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Chapter 5 It Was Meant To...

Bella's POV

I walked into the cafeteria with Edward and my eyes immediately searched for my little cousin. My eyes scanned the many lunch tables seeing if I could recognize the back of her head which would be all messy and tangled from forgetting to put it into a ponytail when she left the house. She runs her hands through her hair a lot when she is frustrated or is working really hard. It is quite amusing actually.

I found her sitting with Mike and company with her head in her hands looking very annoyed and pained at the same time. Mike was talking very animated to her but she just kept her head down trying to ignore what he was saying. She was having another headache.

She always gets them , but only when she is in large groups. The maximum amount of people she can be around with out getting a headache is about 50, and nothing cures them, her mother has tried everything, aspirin, icepacks, reminding her to bring her glasses everywhere. Siobhan always blamed her headaches on forgetting her glass even though she doesn't need them all the time, only for reading. And she won't go to a doctor to get them checked out! She has a thing with doctors.

"I'll be right back, I've got to make sure Siobhan's okay." I said to Edward as I got out of my seat and started walking toward where she was sitting. When I got there Mike greeted me with a very enthusiastic 'Hi Bella!' and I had to do everything in my power not to yell at him.

My poor little cousin , I thought to my self as I taped her on the shoulder. She turned her head slowly and first gave me a look of disgust but then she immediately brightened realizing that I just saved her from her self induced torture. I said a quick hello to Jessica and the others and gave them the excuse that I needed to talk to Siobhan, which is of true.

She was up, hand still holding her head no time. God, I hate it when she gets these headaches, she becomes more clumsy than I do on my worst day. I put my arm over her shoulder and tried to keep her and my balance as we walked out of the cafeteria. I could feel Edwards gaze on my back and I knew I had some explaining to do. Once we got outside the cafeteria I looked at her and said "you really need to see a doctor about these headaches."

"I don't need to see no doctor!" She replied hunching over a near by trash can like she was going to throw up. Even when she is in the worst of times she can make anyone laugh and the way she said what she just said I wanted to laugh out loud in hysterics. I couldn't though, because she will get more upset with me and her in a bad mood is not a good thing, ever.

"Why not?" I replied.

"You know why Bella!" She walked over to me and put her hands to her side.

"Their not all bad Siobhan! You have to get over this fear sometime!"

"Well I can tell you one thing, it's not going to be soon." She started walking away, but then remembering that she doesn't know her way around the school completely yet, came back toward me and asked me where the library is. "That way," I replied pointing to the opposite direction in which she was heading before.

"Oh! Bella, by the way, I'm not little!" She exclaimed as she ran in the direction I pointed to earlier.

Siobhan's POV

I walked into the library, after getting lost quite a few times, I mean how many right turns can one take without going in a complete circle. I have a tendency with getting lost . My theory is that anyone with Swan heritage has to have something wrong with them. It is my misfortune to get lost a lot and Bella is overly clumsy. The library is remarkably small and I feel like the four square walls are crushing into me, a side affect with all this mind-reading headache combo.

There is one table in the middle of the room it's one of those rectangle tables with the wood grain sticker on it to make you think it's a real table but it is just made of cork and a metal frame. I only see the corner of the fake wood table because a stupid bookshelf is blocking my way. I like bookshelves and all but you don't put them right inside the door so the first thing you see is the back of the bookshelf! I could've knocked it down right there and them because I was super pissed at it and because my headache wasn't liking the bookshelf, but something caught my eye. As I was trying to kill the bookshelf with my mind and my awesome Carrie-like abilities I saw someone sitting down on the other side of the bookshelf, in a chair reading something.

He can't just be an innocent student just reading his book in the library. With my luck of course it is the dude with the red hair. He has a name! Shoot, it's John , Jambalaya… Something beginning with a 'J'… I want to say Joshua but its not that. THINK SIOBHAN! Of course you can't remember a completely hot, handsome, god-like being's name. He must have spotted me looking at him because when I looked into his eyes and I remembered his name, James.

He has beautiful hazel brown eyes, but I thought it was weird how I remembered his name when he looked at me. It was a weird connection thing, I don't like the 'P' word because this was weirder. A connection type thing and it sent shivers up my spine. I took a deep breath and stepped out behind my semi-hiding space and took a seat across from him putting down my bag next to my seat. It was all just a creepy experience. I thought I should break the weird silence. STOP LOOKING AT ME WEIRDO!

"Do I have something on my face or something. Otherwise I don't know why you would be staring at me," I said while trying to get a book or something productive out of my bag.

"I'm staring at you because I find you very interesting." Why O Hot One do you have to be so vague in your answers!

"Well, what do you find interesting,? My exceeding beauty or my wonderful collection of pins on my bag? Because I would really like to know."

"Why?" I am refraining from screaming in his face and just exploding at him for being so annoying. I have no patience

"Because I have no patience"

"You have proven that many times." smart ass.

Trying to turn the subject away from me I ask what he is doing in here in the library. I have my reasons but such a beautiful person shouldn't have to hide in a disgusting, small library. I mean, he didn't get head throbbing headaches from being around people. Did he? I doubt it no one is as strange and as messed up as me.

"Why do you want to know what I am reading?"

"Because I'm like a bookaholic and It is my duty to the world to find out what you are reading."

"Well, if you must know I'm reading Dracula."

"So are you like a horror novel freak or something, and I do mean that in the greatest respect. I'm a historical fiction buff myself."

"I like to read a lot and currently I've gotten really interested in vampire and other horror novels," That was weird… he said it like it was an inside joke or something.

"My dad liked all that horror stuff, especially the old movies." My dad died when I was 15, watching his favorite movies was how I mourned the week of the funeral. It was too depressing so I tried to change the subject. It didn't work.

"Do you miss him?" he asked trying to acted all concerned. I don't like sympathy it makes me feel weak, and I hate feeling weak or vulnerable.

"What about your family? I have three older brothers and my mother is a daycare provider. I'm only here because my step-dad sent me here cause I was 'acting up', I mean I was only in a stolen car when the cops caught us." Anything but my dad.

'Well, If your going to be like that I might as well tell you my life story." I don't want your life story.

"I don't want your life story I just want to know about your family." there is a difference.

"Okay, fine I live with my adoptive parents Anthony and Susan Russo they adopted me and my cousin Felictiy. Michael, Susan's nephew lives with us as well. I consider Anthony and Susan as my parents and Michael as my brother, they're my family and I love them very much. Felictiy and Michael are sociable so they would be in the cafeteria sitting with Edward, his family, and your cousin." I wasn't quite buying his story, but I'll go along with it.

"Your very formal in your answers, like I'm an attorney, just chill man" He laughs he has a really neat laugh but his awesome laugh is interrupted by the bell. Damn.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later. It was really nice talking to you Siobhan," he said as he bowed out of the room literally bowed out, like in those movies. It made me laugh.

"Hold on I've to get to biology so you might want to hold the door open for me." I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. He did keep the door open for me. The only person that ever kept the door open for me was my dad… it felt weird.

"I'm glad I am forgiven for yesterday and I'm glad that we are acquaintances or what ever." I said slightly embarrassed by my sudden, well, embarrassment.

"So am I." he smiled a genuine smile and at that moment it should've been illegal for him to look so unbelievably handsome. I did this weird nod thing and walked in the direction of what I think is my biology class.

When I turned the corner out of his view I released this unknown breath I was holding. I felt weird around him, but it wasn't a bad weird it was a good weird, if that makes any sense. I couldn't read him in any sense and my head was throbbing around him like it would normally when I was around anyone else. I can block those headaches easily its like walking or talking for me. It was when the groups of people got bigger when the huge headaches start that's why I can't eat in the cafeteria it is like one huge hammer constantly banging on my head.

James made me feel different, first off my head wasn't hurting so much actually not at all. He also made me feel like I didn't have to be funny or crazy trying to cover up my real feelings all the time. It was scary but in a good way and I was glad that he made me feel this way. It was refreshing. Yeah, refreshing.

Bella's POV

It was the end of the day and I am waiting for Siobhan. During Math I remembered that I forgot something at work and I have to go to the hospital to get my cast off. Edward would gladly give me a lift but he has to help Alice with something they cant tell me about. I'm guessing it has something to do with my birthday, even though I constantly keep reminding them that I don't want anything for my birthday. Nothing, I've been contemplating locking my self in the bathroom with a loaf of bread and not coming out the whole day. Complete isolation, I don't think that would go over to well with… anyone.

"Hello Bella, where is your lovely boyfriend that doesn't know the meaning of personal space." Siobhan has a tendency to magically appear next to people unannounced, which is amazing, if you think about it.

"He has gone off with his sister, Alice, to work on my birthday party ideas. Even though I don't want anything no celebration or even recognition for my birthday," I replied as we walked toward the truck, or well she walked and I limped.

"Can you give me a ride to Newton's Outfitters, I need to pick up something ."

"Like, bribe money or a gun? Because I don't think you should be working there if you're getting involved with organized crime."


"I mean, Bella what kind of people are you hanging out with. For all I know you could be dealing drugs because these aren't the most reliable people around. They're making you not want to celebrate your birthday for one thing. Something is seriously up if you don't want to turn eighteen."


"I'm not sure I trust these people. Organized crime and such, all happening in an inconspicuous little town called Forks, What kind of name is that anyway? Forks, whoever named the town had an obsession with utensils."

"Siobhan, I forgot my sweater so I need to pick it up. I'll give you directions so you won't get lost."

"Okay whatever but I still think your involved with "unreliable" people. I'm telling you I don't trust anyone here," she replied as she opened the passenger door and helped me get in.

If she only new the kind of 'people' I hang out with….