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One day, on an island, with no sign of rescue, Jack began to tell me a story. He had been doing that a lot lately. There was one story about how a grateful tribe made him a chief or something, but that was not the story that he was telling me then.

"Okay, luv, so me and me crew," Jack began.

"My crew and myself," I corrected him.

Jack waved his hands impatiently. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we were sailin', you know, 'Yo ho, yo ho' and 'really bad eggs', the whole song, and I was at me post, the wheel of the Pearl, the Pearl being me ship that I had to fight for ten years, through sea monsters and live skeletons-"

"Yeah, sure, Jack, you don't have to lie. We're gonna die anyways."

"I'm not lyin', lass! And don't interrupt me; I lose me train of thought-"

"You've lost more than that," I muttered. Jack didn't hear me.

"Where was I again?"

I sighed. "Sailing, mate."

"Oh, yeah." He had this smirk as if he was remembering something funny. I nudged him.

"Sailing, Jack!"

"Stop being so bloody impatient! Okay, sailin'…Hey luv, did I ever tell ya 'bout that time I impersonated the clergy at the Church of England?"


"Yeah, and, heh, there was this nun, and-"

"You said you'd tell me about some story…about how you saved an entire city in India from starvation…WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT!"

Jack looked at me, hurt. "You think I didn't?"

I rolled my eyes. "Seriously, Jack, you know you just made it up."

He looked appalled. "I do not make up stories! And I probably only said that I did to shut you up. You talk a lot, lass."

I leaned in closer to him, glaring, and lowered my voice. "You better tell me an actually true story, Jack, right now, up until the time we get rescued, or I'll tell you a story. About a girl who…burned all the rum.

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