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A/N: This is a challenge response. "Greatly Exaggerated" by Angela o / w w w . . n e t . Here are the requirements:

Yale sophomore year. Rory was inducted into the LDB last year as a freshmen. She heard stories of the great Logan Huntzberger and his antics. Logan's back now and ready to have fun with the LDB. Will he live up to his rep? Or will Rory beat him at his own game? Rory turned Dean down when he tried to seduce her!

Must include

Must be ROGAN

LDB events

Finn, Steph, Colin, and Robert


Are you really as good as they say or have rumors of you been greatly exaggerated?


DEAN! unless he's portrayed as a jack a




Tristan in a big brother roll

Finn in jail wearing nothing but pink bunny slippers and playboy boxers ps (playboy boxers optional)


"Lorelai 'Rory' Leigh Gilmore-Hayden, welcome to The Life and Death Brigade!" A medium height boy with glasses and reddish said.

"Thank you!" Rory said with a grin as she was handed a flute of champagne. "This is so exciting!" Rory said to a red headed girl to her left.

The girl smirked.

"I'm Rosemary. And this is nothing. Wait until next year when Huntz, McCrae, and Finn are back. Then this will be a party."

"Who are they?" Rory asked, never hearing these names before.

"Our 'leaders.' Everybody tends to listen to them when they speak, so they are the unofficial leaders." Rosemary explained.

"Oh," Rory started as the boy from before came up to her.

"Hello Rory, I'm Seth, I'm so sorry I was so rude before, in not introducing myself, but I'm a bit frazzled, doing this with only Roberts help."

"Sethie, I was just telling her about Huntz, McCrae and Finn." Rosemary mentioned.

"Oh god. I love those guys like brothers, but Rory watch out for those three. I swear, Logan and Finn could talk the pope into buying condoms, just in case." Seth said with a groan.

"Really?" Rory said, obviously interested. "Where are these guys?"

"They took a year off to sail around the world. Last time I talked to them, they were headed to Figi." Rosemary said. "Finn has a crush on me, and everything else with 2 legs, a vagina and red hair."

Rory laughed as Robert came up to them.

What's so funny?" He asked.

"Stories of the stooges." Rosemary replied.

"Oh god, those three hooligans. If I remember correctly, they left after remembering Colin owes me 3 grand." Robert grumbled.

Rory laughed again, wondering when she was going to get to meet the infamous 'stooges.'


A/N: So this is a prologue more than anything else. In case you couldn't tell, the boy in the beginning was Seth. The future chapters will be longer! What do you think? The next chapter takes place a year in the future, when Rory meets the three, and so forth. Review please!