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Two years later two days before Saint Valentines. (2/12/82)

"HURRY YOUR ASS UP HERE STEVEN! I AM IN A LOT OF PAIN HERE AND WOULD LIKE TO LEAVE NOW!" Jackie screamed at her husband of one year.

Oh that's right, you don't know. Well let me break it down for ya.


At Forman's house for a Christmas Party with all the gang and Kitty, Red, and Bob.

"Man the man keeps bringing us down with these damn Christmas songs! I say we take out this song and put in some Led Zeppelin because this is some crap" Hyde said as he made a step towards where the song was coming from. Suddenly a very short brunette stepped in front of his path and looked POed.

"Steven this is Christmas Eve and we will both listen to the music of the season and appreciate it! So stop frowning and please enjoy yourself." Jackie said as she straightened the tie that he wore "just this once" as he put it.

"Hey dollface can I talk to ya for a minute?" Hyde asked nervously looking around everywhere accept at her.

"Sure thing babe," she said with a grin that made him melt away. They walked into the basement that held all the wonderful memories and the not-so-good ones too.

He looked around at the things occupying the basement that held all their memories. He then looked at the couch and his chair. The couch that held his memories of her; the chair that only she could sit in and not make him mad.

His focus then fell on the clocks that were up in every room of the house, even his. The clocks were counting down till the moment Christmas came. It now read 1 minute till X-mas.

He had to do this quickly then, for his plan to work. He looked at Jackie who was looking at the chair they shared. Her eyes twinkled in the love-at-first-sight way. He smiled remembering the times they shared and most of all….of her.

He was so lost in thought he never realized that it was closing in on the plan that he had. He was going to do something drastic at 2 seconds till Christmas and wait for her answer. If she loved him the way he thought she did then by midnight they would be kissing.

He glanced at the clock and panicked. 20 seconds left! He had to hurry.

"Jackie you know how much I love you right?" Hyde asked slowly so to make it romantic.

"Yea babe," she replied looking at him curiously. He then glanced at the clock again. 14 seconds!

"And that I would do anything for you?" Hyde quickened his pace and glanced at the clock.


"Of course," she was getting even more curious about what he was doing.

"And that if you jumped I would jump?" Hyde was still at the same pace and was getting nervous.


"Yes, and even though I know you would never "jump" as you call it, yes." She was now very excited about where this was going.

"And that if you asked I wouldn't wear my glasses just in front of you?" Hyde was calming down a little bit.


"Well duh I know that." She was getting very anxious now.

"And that I love you so much that it hurts to think of you even thinking of someone else?" Hyde had this under control now.


"I would never even think of someone else! Your too you to give you up." She said even though she wasn't entirely sure what she had said made sense.


"Jackie Burkhart, will you be Mrs. Hyde?" Hyde closed his eyes waiting for the news as if expecting a slap.


Then without hesitation she answered with tears of joy, "Hell yea babe!" He threw his glasses at the couch and kissed her just in time.


Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox End Flashback Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

"STEVEN! HURRY THE HELL UP OR THIS KID WILL BE BORN HERE!" Jackie yelled and was already out the door when her husband ran down the stairs taking two at a time to ketch up with his wife that was going into labor at this moment!

"I'm coming Jacks! Hold your horses. I had to get our stuff for the hospital." Hyde had made it all the way down to the car and was waiting for her to get in.

"NOW SPEED STEVEN SPEED LIKE HELLS TRYING TO GRAB ME!" Jackie screamed as she buckled up and Hyde put the suitcase in the back seat.

"I'm gonna speed as fast as I can dollface! Now hold on!" And the sound of screeching tires was a heard and they were off.

8 minutes later

"Steven do you think you could've ran more stop lights and signs!" Jackie asked/yelled while making her way up to the hospital room that she was assigned.

"Have you called the gang yet?" she almost whispered because of the drugs they were giving her to wear of the pain.

"Yeah babe they're already here waiting for our kid." He gently kissed her as the drugs made her sleepy.

"Well sir," Jackie's doctor said, "it's more like kids." Hyde paled instantly.

He then looked back on how well his business was doing and laughed. He was now happier than he had been in…hours. After all every minute with Jackie was heaven; but her labor was pretty bad.

36 hours later

Hyde came in the waiting room where the gang was waiting to find out about the babies. They had been informed about everything, but not if the kids were ok.

Hyde looked tired. No man I mean really tired. He also looked really happy. He walked up to his friends waiting to bare them the news about his children. The things his and hers had made. They were special. Very special because, like Jackie, they were his.

"Well?" Donna, Eric, Fez, Kitty, Red, Kelso, and Brooke asked. Hyde smiled a smile that said he couldn't be happier even if he had meet Led Zeppelin himself.

"Well guys I got me a little Hyde and a little Jackie!" He said and laughed when they got terrified at the thought of a miniature Hyde and Jackie causing everyone terror. Then laughed at how much fun this would be…especially when Donna was pregnant with twins too! (They got married the same day Hyde and Jackie did, same church too)

"What are their names?" Fez asked with curiosity that could match a 5 year old.

"Well the little Hyde is named Jack Red Hyde and little Jackie is named Donna Kitty

Hyde. Like the names?" He smiled at their faces of shock.

"You named your kids after us?" Kitty, Donna, and Red asked shocked and so happy. (Well except for Red who you could still tell was happy)

"Of course, you guys did raise us more than our folks did. And we happen to love you more so go figure." Hyde said as he led them to the room where by now they could see his babies and his woman together.

Everyone was in tears of joy when they saw the babies. Even mean ol' Red was in tears at the sight of his almost grandkids. Poor Kitty was literally sobbing into Red at the sight of her family getting complete.

Jack had his dad's hair already; you could look and see dark brown curly hair by the handful already there. Little Donna looked the same except with her mom's hair and even more hair! They had their mom and dad's eyes. One was blue and the other green.

(A/N: don't know if that is their eye color but hey I guessed.)

"Ok," a nurse had said, "let's leave Mommy and Daddy alone with their new babies." And then she ushered them out of the room and smiled at the happy sight as she closed the soundproof door to let them have their privacy.

As Hyde smiled and kissed his new family on their heads. And looked at his new family and smiled at the thought of going home and making room for his two beautiful kids.

Donna looked at Hyde and Jackie and laughed at the memories of them fighting. Eric came up behind her and kissed her head and then her tummy. He wrapped his arms around her and smiled thinking the same thing she was.

"Wow," he said as they took one more glance at the new family and headed back to the waiting room, "I guess things are really changing around here."


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