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They met up with Alyss Sunday morning at breakfast, she was with Jayson.

"Hey guys, this is Jayson, we're going out." She said brightly, wondering if Ron and Hermione had said anything.

"We heard, had fun last night then?" Ginny asked with a smirk.

"Ron, Hermione!" Alyss exclaimed, realizing they had told everything they had seen.

"They pried it out of us." Ron said simply, tucking into his meal.

"Not that you need much prying. Not to mention we still haven't found out why you were going into the RoR yourselves." Harry interjected, also smirking.

"Ginny, control your b/f please." Hermione said playfully. Ginny automatically reached over, and ran her hand up the inside of Harry's thigh, then left her hand there, squeezing slightly. Again, Harry's breathing became heavier and shallower. Alyss laughed at how effective that was as her and Jayson sat.

"Hmm," Alyss said wonderingly, then turned round and did the same maneuver to her b/f, who had basically the same reaction as Harry.

"I wish you wouldn't do that," he said slowly, still breathing very shallowly because Alyss's hand was still on his thigh.

"Really, and why's that?" Alyss asked innocently.

"Well, let's see what you think of it." He replied, and immediately ran his hand up her thigh, and turned it so he could rub her crotch. She spazed out, letting her head drop to the table and breathing very rapidly. The boys laughed this time, and all tried this trick on their respective g/f, who, like Alyss, dropped their heads to the table in ecstasy. The boys laughed, then let go of the girls so they could eat. Alyss leaned over, and whispered in Jayson's ear while she massaged a large bulge that had developed on the side of his leg. He breathed heavy, nodding agreement, then she let go. They ate quickly, and then Alyss and Jayson disappeared for a little while. When they showed up again, they seemed a little out of breath, but their clothing was still on correctly. Harry and Ginny had made their way up to the astronomy tower. It was empty all day, only having classes as night due to the need of stars. So they spent much of their weekend days up here, and nights in the common room by the fire, or in a secret passage, hidden away from everyone else.

"Harry, are you ok?" Ginny asked. He had been quiet the whole walk up here, and was now staring up into the sky, not focused on anything. He slowly turned his head to face her.

"Yeah, I'm ok. I was just thinking, about a dream I had just after I got back to Hogwarts. I've been meaning to tell you about it, and I kept forgetting." He said.

"Really, what was it about?" she asked curiously.

"Well, we had only been back a few weeks, and I woke up in the dream. There was a sign, in the common room saying that Hogwarts was closing, in October. So, I decided to go around the school, to all the places I've visited through the years, like the Chamber of Secrets, and the bottom of the lake. And while I was out, the D.E.'s attacked, and Ron went and got himself killed." He said, his voice steady, with the tone of one describing a mildly interesting book. There was no emotion. "And then, the next day, the D.E.'s really did attack. That was the day Alyss showed up. She told me all about being a Scion, and I found out that Hermione and Ron were also Scions. It was really weird." He concluded, looking back at the sky. Ginny really couldn't think of anything to say to such a thing. So, she simply scooted closer to her b/f and rested her head on his chest.


Alyss and Jayson were happy. It felt almost as if they had known each other for years, instead of just the few weeks they actually had. They were almost exactly alike. They had the same taste in music, and clothing. They had the same favorite colors and places around Hogwarts. It was as perfect as could be. Harry had Ginny back, Hermione had Ron, and now Alyss had Jayson. He had attended the D.A. meetings the year before, so he vaguely knew Ron and Hermione, but knew Harry quite well, even though Harry didn't really know him. They got on famously however, becoming good friends almost immediately. Alyss and Jayson were constantly flirting and teasing each other. It was very entertaining to see them go back and forth. Once, they had actually teased each other so much that Alyss jumped on her b/f and just about ripped his shirt off. They had snogged for awhile, then finally remembered that their friends were their and settled down, very red faced. The other four laughed as Jayson repaired his shirt and put it back on.

"Well Alyss, at least he's hot, even if he is infuriating when he teases you that way." Ginny said, with a wink at Alyss.

"Yeah, he gets the job done." She said with a devilishly kinky wink in her eye…the other four thought for a second, and almost simultaneously realized her meaning and freaked out. Alyss and Jayson laughed, and the other four settled back down. They were sitting in the RoR, they had imagined up a small common room, with a roaring fire and three small couches, one for each couple. The girls were mostly sitting on the boys lap, Alyss and Jayson were the exception now that they she had dismounted. It was getting late, and they decided they had better go. Alyss and Jayson kissed goodnight, and the 6 left. It was about ten thirty when they got back to Gryffindor tower. Harry and Ginny kissed goodnight, and Ginny ascended to the girls dorms with Alyss.

"Night Harry." She called over her shoulder.

"Night Ginny." He called back. Harry said goodnight, and proceeded up to his own four poster. He quickly changed, and got into bed. He was asleep within minutes. Ron and Hermione sat downstairs for a few minutes, waiting. They knew Harry and the girls were worn out, they had been at it all night. They, however, had loads of energy. And they were dying to finally get rid of it. At about quarter to eleven, they got up and left the tower. They went back down to the RoR, imagining up the same bedroom as the night before, this time, however, empty. They stepped through the door, closing and locking it behind them. Hermione turned the key and pulled it out of the knob. She spun around to see Ron, who was right behind her, and pulled her too him, kissing her passionately. As they kissed, they slowly walked toward the bed. Ron, walking backwards, was unawares of the bed being right behind him, walked right into it and fell back, taking Hermione with him.

"Oh Ron," Hermione moaned as Ron ran his hands along her breasts. He kissed her again, muffling the next moan as it escaped her lips. As it was the weekend, they were in normal clothing, and Ron was glad. Robes can complicate the undressing process, and make it to fast and boring. He slid his hand up her shirt, and slowly slid it off. He knew she wore front clasp bras, and was glad for it now. He was able to unclasp them easily, and without reaching around her. The clasp undid, and her boobs came free. He knew that cold things touching Hermione anywhere would turn her on, and he just so happened to have naturally cold hands. He cupped her breasts and she gasped.

"Oh my god, your hands are freezing, it feels so good." She said, her voice shuddering a bit to match her body. He smiled, and tweaked her nipples with his fingers, earning himself another small gasp. He kissed her again, then moved his mouth to her neck. He nibbled lightly, just enough to feel it, but not enough to hurt. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it, in order to excite Hermione. He dragged his teeth across her neck, and down onto her collar bone from there, his tongue traced a line down to her nipple. He sucked it a bit.

"Oh, Ronnnnn," Hermione said, moaning his name. He switched to the other nipple, getting another moaned version of his name from her, in a higher pitch. He rolled her so he was on top. He knelled over her and pulled his shirt of, exposing his muscular chest. Hermione grinned in satisfaction, she loved Ron's chest. She growled, and Ron smiled at her. He traced lines along her chest with his fingertips and she almost moaned again, but instead, she reached up and pulled him down onto her, kissing him passionately. As she kissed him, she reached down between his legs, from behind, rubbing the inside of his thighs. Ron went stiff, and she giggled, rubbing ever higher on the inside of his legs.

"Do you like that baby?" she asked, still giggling devilishly. He rolled her again so she was on top, and pushed his hands down the back of her pants so he could squeeze her ass. She sat up, leaning back on her heels, legs to either side so she sat straddling him. She ran her fingers along his chest, down to his stomach, and then to the waist of his shorts. The button on his shorts was right in front of her, and she was only just barley not sitting on it. She unbuttoned it, and pulled down the zipper. She sat up straight so she was off her heels, and leaned over so she could pull his shorts off. Then she stood, and slowly removed her pants. She had worn a very tight fitting pair that looked like jeans, but would actually stretch out. She slowly peeled them off, teasing Ron with her slow stripping. They finally hit the floor, and she stepped out of them. Ron was hard as diamond by now, and his boxers were jumping slightly from the pulse in his cock. She straddled him again so that his 10 inch cock, standing straight up, was against her panty clad clit. She leaned forward, bending his pole back. She knew he enjoyed the feeling of that, and he moaned out load.

"Hermione," he said his voice full of lust. He could only lay back and let his eyes roll in his head. She made it all the way down, and began to kiss him again. He reached between her legs, and pushed her panties to the side, inserting a finger into her moist mound. She squealed and kissed him harder. He inserted a second finger, and slowly began pumping them in and out of her. She moaned into his mouth and he just kept kissing, finger fucking her slowly. He added a third finger; knowing that he was starting to stretch her virgin hole. He rotated them inside her, running his fingers along the inside of her.

"Please Ron, please; I want you to fuck me. Right now. I need it." She moaned, twitching again from his fingers. He pretended to ignore her, continuing his slow finger fuck. After a few minutes, she asked again.

"Please Ron, please fuck me. Fuck me right now." She moaned, very close to the edge. This time, he decided to listen. He removed her panties, and stripped off his boxers. She was already laying flat on the bed, and he was now kneeling over her, straddling her the way she had straddled him. He leaned forward, and guided his thick cock to her hole. He had just barley started to push in when he stopped again, so she could feel just enough to want more.

"Please Ron, I'm begging you, fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can." She said, pleading with him. So, he dropped himself forward, driving his whole ten inches up into her instantly. She screamed, loud and high pitched. He stayed inside her, letting her stretch out to accommodate him. After a moment or two, she became more comfortable, and he began to move. He slowly pulled himself out all the way to his head, and then plunged in again, repeating himself over and over. He quickened the tempo of his fuck as he went and after a couple minutes he was pounding his pole into her, making her scream out.

"YES FUCK ME HARDER RON HARDER!" She screamed, crying out in ecstasy as he pounded her. He was close now, and knew he would cum any minute.

"I'm going to cum." He warned her, still slamming his cock into her.

"Oh yeah cum on my tits!" she yelled. He slammed into her one last time and then pulled out, spewing gallons of cum onto her tits and tummy. White hot rain danced down onto her and she scooped some into her mouth as well. When he finally stopped cuming, he collapsed onto the bed beside her. Panting, he laid still listened as she scooped his cum onto her finger then licked it off. When she had finally cleaned herself off, she rolled over and whispered into his ear.

"That was great Ron, but next time you're the one who gets the attention." And with that, they rolled over and fell asleep.


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