering under her breath.

"To be honest Mr.?"

"Dursley, though I would prefer you call me Dudley, I'm not real proud of being a Dursley at the moment."

"Fine, Dudley, to be honest I don't know, it's pretty bad. Normally I could heal easily and he'd be up in the morning trying to get out of here as fast as possible, but not this time I think." She said gravely.


"Well, Dudley the potions I would normally give him to help cure his injuries all work on getting his magic to heal himself properly. In other words the potions don't cure him, his magic does the potions just tell his magic how to do it, that is the magic of the potions. Mr. Potter's problem is that he has extreme magical exhaustion. Right now he doesn't have enough magic to heal himself. Normally, a wizard or witch will instinctively hold back enough magic to heal almost any injury, but for some reason Harry has used all but one percent of his magic. Basically, right now, he less magic than a muggle, for a wizard to heal himself he needs about ten percent of their magic for a major healing, muggles though they can't access it, have about four percent of the magic of a wizard, Harry here has one percent, this is very bad." She said as she finished her exam of him, with a shocked expression.

"Is something the matter?" Dudley asked.

"Here," she handed Dudley her wand. "Wave that around a bit."

Dudley did, there was a loud bang, and the people in the hall rushed in.

"Incredible." She muttered.

"Well, that confirms the test results. I think we can help Harry now. You should be stable enough to give. How long ago did Harry heal you, Dudley?"

"It must have been fourteen hours ago, around noon I think." Said Dudley.

"It's still a little soon but you seem very stable, you were probably just on the edge to start with, so it shouldn't make a difference. If you'll lie back on that bed, I'm going to put a small sleeping spell on you, you're going to have give back some of the magic Harry used to cure you. Don't worry, as I said you are stable, the healing Harry did for you is set now, you won't go back to the way you were, you just held on to a bit too much of his magic is all." Said Poppy as she cast the spell.

"What's happening, Poppy?" asked McGonagall.

Suddenly, Pomphrey noticed that the people from the hall were all in the ward, she sighed.

"Alright, quick update, then back out you go." She said, they all nodded.

"Well, apparently Harry's uncle has been abusing him since he got home, and Harry's magic, has been healing him as much as possible. I mean a lot of healing. I can only conclude that his uncle must have been beating the poor boy, daily." She said sadly.

Everyone looked horrified and wondered why hadn't Harry said anything.

"Frankly," Pomphrey continued, "it's a mark of how powerful his magic is for him to be constantly healing himself nearly everyday of major injuries, and doing so probably sub-consciously. Well, to say the least, his magic was pretty tasked, I can only assume that he received a pretty vicious beating the night before, so his magic was working overtime on that, then came the issue of his cousin here, Dudley. Dudley from what my scans tell me and my past history of Harry telling me about his cousin in his far too many occasions in my care, that Harry not only healed his cousin from the heart attack he had, but also lost the boy about three hundred pound of fat, on top of that, Dudley, was a squib, now he's not, he's a full wizard."

"WHAT!" came the collective cry.

"You heard correctly, Dudley here is now a wizard. I've never seen or heard of anything like it but it's the truth. Harry's magic apparently fixed EVERYTHING that was wrong with the boy. Most squibs are squibs because their magical cores have… well, for lack of a better term leaks. Their magical core simply can't maintain a high enough level of magic to do magic, although they have slightly more magic than muggles. Harry's magic repaired Dudley's core. Once repaired, Harry's magic had to stay with Dudley long enough for Dudley's magic to solidify the repairs itself, making his magical core in effect completely normal, so after healing Dudley, Harry's magic should have returned to him after it stayed with Dudley to solidify his core. However, Harry was already injured and was healing so he needed his magic back, though probably at the time he had enough to heal himself still, but just enough. The beating tonight was more savage than the last, Harry's magic was tasked just repairing the damage from the day before, there was simply nothing left to help him. He couldn't perform accidental magic now if you held a wand on him. Harry's body is trying to generate more magic but it's getting used faster than he can produce it trying to heal himself, and it's simply not enough. The potions…"

Said Poppy, as Snape who was standing in the doorway interrupted her.

"The potions don't work for Mr. Potter because they direct his magic in how to heal in the most efficient way, and he simply doesn't have enough magic to heal himself even with the help of the potions." Said Snape.

"Correct, so I'm going to have to transfer back to Mr. Potter the magic he inadvertently gave to Dudley here. Dudley's core should be stable and strong enough to support itself, and he shouldn't revert back to his prior condition. It's a matter of transferring back Mr. Potter's magic, and hope it's enough to get him to healing. He has massive internal bleeding, fractured and broken ribs, left arm has three complete breaks, his right arm has two, and organ damage. The stasis spell I have on him won't hold for long, if I don't get his magic level up to at least twenty percent, I don't think he'll make it. Now if you will all leave I can get to work." Said Poppy as she ushered the audience out of the ward.

In the hall, everyone was quiet as the mulled over what they had been told. Never had they ever heard of anyone making a wizard out of a squib. The implications were mind blowing.

"You know, I'm kind of worried about what Filch will do when he finds out that Harry made a squib into a wizard." Said Ron.

"I think that last thing we should worry about, we have to hope that there is enough of Harry's magic left in his cousin to transfer back to him or we could lose Harry." Said Hermione as tears began to form in her eyes. Ron looked down, his mind was trying to avoid that little bit of information, he didn't want to lose his friend, and the thought of it hurt more than he wanted to admit.

Albus Dumbledore stood quietly off to the side alone, thinking. His great plan was to have Harry have as normal a childhood as possible with his muggle relatives; they were to teach him that muggles were essentially good and worth saving. He truly believed that they would grow to love their nephew in time. When Harry came to school his first year as the smallest of the first years, Albus wrote it off to the fact that some children just grow slower than others. When Harry didn't want to go back to his muggle relatives, Albus wrote it off to just growing up, and how some kids are just embarrassed of their family, or how some kids just develop a personality that doesn't mesh well with the family. Never did he believe that they treated Harry as badly as they did. Even when the Weasley boys rescued Harry in second year, he thought the boy was just being punished for misbehaving and was grounded. He never really listened to what the Weasley boys said the room was like, or what Harry had told them was happening in that house. Harry for his part never told Albus exactly how bad it was, and simply saying he didn't want go back wasn't enough of reason to give up the lesson he was trying to teach Harry on the worthiness of muggles. Albus now realizes that he should have investigated. He should have gone to that house in person and talked to the family. He even had the report from when Arthur picked up Harry from the Dursleys the summer before fourth year how they treated the boy, how they were so afraid of all things magic, how they threatened Arthur and the boys and called them all freaks. Well, Albus wrote that to destroying a part of the muggles house. He saw now that he really should have gone there in person over the years. Why hadn't he? Truth be known… he didn't want to know. He didn't want proof that he made a mistake in sending the boy there. He knew the blood wards weren't working the way they should, but he couldn't admit that he had been wrong. He couldn't allow himself to be seen as human, he needed to be the perfect leader of the light. If people found out how grievous an error he made in sending the wizarding world's hero to those monsters they would lose faith in him and he equated losing faith in him with losing faith in the light. He had to fix this, there has to be a way. The boy has to go back and his relatives have to treat him right, then Albus' error wouldn't be so bad. He could write it off to being busy, and having more faith in the muggles than he should have, but he could still say it was the right decision to put the boy there. Yes, he would send the boy back, but it will be better this time. Now to figure out to get him back there without coming out the villain… 'Maybe I can make sure the boy is home for winter holidays?' Albus thought.

Everyone waited, quietly lost in their thoughts of how they may have failed Harry. Ron and Hermione kept thinking they should have noticed something was wrong in the letters he sent. Mrs. Weasley figured she should have fought harder to get Albus to let Harry stay with her and her family, a thought that was shared by rest of the Weasleys and Professor McGonagall.

Severus Snape stood on the side scowling; he couldn't believe the boy's life was this bad. He thought the boy was treated like a king at the muggles. He believed the boy was being spoiled at home just like his father was before him. Oh yes, Severus Snape knew the home life of James Potter quite well, they were second cousins and friends until they got to Hogwarts and Snape was sorted into Slytherin while James went to Gryffindor. Before Hogwarts, Severus was always a little jealous of the love and attention James got from his parents. James got anything and everything he wanted. He was a little arrogant but he was also good hearted, and didn't mind sharing his things with his friends. Severus' own family was a stern one; his father looked as if he ever cracked a smile the world would fall apart. His mother was kind, and was Severus' strength. They didn't have money the Potters did, and Severus' father worked muggle factory. Still, Severus did spend time with his cousin at the Potter Hall. To see James' son like this shattered his perceptions of the lad, he now saw Harry as something other than the second coming of James Potter.

Suddenly the door opened and Poppy exited the Hospital Wing, "Well, I've done all I can. Now it will take time. Dudley, the cousin, is fine; he'll sleep about a day maybe two. Apparently Harry's magic is even more potent than I thought, Dudley's magical core is already fully healed; the boy is indeed now a full wizard. He's about on the same power level as young Ronald Weasley, here. It really is the most amazing bit of accidental magic I've ever seen. I don't think it could be duplicated either, it was a miracle it didn't kill Mr. Potter healthy or no. Anyway, on to Mr. Potter, I managed to get eighteen percent of his magic back from Dudley, it a little on the low side really but frankly that's all that was left. Harry's magic has been work day and night to heal his wounds for weeks, and with the damage inflicted before he helped Dudley was extensive, he really didn't have the reserves to heal him. Still, he did, and then after another beating by his uncle, there was almost nothing left for another healing. Still, with the transfusion of his own magic back from Dudley he should start to heal. I'm keeping him in a healing sleep for the next week or so, so that his magic can concentrate on healing and recharging themselves. It's best he stay here at Hogwarts, the school is very magical and his body will absorb the ambient magic and make it his own." Said Poppy.

"So Harry will be alright?" Asked Ginny.

"I'm not saying he's out of the woods, just yet. He's still below where needs to be, but as I said he's absorbing magic from the school itself. Which is really amazing, I've never seen anyone so in tune with the magic of Hogwarts before."

"Would it help if we donated," said Fred

"Some of our magic?" said George.

"Thanks for the offer, but no, it wouldn't. Your magic is too unique to you. You may be able to donate magic to a blood relative, MAYBE, but Harry isn't really a Weasley. And as the last Potter there is no one that could donate magic to him. Dudley maybe able to someday as he is a blood relative, but not anytime soon, his body is still adjusting to the level of magic it has now. To take any of his magic from him at this stage would undo the healing Harry did for him. Not only would he go back to being a squib, the weight would return and most like the heart problem as well, he could be dead within a day. And even then there's no guarantee that it would work, Dudley's not a Potter, he's an Evans and Dursley. Muggleborn magic transfusion into pureblood and half bloods are iffy at best. At this point all we can do is wait. Hopefully, he'll be as good as new, or better." Said Poppy as she turned and headed back to the Hospital wing.

"Wait, can we sit with him?" asked Hermione, speaking for the first time.

"Yes, just talk to encourage him to get better." Hermione and Ginny entered first while the rest went to the great hall for a long overdue Lunch.

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