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Rory wandered around campus for about an hour, just taking in the sights. With a sigh, she thought about how much she loved it here. Yale. It was amazing. She was still in shock of getting into three of the best schools in the country, but now she could actually reflect on what it was like being at an ivy league. Rory continued to walk around, people watching. She was pulled out of her thoughts when a familiar accented voice caught her attention. Slowly and quietly, she walked closer to it, undetected.

"Huntz! Just bang her and get it over with!"

"No! I don't like her like that. She is just an... acquaintance." Rory heard Logan stutter.

"Whatever." Finn said, obviously distracted by something else. Trying to figure out what it was, Rory moved closer. She was standing behind a bush, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Spinning around, she stared into the face of a smirking Tristan.

"Mary, Mary, Mary. What are you doing, spying in the bushes?"

"I'm not spying. I'm observing the bushes... For an article." Rory told him.

"I'm sure. What do you have so far?" Tristan asked, amused in trying to see how long she could drag this ridiculous conversation.

"Well, I've noticed that the trees are a beautiful greenish color, with a brownish-gray stem, a.k.a. The trunk. They provide us with oxygen, and... um... Well, I've just started!" Rory said, flustered.

"Whatever you say, I'm on my way to visit Abby for the weekend. How would you like to join me?"

Leading him out of the bushes, she was relieved to see that Logan and Finn had vacated the area.

"Sure." Rory replied.

"Ok, Just come over after dinner at Emily and Richard's. Ok?"

"Okie-Dokie. See you then, Trissy."

"Ok," Tristan said as he began to walk away. "Hey Ror!" He called back.


"There are plenty of trees at DuGrey Manor you can observe for your article!" Tristan said with a laugh.

Rory blushed and glared at him, before walking back to her dorm.


That night, Logan went to Rory's dorm to see if she was home. He got ready to knock on the door, and it was opened immediately by a flustered Rory, who was trying to drag a huge suitcase out the door.

"What 'cha got there?" Logan asked, grabbing the suitcase.

"I'm going to my grandparents house, for dinner, then Tristan's for the weekend." Rory replied, checking something on her phone.

"Oh, are you and Tristan dating?" Logan asked casually.

"Tris?" Rory said laughing. "And me? Thats good. No, he is my best friend. I'm going to visit my god-daughter as well."


"Tristan's daughter? Abby?" Rory responded. "Were you listening to us at all last night?"

"You must have been talking about it when I was catching up with Rose and Juliet." Logan brushed off.

"Oh... CRAP! It's 6:45. I've got to be in Hartford in 15 minutes. See you at the end of the weekend, Logan." Rory said, smiling.

"Yea, see ya," Logan replied, with his trademark smirk.

Rory blushed and continued on her way.


After dinner at the Gilmore's, Rory rushed to the DuGrey Manor. After letting herself in, she quickly walked up to the nursery, where she knew Tristan would be.

"Hey Abby!" Rory said as she grabbed the infant from Tristan's arms.

"Hi to you too Mary." Tristan said sarcastically, as he brushed back Abby's har.

"I'm sorry." Rory said with a smirk. "How are you Trissy-kins?"

Tristan smiled at Abby, and replied "A lot better. It gets harder to leave her each time I have to go back to school. I don't know how I am going to do it on Sunday, I could barely leave before, and that was to just use the bathroom!"

"Well, you do know that her Auntie Lorelei loves New Haven, and any excuse to see her, plus mom said something about "Lorelei-ing her." Rory said, as she stared into the bright blue eyes that were identical to her best friend's.

Tristan smiled.

"Maybe I can talk Lorelei into bringing her to New Haven once a week."

"I'm sure she can be persuaded." Rory said as she handed Abby back to Tristan's awaiting arms.


The next day, Rory and Tristan decided to bring Abby to Stars Hollow. The little girl was beloved in the town, and Lorelei loved to joke that Abby dethroned Rory as Stars Hollow's Princess.

When the trio arrived, they went straight to Luke's, where they agreed to meet Lorelei.

"THREE AND FOUR!" They heard a familiar voice call as they walked into diner.

"Hey Mom! Where is Dad?" Rory replied as she gave her mom a hug, which was rejected as Lorelei held her arms out to Tristan.

Tristan sighed and handed Abby to Lorelei.

"Wow Mom, I so feel the love here." Rory pouted.

"Sorry sweets, but she is cuter than you."

"What about me? I didn't even get a Hello!" Tristan complained. "And Lorelei, you do know that Abby is a DuGrey, and not the fourth Lorelei Gilmore?"

"She is still a Lorelei, Just call a psychic to get a hold of Gran, and she will tell you that us Lorelei's stick together."

"That was disturbing." Tristan said, as the town people came over to coo over the little girl with the bright blue eyes.

Rory and Lorelei laughed and the group continued their day.


That night, Rory and Tristan were watching TV when Tristan's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" He answered as Rory looked over questioningly, as to who would call and interrupt Tristan's time with Abby.

"YOU'RE WHERE?" Tristan yelled. "Finn! I'm with my kid right now, talk to Rory, maybe she can be persuaded to help you."

Tristan handed the phone to Rory, who was intrigued by what was happening.

"Finn?" Rory asked as he grabbed the phone.

"LOVE! I need your help with a little problem." Finn said, drunkenly.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, you see, I may have been with Rose tonight, and I may have offended her with something or other, and I may have gotten kicked out of your dorm, and now I may be in Jail, needing bail."

Rory sighed.

"Where are you?"

"New Haven Police Station." Finn replied gratefully.

Rory sighed.

"I will be there soon."

Rory sighed and grabbed her keys.

"I guess I will just leave early, I will see you on Monday?" Rory asked, as she grabbed her purse.

"Ok. Want me to bring your suitcase?"

"Yes please. Give Abby a huge kiss for me."

"Ok. Bye Mary."


Rory arrived at the Police Station and went straight over to the desk.

"I'm here to pick up Finnegan Rothschild." She said to the man sitting there.

"Ok. He will be out in one moment." The man said with a smirk. "Take a seat"


Rory sat down and played with her nails until she heard the familiar Australian accent floating through the halls.

"Oi Mate! Get off! I can walk just fine!"

Rory glanced up, and then continued to look at her nails when she realized Finn was standing at the door. She got up and looked at him. Her eyes widened in shock.

"FINN!" She screamed as she took in Finn's attire. He was standing there in nothing but his pink silk playboy boxers and pink bunny slippers. "What the hell are you wearing? You have some huge explaining to do!"

"Its a pretty long story, Love."

"Well, since you interrupted my plans for the weekend, I've got time, AND a full tank of gas. Start explaining." Rory demanded.

"Love, please, its embarrassing."

"Talk!" Rory barked.

"Demanding. If only you were a red-head" Finn said with a sigh. "Fine. Rosemary FINALLY agreed to come home with me, and I, of course, was ecstatic. So we get to her dorm, and we had our fun, and afterwards, I told her that I wanted to be in an exclusive relationship with her, and she freaked out and kicked me out. I was walking home, and mother nature called, so a long story short, I got in trouble for public indecency and public urination."

"Why did she kick you out?" Rory wondered aloud.

"I don't know." Finn said sadly. "I mean, I told her exactly how I felt about her, and she looked at me and said 'Leave.' So I did."

"She is scared." Rory stated, her eyes steady on the road.

Finn glanced in her direction.

"Why would she be scared?" He pondered aloud.

"You love women. Correction, You have a fetish for red-headed women, what if you find somebody with redder hair, who is more attractive?"

"No possible way!" Finn cried. "Does she think that I will only use her, then leave her, when I meet another red-head?"

"Possibly. I will talk to her. But Finny, be good to her. Ask her on a proper date. Woo her."

"Woo her, Love?" Finn replied childishly.

"Do you want to get arrested again? Because I WILL leave you here."

"I don't doubt that Love, But look! There is my dorm, with my glorious bed."

"Think about what I said." Rory called as Finn got out of the car.

"I will. See you soon."


Rory arrived at her dorm, about five minutes later. She smiled when she heard Rosemary on the phone.

"What?" a shocked Rosemary said into the telephone. "Sure Finn, I would love to go on a date with you." Rory didn't know what Finn said next, but Rose glanced at her then replied, "I'm sure Rory would love to..." Rory stared at her with a panicked look on her face. "Ok, see you tomorrow night."

Rosemary hung up the phone and glanced at Rory.

"Please don't have that look on your face when we double tomorrow night." She called as she floated into her room.

"ROSEMARY! What do you mean DOUBLE?" Rory shrieked.

"Well, since it is the first date between me and Finn-"

"You two have slept together though."

"Correct Ms. Gilmore, but we never went on a date. So tomorrow night, we are going on a date with Finn and Logan, so there are no awkward silences, and we can be more relaxed."

"Why do I have to go?"

"Because, Juliet likes Robert, and you know that Steph is interested in Colin."

"Why me?"

"Because you are my best friend, and want me to be happy, and because I know where to get that coffee that you said was better than Lukes!"

"Ugh. Fine, but I'm not happy about this." Rory said dejectedly.

"I KNEW you would see things my way. See you in the morning!" Rose responded as she returned to her room.

Rory sighed, picked up the phone, and began walking to her room.

"Mom? I have a date with Huntzberger." She said as she began to look in her closet.


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