Siobhan is pronounced Shih-VON

She is 17

A/N: Hi people! this is my first Fan fiction! so be gracious but speak what you think! I always here people (other authors) sayin that reviews fuel their writing. I HOPE THATS TRUE! Its mainly going to be about Siobhan and how she is helping Bella and Edward's relationship but she will have a love interest. When I switch POV's you will be able to tell (it's kinda obvious it will be all insert charactername here POV). I just had to get this story out of my head! Well, HAPPY READING!

DISCLAIMER: Anything that you see relating to the book is the wonderful Ms. Stephenie Meyer's. Everything else is a figment of my imagination

Siobhan's POV

As I walked into the airport just getting off the plane from Boston. where was I again? Oh yeah Seattle. I'm horrible at directions I wouldn't know where I was half the time if it wasn't for my... ability? I guess you could call it, let's just say I am very good at reading people. Literally. I can sort of tell what people are thinking. Weird I know but don't worry that's it. I SWEAR! I'm not a witch or a weirdo psychic or anything. I'm not anything like Carrie either, that girl from the Stephen King novel.

Well know back to why I'm in Seattle. I am now waiting for this plane that is 'hopefully' going to bring me to my new home. I moved all the way across the country because... well ... I got into a teeny weenie bit of trouble. I sort of stole a car... BUT I gave it back, like that makes it better. My mom being the paranoid mother she is sent me all the way across the country. I am know going to live with my uncle and my cousin in this town... Forks? I think it's called if its not that its some other eating utensil, but I'm pretty sure it's called Forks. Well any way I'm going to be living with my Uncle Charlie and my Cousin Bella.

I like Bella we would write each other all the time and at like family gatherings and crap we would always be the ones hanging out together, she is by far my favorite cousin. We would describe our weather situations, when we wrote one another, for example she would describe the wondrous weather of Phoenix and I would describe the very weirdo weather of New England. When she moved to Forks (I'm pretty sure it's Forks cause I just herd someone (mentally) thinking of visiting a relative in Forks) she would describe how it is always raining and cloudy and how she saw snow for the first time yadda yadda, but then in later letters she would say she doesn't mind the weather any more because she got a boyfriend, from the letters I got anyway, that she is completely in love with. His name is like Edmund, Edward, or Edwin or something of that context. I'm a disaster with names case you haven't noticed.

The next plane to take me to my new home. This one is taking me to Port Angeles and from there it's like a four hour drive to Forks. I tied my now nasty brown hair up into a loose bun and picked up my carry on which was my backpack filled with books and CDs I found too precious to put into my luggage (which would be all of them). I got onto the small plane and all I could think of was...


Bella's POV

I am waiting for my cousin, Siobhan, to arrive to the Airport in Port Angeles. I have wonderful memories of this airport. The fact that it brought me to Forks at first wasn't a great one. But the fact that this is where it kind of all started. I mean if I never came to Forks I wouldn't have met Edward. And Edward is the love of my life so this is kind of like a trip down memory lane of sorts.

I decided to pick up Siobhan from port Angeles because if Charlie, the cop, got a hold of her when she is tired from jetlag she will probably never speak to anyone on the west coast again if Charlie started to speak to her about stealing that car. And that is not good. I would like my favorite cousin to say hi to me once now and again, wouldn't you?

Siobhan is kind of eccentric. That would be the best word to describe her. she is so many things but calm and patient aren't one of them. I do believe Edward and the others will be frightened of her when they meet her. Vampires scared of something who'da thought? Speaking of vampires and Edward. I wonder what he's up too. I told him I had to run an errand today (and that he wasn't allowed to come) so he doesn't know I'm at the airport picking up my younger cousin. he will probably get mad that I didn't tell him where I am. I definitely know for a fact that he will be worried that I would get run over by a plane or get stuck in the terminal.

I sometimes wonder if it would be better if he could read my mind. I wouldn't have to 'edit' my thoughts, and I know that makes him crazy. But then again maybe its a good thing that he can't here my thoughts 24/7. it makes this relationship more real to an extent and more spontaneous, for example we don't know what the other person is thinking so something can come out as 'Hey you want to go jump off that bridge' and the other would be completely surprised.. I mean he wants me to be normal and him not being able to read my thoughts just makes that a little better.

Our love for each other is definitely not normal though. I mean with out him I wouldn't be flying on clouds every time I'm near him. I feel so alive and perfect and light when I'm just touching him. If having him as my one true love isn't bliss then I don't even want to know the true definition. As they say ignorance is bliss and love is blind. Just to be able to talk to him almost everyday (except when he is hunting) is per-


My perfect thoughts were interrupted by guess who? My wonderful cousin Siobhan. She decided the best way to greet me was to jump on my back. Which of course resulted in me crashing to the floor.

"HEY ALBINO!" That has been her nickname for me since I was six.

"Get... off... my... back!" I struggle with my words because when your favorite cousin is sitting on your back it is kind of hard to breathe. I am currently deliberating the favorite cousin part.

"Fine I'll get off. But you were the perfect target you should have seen how you were out in your own little world. Just standing there. Practically drooling. All dazed." She said as she got off my back.


"What do you mean I looked 'dazed'. i was just standing here waiting for you to show up." I said starting to defended my case.

"You were thinking about that boyfriend of yours weren't you?"

"His name is Edward. And yes I was. I told him I was running an errand because ever since I fell down those stairs and broke my leg and like every rib in my body he won't leave me alone for two seconds. So you are my excuse." She looked at me from under her Red Sox baseball cap with a look of complete shock on her face. Like she is actually insulted.

"I am now an errand? You can't just come get your darling cousin from the airport. It is a chore now? Well sorry for getting in the way of your life. I mean you would think that my bestest cousin would like to pick me up from the airport, but noooo she has to go lying to her boyfriend, who I haven't met, and tell him that she has to run an errand. An errand!" This is going to be along car ride. That was all that I could keep thinking about as she ranted about my excuse to come get her. "A burden always, but and errand?" I just stood there with a bored expression on my face as she continued not on the errand but on my leg.

"And about that leg of yours, I can't keep you out of my sight can I? " She is now bending down and is petting my very itchy cast with affection." Your poor leg! I have to sign it to make it better! Quick! Get me the orange sharpie in my bag." I just stood there waiting for her to move.

"Well aren't you going to get it?" She asked completely unaware that I cannot move because she is still holding onto my leg.

"Well, I would if you moved maybe away from my leg?"

"Oh, yay right, well I'm sorry for the jumping on you thing" Was she apologizing! I've never heard her apologize for her actions before.

"It's alright... I guess..." I said a bit warily and a bit skceptical. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY COUSIN!

"'Cause you know your leg is all bad and the way you describe that fall... ugh. it gives me shivers just to think about it." She physically shivered. She started to pull her hands into her school, or should I say old school, sweatshirt like she was cold.

" I don't like to think about it either"

Siobhan's POV

" I don't like to think about that either"

As soon as that thought came out of her mouth her thoughts were filled with rage, anger, sadness, shamefulness, hurt, and so many different emotions. This made me start to think that her injuries were not caused by a fall down a hotel stair case, but something more.

I couldn't take the unhappy thoughts flowing through her head. It made ME unhappy! I can't be unhappy! Especially my first day here. The jet lag isn't helping that much either so I moved on to happier subjects.

"So Edward, huh?" I asked trying to change the subject to more lighter subjects.

"What about him?"

"Well, for starters, when am I going to meet the man that stole my, very clumsy, cousin's heart."

"You will get to meet him when, and if we ever, leave this airport." She says completely rubbing off the clumsy part.

"Well sorry for keeping you from your dear Edward." I said the last part in a 'damsel in distress voice'.

"Shut up and grab your stuff." Bella replied blushing, looks like I've hit the jackpot. Not only are her thoughts about him completely filled with love and admiration, but the mere mention of his name made her blush. Ahh young love.

"Fine, fine but as soon as I get caught up on this freaky sleeping pattern I am currently on you are going to spill like there is no tomorrow." I say as I pick up my three suit cases and the one huge duffel bag that my brother uses for hockey (he has like five).

"Oh yeah that's right you lived on the other side of the country the first seventeen years of your life. Plus jet lag, you must be going through sleeping in and out of conciseness like there is no tomorrow." She says acting all smug and the tone in her voice was so 'naa naa nana na'. It was pretty annoying.

"Yeah, yeah miss lived in phoenix for the greater majority of her life." I said getting a little peeved at this point. But just a teeny weenie bit. Her thoughts were even full of smug comments she so desperately wanted to say to me.

Trying to be 'apologetic', I guess but I've completely let it go now, she takes one of my suit cases with wheels and starts to walk away. I try to follow her but how would you fair with two roll suit cases and a huge duffel bag AND your extremely heavy back pack.

"Where are you going albino!"

"To my car in which I will drive you to me and Charlie's lovely abode in which you will be living till you graduate from Forks High School."

"Thanks for my future life story in a nut shell and all but could you give me a little more help? I mean I know you broke your leg and all but you could at least take one more suit case couldn't you?" I ask trying really hard not to drop everything in the process.

I knew the response coming, she was going to walk away and say that I can handle it all by myself and don't need the cripple's help.

I couldn't be more right.

" I think you can fair by yourself, I mean you not the one with the broken leg." This reading mind thing never fails does it?

"Alright, but I am sleeping in your bed when we get there!" I yelled trying my hardest to run toward her with all four bags ,not caring if people are looking at me, because now she is a good twenty feet away.

"Fine it's alright with me just make the bed when you wake up. You have to sleep on the couch tonight anyways because you bed doesn't come until tomorrow when we're at school." She says. Me huffing and puffing by her side from the marathon length of said twenty feet. I am not one for running with tons of luggage hanging off me.

"Yes! A good nights sleep."

Bella's POV

As we reach my beloved red 1953 Chevrolet pick up. She immediately threw her stuff into the back but slowly placed her book bag on top. That's the one with her CDs and books. I just smirked. She always had a thing for her music. If you got her stared she would go on and on and on about it till you either gave her something to eat or walked out of the room.

"Love the truck. Looks like it could survive a head on collision, and an explosion, and a nuclear attack" She said in a slightly surprised voice.

"It did"

"What a nuclear attack?"

"No a it survived a car crash" I went on and told her about that time it snowed in Forks and how Tyler crashed into my truck with his, now totaled. mini-van. leaving certain points out of course.

"Wow this Edward guy seems to be always saving your life doesn't he?"

"You wouldn't believe." I replied in a small soft voice. Siobhan didn't like my secretive tone so she started talking about her school's cafeteria food. How she swore sometimes the pizza was plastic on bread and how everything took awhile to chew and swallow making you miss out on complete conversations because you were so focused on just swallowing your food.

The Cullens are definitely going to be surprised when they meet Siobhan.