Engagement On Hold

Summary: (AU) Uchiha Sasuke is Konoha High's reigning prince. Haruno Sakura is…? Who is she again? What happens when the guy everybody knows finds himself engaged to the girl nobody knows?

Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama

Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura, Naruto/Hinata (for now)

Author: pei-chan

Beta-reader: Ruru Kitsuneko

Disclaimer: Wouldn't it be nice if Sasuke and Sakura were really engaged in the Naruto series? Then again, that would only occur in our dreams… ne?

Chapter 3—First Bet

She stared at the mirror seeing the same person she saw everyday; a girl with her hair tied into two separate buns and huge moon shaped spectacles completely obscuring her innocent eyes, wearing the same expensive lavender suit she had for a uniform (a long-sleeved white blouse in winter and a short-sleeved one in summer, with an indigo tie, a chic lavender blazer with the school insignia embroidered on the left breast pocket and a matching pleated lavender skirt, black stockings—not tights, and not pantyhose—and ankle-high black leather boots). She giggled silently, excited about the upcoming day. Today was the day to prove how utterly blind Uchiha Sasuke was!

"Sakura-chan," her mother, Sumire, peeked from her bedroom door. "Ohohoho, what's this?" Sumire brought her hand to her lips, chuckling. "Was your first moment alone with your fiancéeromantic?"

"Believe me mother, it was far from romantic." Sakura sighed. Leave it to her mother to make farfetched assumptions.

"Ohohoho, ah, I can see the two of you now—kissing at a cliff with the sunset falling down on you." Sumire chuckled, ignoring everything Sakura said.

Leave it to Mother to make such a cliché scenario, Sakura thought. I'd rather fall off the cliff, really, and I hate sunsets: they're so red!

"Make sure to say 'hi' to your fiancée for me." Sumire giggled, which greatly irritated Sakura.

Sakura sighed, "Yes, Mother, I'll do just that." Yeah, if he even manages to notice me at all. A smirk played on her lips—a cocky smirk perhaps, I'm definitely winning this bet.

With her thoughts set, Sakura left the mansion, saying goodbye to her mother beforehand. Sumire suggested for her to take the limousine, stating that it would be a more extravagant entrance. Sakura managed to convince her mother just in time so that she wouldn't be late for school.

Great! Now mother's thinking that she needs to sweep my old life clean to start anew. I definitely don't need help on how to handle my personal life, thanks.

It was the same as yesterday and days before. Everyone thought she was a geek, which was why the rich kids avoided her as much as possible. Well, like what she heard those rich kids say, 'Geeks are very contagious! If you try to associate with them you'll get this foreign virus and from then on, you'll be this bookworm. Definitely need to stay away from "them"! You'll lose your coolness, and Sasuke-kun and Itachi-kun will definitely not talk to you anymore. You'll lose your chance of ever getting them—ever.'

Well, this perky overreacting bitch named Watanabe Ami said that. She was practically obsessed—no scratch that, delusional that the Uchiha brothers were interested in her in any way. She always thinks she's so cool and beautiful and perfect—just like the Uchiha brothers. She always thought that the three of them were perfect for each other—that Sasuke and Itachi were practically in love with her! Please! She definitely needed to look in a mirror first before she starts saying such things! Enough about her—she would never become a good seatmate in class anyway. It was a good thing that she wasn't in her class at all. How did Sakura even know her? Simple. Watanabe Ami is considered popular in Konoha High. Very popular.

Sakura snapped out of her reverie when she saw a familiar face in the school grounds. "Temari-neechan!"

The golden blonde whirled around at the source of the voice and waved. "Eh, Sakura!"

Sakura replied by running towards her older sister. "Why do I always have to see you first every time I go to school?"

Temari gazed at her impassively. "That's because you're too slow when it comes to preparing every morning for school. It's not my fault you always meet me first early in the morning.

"Oh, and I heard you giggling this morning. What's this? Did you have a great romantic moment with your fiancée yesterday? Do pray tell—whatever happened between you two yesterday?" Temari grinned changing the subject.

Sakura looked at her sister blankly—too shocked to plaster any other expression on her face. "I assure you… it was far from romantic—believe me." She definitely needed to get out of this conversation, so she decided to leave her sister behind to sort out her thoughts.

Temari gave a wry look towards her younger sister before frowning. She didn't have her bag because she always came early to school, giving her more time to roam around to get familiar about the school more. "Really? Are you hiding something from me, Sakura?"

Sakura drew out a deep sigh and stopped to look at her sister. "You want to know what we did yesterday, Temari-neechan? We made a bet." Sakura stated calmly.

Temari crocked an inquisitive brow, "A bet?" She forced a laugh, "So, all you did yesterday was make a bet, huh? Unbelievable!" She threw her hands in the air in disbelief.

"What were you expecting onee-chan, debris of broken couches and tables because of our intense making out session?" Sakura couldn't help but laugh at the thought of it. What? The Uchiha Sasuke and her making out like how they were in movies? She'd die first before that'd ever happen. "Like that'll ever happen. Here's Uchiha Sasuke, the heartthrob of the school along with his older brother, Uchiha Itachi. Here's Haruno Sakura, a girl that practically everyone thinks is a geek that only earned a scholarship so that she would be able to enroll into the expensive private school called Konoha High—even though her family actually donates 10 times the average amount that needs to be donated to actually manage to attend this expensive private school. With his big sense of ego, I'm definitely not his type, and he's definitely not my type either. Think about it Temari-neechan—we'll never work. Well, that's good news actually—we'll never work out." Sakura blurted out expressively.

Temari could only sweat drop at her little stepsister's outburst. So, they really don't like each other, huh? "If you two are so against the engagement, then why bother dragging it out, instead of just breaking it right then and there?"

Sakura altered her expression into a smirk, "I don't think that he's the type of person who would actually swallow his pride. I, for one, would definitely not go to mother to alter this engagement. You practically know how she is."

Temari scratched her head nervously. Yeah, she forgot that their mother was as stubborn as a rock when it came to these matters. She only thought of her own point of view and no one else's. That was how stubborn she was.

"But today's different," Sakura said calmly. "We arranged another bet yesterday."

Temari cocked her golden blonde brow once more in curiosity. "About?"

"If he can actually find me at school today before school ends," Sakura said with a cocky and confident smirk playing once again on her lips.

"You do not really seriously believe that he's practically blind that he won't realize you're sitting right in front of him," Temari stated carefully. Being an older sister as she is, she couldn't help but get a little worried about her little sister embarrassing herself.

Sakura snickered, "I'll be the judge of that." Ending the conversation right then and there, Sakura left her baffled sister with no other words said.

Meanwhile, Temari stood unmoving in the same spot, thinking about the bet that Uchiha Sasuke and her sister were engaged at. Uchiha Sasuke isn't that blind. He'll realize that his fiancée is sitting right in front of him. Then again… he didn't seem to realize that yesterday. Could he really be that blind?

Shaking her head to dismiss the questions roaming in her thoughts, Temari sighed and walked towards the school, trying not to be late for class.

She entered her classroom as calmly as she could. She cautiously looked around the room until she spotted the raven haired Uchiha she was looking for. There he was. He was still as stoic like in any other day. Did he forget about the bet or something… or is he just buying his time? Sakura frowned at the thought. Making her way towards her seat as casually as possible, she tried to look at the Uchiha from the corner of her eye—better not to look suspicious.

She was facing him when he tilted his head to stare at her, making Sakura flinch at her very spot. He was looking at her intently and it was making her nervous. Does he know that it's me? His eyes are so blank; I can't tell what he's thinking. Has he found me out? If that's the case then I should have gotten Temari-neechan's advice and given up. Sakura gulped when Sasuke's cold piercing eyes continued to gaze at her as intently as before.

She inwardly shook her head. No, no, I'm definitely not giving up. I won't give up—not until he says the words, 'I know it's you.' But still, it's already hard… with him looking at me like that. Sakura tried to keep herself as calm and collected as possible… that was… until Sasuke's mouth opened to speak.

This is it—goodbye victory! Sakura whined in her thoughts.

When Sasuke started talking, it was like time stopped. All hope was seeping out of her… that was… until she heard what Sasuke said.

"Naruto, stop hiding, you dobe. Come here, I need to talk to you." Sasuke said impassively.

Naruto whined and replied. "Wow, that's the first time the infamous Uchiha Sasuke of Konoha High has ever asked me something." Sakura could only feel Naruto's shoulder brush against her own when he walked towards his so-called best friend/rival. "So what do you want teme?"

Sakura could only blink at the way the situation went. He didn't… notice me. She thought disbelievingly. He really didn't. Inwardly cheering, Sakura went to her seat and sat down, setting her bag on her desk. While sitting, she took the time to eavesdrop into the two's conversation.

"I want you to help me… find this person." Sasuke said quietly.

"Wait? You want me—to help you." Naruto smirked, "That's a first. So, is it a guy or a girl?"

"… A girl."

"A girl, huh? Is she your girlfriend?" Naruto snickered as he nudged the shoulder of his best friend.

Sasuke scoffed sardonically, "That'll never happen. So, are you up to it or not?"

Naruto grinned, "Fine, teme."

Sasuke nodded, "I'll meet you at lunch. We'll set up the plan there."

"Now I definitely need to see who's the lucky girl." Naruto snickered.

After hearing their conversation, Sakura couldn't help but bang her head repeatedly on her desk. She couldn't believe it. She was right there in front of him—and he didn't even notice.Somehow, I'm getting rather angry that he didn't even realize that it was me. That good for nothing jerk. That's it, I'll make sure you'll definitely lose this bet—just you wait! He was really blind—really!

It was lunchtime and it seemed like the odds weren't against Sakura's favor because Uchiha Sasuke had not once approached her or even flicked a glance that showed that he noticed her presence. If he was this stupid, I never would have brought up the bet in the first place.

"Sakura-chan," a small voice called hesitantly as a pale hand was placed on her shoulder.

"AHH!" Sakura jumped and flinched on the spot as she slowly turned around to see whom it was, only to find her timid best friend, Hinata Hyuuga.

"Sakura-chan, what's the matter? You seem kinda jumpy today. I also tried calling in class before but… your head was on the desk and you were… so… silent." Hinata stated softly.

"Uh… I'm fine." Sakura smiled.

Hinata frowned at Sakura suspiciously. She opened her mouth to reply; however, she was cut off when someone grabbed her shoulders abruptly, making her jump.


"EEK!" Hinata jumped as she turned around to see a grinning blonde that she had long admired.

"Na… Naruto… kun…" Hinata stammered, still adjusting her beating heart. He really did know how to surprise people.

Naruto chuckled as he nervously brought his hand to his head, ruffling his short, blonde spikes. "Are… you uh—you know… free today—I mean now." Naruto stammered.

"Eh—eh?" Hinata flushed a deep color of crimson. What was he asking of her? Did he just ask her on a date?

Oh sure! Pretend I'm not here! Sakura wasn't here, okay! Sakura thought offhandedly. Wait. What am I saying? You are definitely not asking my best friend on a date while I'm standing right here, Uzumaki Naruto!

Naruto continued to ruffle his hair, but his cerulean orbs were now gazing on the ground. "Cause… you know—"

"What exactly are you asking her, Uzumaki?" A stern voice abruptly cut Naruto's words short as someone stepped up before the timid Hyuuga.

Naruto looked up to get a good look at the stranger who interrupted his precious moment with Hinata. He grinned as he realized who it was. "Ah, the new girl."

"Sakura-chan," Hinata blinked in confusion at her pink haired best friend who was in front of her.

The new girl? The nerve of this guy. How many times does this guy have to forget that I have been in his class since the beginning of high school last year? Ugh—idiot! Sakura balled her hands into fists, but restrained herself from punching Naruto right then and there. After all, it would be against her timid best friend's wishes to see her crush getting beaten up.

"What exactly are you asking of her, Uzumaki?" Sakura repeated more firmly as she gazed at him solemnly.

"So, you wanted to come, eh? Why didn't you say so? The more the merrier." Naruto blurted out, not answering Sakura's question.

Sakura frowned, "That wasn't what I asked of you, Uzu—"

"Just Naruto. We're all the same age, aren't we now?" Naruto grinned.

"What is this all about?" Sakura decided to ask a different question. Maybe, this time he'll give her a straight answer.

"Uh… it's about this search mission that teme—I mean, Uchiha Sasuke assigned me with." Naruto said quickly.

Sakura's frown deepened. Now, he said it all. "No thanks—come on Hinata." Sakura said as she dragged Hinata by grabbing her wrist.

Both of them could hear Naruto asking for them to wait, but Sakura kept ignoring it until they thankfully lost him. She loosened her grip on Hinata's wrist and murmured an apology.

Hinata nodded in understanding. "Why did you just—?"

"I knew what he was up to. Do you trust me Hinata?" When Sakura saw her nod, she continued. "Even though you think I'm acting pretty strange lately?"

Hinata was very confused now. "So… sort of," she replied reluctantly. She didn't know what to say. She couldn't help but trust Sakura—even though she was acting pretty strange—like she said.

Sakura gave her a sincere smile, "Then just trust me. You have nothing to worry about."

"Uh… something's wrong, isn't there?" Hinata asked out of curiosity.

"Nothing's wrong," Sakura said, smiling at her best friend.

Hinata could only frown as a reply. Her smile was suspicious. She was definitely hiding something. Sakura-chan, you're a bad liar you know.

"Eh, I can't believe that it takes this long just to find one girl. Why don't you just tell me what she looks like?" Naruto asked enthusiastically.

Sasuke glared at the blonde beside him and growled in annoyance. "No."

"Why?" Naruto asked irritating the Uchiha even more.

"Because I said so—now shut up!" Sasuke retorted. "Remember what you're going to do 30 minutes before school ends."

Naruto nodded blinking in confusion. He still didn't understand why his best friend would go through all this just to find one girl.

"Good," Sasuke concluded as he was occupied by his thoughts. He was not going to lose. There was no way. As an Uchiha, he wouldn't let a girl—no less a geek—to get the better of him. Sasuke smirked, confident that his plan on finding his fiancée, Haruno Sakura would work… quite nicely.

"Achoo!" Sakura brought her hand to the tip of her nose, rubbing it while sniffling. Looks like someone was just thinking about her.

"Are you alright, Sakura-chan," Hyuuga Hinata asked worriedly, approaching the pink haired girl's desk.

Sakura covered it up with a laugh, "It was just a sneeze, Hinata. It's nothing."

Suddenly, the heartthrob Uchiha Sasuke passed by them with a smirk evident on his lips, making them forget about the topic at hand as both girls watched him carefully from the corner of their eyes. They heard the sound of a moving chair before they heard him sit on his seat just behind Sakura.

Meanwhile, Sakura couldn't help but frown from suspicion at the smirk that was plastered on his face earlier as he walked by. He's planning something… I know it.

The sound of the bell rung throughout Konoha High caused a mass exodus as one-by-one the students left their respective classes. She stood up and sighed. Wow, she couldn't believe it. She won the bet without even breaking a sweat. Students kept on pilling out of the room until Sakura heard someone call her.

"Sakura-chan, I'll meet you at the dojo, okay?" Hinata smiled, as she saw the said girl nod in understanding. Afraid of being late, she gathered all her things and ran out of the door, waving goodbye to her best friend while doing so.

Sakura glanced at the wall clock at the center of the front wall of the room and saw that it was 3:30 P.M. School ends exactly at 4 P.M. That was odd. The teachers didn't say something about the students getting dismissed early today. Sakura stood up, gazing at the door separating the classroom from the corridor outside. Something was not right.

Suddenly, someone placed a hand on her shoulder, making her shiver involuntarily. She gulped as she felt a breath on her ear. "Found you," a familiar voice cooed.

Sakura jumped out of the person's grasp and screamed. She hyperventilated when she turned around and came face to face with a smirking Uchiha. She didn't realize that he was still here. How did he…? No… way.

"What are you talking about?" Sakura asked innocently, still hyperventilating from the incident before. She tried to cover the nervousness that she felt with a conspiciously fake laugh. She wouldn't give up just like that and admit defeat. No way!

"You can stop playing coy with me. I know that it's you, Haruno Sakura," Sasuke stated coolly while he gave her a cocky smirk.

Realizing that she wasn't going to talk her way out of this, Sakura frowned, "So… you knew. Since when?"

"Yeah, so you were thinking that I was stupid and blind, huh? When did I know… since the beginning of class. It was your own fault anyway for mumbling during class about our bet."

"So why didn't you recognize me when we met at my estate yesterday if you weren't so blind—after all?" Sakura's frown deepened in suspicion.

Sasuke scoffed. "Maybe… because, you were too unnoticeable—that's all," Sasuke said offhandedly.

This earned him a growl of annoyance from his fiancée. "Why you…" Sakura formed her hands into tight fists and delivered a punch straight at the Uchiha's face, which his hand caught easily.

He smirked at her. From the corner of his eyes, he saw her foot making it's way towards the side of his face, but he easily caught her leg with his other hand. "Are you that much of a sore loser?"

Sakura growled with escalating anger, but he released his hold on her fist and leg so abruptly that she couldn't stop her leg from falling painfully to the ground where it belonged, and her fist dropping down back to her side. He gave her one final smirk before he approached her. She remained still as she saw him bend down towards her ear. She felt his breath on her neck before she heard, "I win this round." With that said, he left her stupefied form alone in the classroom as he walked out of the room, sliding the door closed behind him.

It was good that Naruto was a troublemaker. I never realized that it would come in handy. Sasuke thought as he left the room.

Unknown to both of them, a pair of chocolate colored orbs had seen everything. The chocolate orbs were burning with jealousy as it watched Haruno Sakura leaving the classroom, fuming in anger.


A/N: I know that practically everyone hates my guts right now. Many of you guys thought that Sasuke was going to lose. Well, I planned that in the beginning, but hey, what's the fun with that. Besides, the plot for Sakura winning the bet is so predictable as evidenced par your reviews and all I can say is this: All your reactions have made me convinced that I've made the right decision. Thanks y'all!

Chapter 4—Punishment and New Enemies

Ami gave her one final growl of anger before she gave Sakura a vicious slap across the face. This forced the pink haired girl to tilt her face from the strong impact of the slap. Her cheek pained and reddened as she brought her hand up to her cheek, rubbing it and groaning in pain.

"You bitch," Ami spat out.

Sakura turned her head back to its normal place and gazed at Ami with the same blank expression. Not bothering to fight back, she brushed past Ami forcefully and went out of the door. She was stopped, however, by Ami's mocking voice.

"What's this? Are you too chicken to fight back, or maybe your fear is as wide as that forehead of yours?" Ami's chocolate orbs gleamed with mockery.

With Sakura's back turned from everyone in the room, (everyone's attention was focused on them with all the ruckus that they made) nobody noticed the sly smirk that played on Sakura's lips at that moment.

Beta Reader's (Ruru Kitsuneko's) Notes: If it's any consolation, even I thought Sakura was gonna win, but I must say… This is so much better!

Updated: March 30, 2006
A little editing here and there. Added some stuff that needed to be added to make the story flow even more. Nothing big.