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They flew slowly at first because Hermione hated heights, and it was a mark of her friendship to Harry that she agreed to fly. After 2 hours they hadn't gone far. But finally Hermione relaxed and they were able to speed up considerably. They landed at 12 Grimmald Place about 4 more hours after they left, it went a lot faster this time because they didn't have Mad Eye turning them every which direction. They stopped only to eat and warm up a bit. "I talked to Lupin about how to get to Godric's Hollow. We may pass over the Burrow so that will probably be our second stop. Then it's straight on to my house, my other house," he said awkwardly. They were only there for an hour or so then took off again. Hermione ended up falling asleep against Ron and he held her too him while steering with his free hand. He shook her awake as they descended toward the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley came running out as they dropped lower and lower. When they finally landed she hugged each of them in turn.

"Remus told us you were coming." She told them looking at their puzzled faces as she hugged them. "Harry you're wasting away," she said looking from Ron's slightly thinner figure to Harry's who had lost at least 10 pounds because he refused to eat.

"I haven't felt like eating very much Mrs. Weasley." He told looking down at his already very small body.

"Well come in and have some food, the other's should be up by now." She said leading them toward the front door. Harry heard a shriek and was knocked off his feet by what looked like a red comet.

"Oh Harry you're here you're here!" the comet yelled in a voice Harry recognized as his girlfriend Ginny's.

"Let the boy breathe Ginny," Mrs. Weasley said with a chuckle pulling her up by her arms.

" Hey Ginny," Harry said somewhat breathlessly due to the fact that he had no air in his lungs. "We're not staying long," he told her.

"Where are you going?" Ginny asked casually.

"Godric's Hollow, but don't get any ideas, I told you already you're not coming," he told her sternly. "I don't want you getting hurt. Its bad enough Ron and Hermione are coming."

"And you're going to stop me are you?" she said matter-of-factly raising here eyebrows.

"Yes, I do believe I am." He said smiling despite himself.

"Well you're wrong. I'm coming whether you want me too or not." She said defiantly, fire flaring in her beautiful crimson eyes.

"Fine, you can come, but you must promise to do what I tell you if anything should happen. Promise me,"

"I promise."

"Harry dear, you really need to eat," Mrs. Weasley said push a plate of eggs and bacon under his, Ron's, and Hermione's noses. "Then you need to get to bed. You've been up all night." They ate quickly and went to bed.

The next morning was hectic, and for a moment, Harry thought it was time to go back to school. After actually waking up, he remembered that he was only headed to Godric's Hollow. Ginny had packed her trunk and Mrs. Weasley had put a spell on it, as well as Harry's, Ron's, and Hermione's, so as to make it easier on their brooms. "Bye mom, I'll write when we get there." Ginny said hugging her mother. Mrs. Weasley then turned to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

"I want to know everything that happens between now, and next time we see each other." She told the three of them giving each of them a hug in turn.

" Okay Mrs. Weasley," they said together. And with that, they mounted their brooms, and kicked off hard from the ground, rising. Hermione had borrowed a spare broom and they'd spent a few hours this morning teaching her the basics of flying, and it turned out she was naturally good at it. As they flew, Harry checked the compass clipped to his Firebolt. He'd gotten it from Hermione and was thankful for having it. They flew north for a while then turned east. No one talked much it was kinda hard with the wind rushing through their ears. Finally, Harry signaled them to start descending. They landed at the edge of a small village. They could see the tavern, the hotel, and the small store, all from their vantage point. They shouldered their brooms and walked into the village. Most of the people the saw greeted them friendly, introducing them selves. When Harry answered, most of them began ringing his hand. "Be careful, warned one wizard, there are muggles in this village, only a couple or so but still." She told them warningly.

"Could you point me in the direction of my old house?" Harry asked.

"Aye, I can. But it's not a pretty sight." The wizened witch told him. And started waking away from the town square. The witch, who had introduced herself as Wendy, told them about after Voldemort's attack, most of the muggles had moved away. "The muggles that lived beside me left most of their things, all they took were photos, clothing, and some personal objects. They left faster then anyone. The car was gone the next morning." They walked for ten minutes before with no one saying anything else. When they finally arrived, she stopped. "This may scare you some dears." Wendy warned. "No ones been here since the Potter's were killed." And with that, she led them around the corner, so the trees blocking the way were behind them. Before them stood, or rather, laid the wreckage of what looked as though it could never have been a house.

"That's…" Harry stammered. He couldn't believe it. He'd been told his house was destroyed, but this, this was more then destroyed. It looked as though a nuclear bomb had gone off, while a hurricane blew through, a tornado touched down, and a volcano erupted, all on or around his house. He couldn't believe that Voldemort's power had done this.

"Harry?" Hermione said tentatively.

"What's the matter Harry?" Ron, having the emotional depth of a puddle you could step in and not get the whole sole of your shoe wet, asked. He didn't understand.

"Ronald, I swear sometimes," Hermione said looking daggers at Ron. "How would you feel if the person, if you can call him that, that you had to destroy had done that to a house with a spell that was only supposed to kill you?" she asked with a tone and a look that could have sent a giant, a troll, and any number of Death Eaters running.

"Oh," Ron said in a squeaky voice, the thought of that causing him to lose all the color in his face very quickly.

"We'll just, have to rebuild it." Harry said at last, obviously laboring to keep the crack from his voice.

"I'll help any way I can." Wendy told them. "Your parents and I became good friends after they moved here."

"Thank you Wendy." Harry said, again trying to keep his voice from cracking. And with that, they set too work, pulling the debris away.