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Drenching rivets of cool water vaulted from the heavens and scorched the earth below with little regard to the scurrying inhabitants or the plane in which they materialized. Blooms of thunder penetrated and echoed on deaf ears letting the lightning shower the mists with an aura of electricity and defiance. Wind blazed its heavy currents in mass turning the little droplets into cyclone based crystal falls, ripping and devouring all in there horrendous paths. A blanket of hazy fog flooded the area in its deep clutches, blurring edges, and abstracting beautifully within the moon's shallow halo of gleam.

As the storm grew in scorn and murderous rage, green leaves fluttered and drifted from broken limbs and shattered bark. Gusts severed the leaflets, with screeching termination, showering the mudding ground in a pleasant array of color. Darkness loomed over the sky with tremendous gloom and eerie disgust, almost venturing on the evil stage of development, as all light dimmed and become non-existent.

And as life retreated and trampled away on trembling, wet feet or wings, the hiss and anger of lightning forging with thunder bounced off the ground and shook the land with currents like no other. Screams of freight exalted from lips of pure crimson only to be condemned to be devoured by gasping chokes and coughs. Those same lips, with such tempting redness, trembled uncontrollably as eyes wide and chibi-like glistened with shed tears and the folly of falling light.

The owl-like perception of a figure in darkness looming out over the horizon waiting patiently for its prey was retained regrettably. Letting the cover of a hallowed out tree serve as an isolator from the storm seemed almost surreal in the clash of the forces all around, highlighting and shinning those unusual orbs even brighter. Although disturbingly beautiful as the sight may be to see, the hiding spot was uncannily perfect for waiting out the storm in the warmth of sweltering bark and dry moss.

Darkness shrouded the child and clung to every ounce of his being in an endless cloak of deceitfulness and deception. Red rivets slithered soundlessly around the boy in a crimson arc of life and death. The only sound of their plummet echoed around him with strangely loud rings like a leaky faucet in a silent room. Shaky, nimble fingers brushed through his silky silver locks, that shone with sheer delight like an angel's halo in the night's sweet and gentle caresses, only to be devoured in the darkness in which his heart held to close and un-wantonly. The same pale hand, which held a certain tinge of scarlet dribbles, coaxed his gentle mane turning his hair a disgusting yet tranquil hue.

Long streaks and puddles of his own life essence covered the quivering boy as he watched with a smirk of satisfaction and release splayed across his slightly elfish features. Blowing up briefly, with red, glossy lips lined in a perfect pout, the gorgeous gray-eyed boy riveted his bangs slightly making the few strands flutter about in a gentle breeze of his own accomplishment. As newly fallen lightning etched across his features, even as the red slowly drew up on his frame devouring him whole, made his small body look even more unnatural and beautiful. Every inch of the boy was covered in the growing darkness and lightness of the terrible night, which rivaled his mood perfectly.

Legs hugged to chest, arms locked around each other mixing each other's wrists of crimson together; sighingly he let his chin lay heavily on trembling knees. Pale gray eyes, with long dark eyelashes, beamed through his now falling bangs, in which he watched sadly before him with hurt and want. Taking one last, longing glance, Draco moaned deeply letting all the pain from his chest and heart release from his tiny body.

The boy curled into himself even tighter letting the rising pain from his stinging wrists pull him back to his reality once again. Draco released his tight grip with a huge drupe of his shoulders and glared at his self-inflicted cuts with so much force it almost seemed as if they would dissolve right then and there from the brutal force of the look. His pale flesh was even more transparent and clammy as all his blood seeped out from his slashes, making him look even more angelic. Blinking back more tears, he chanced another small glance at the laughter, and banter coming from the sunny glamour of a strange world right in front of him. Only, seeming instead of cheering him up it made him even sadder and desperate.

Taking in again the happy children, teenagers, and adults with various shades of strange clothing on, smiling and with extremely cheerful aura's made Draco's gray eyes glow silver, rivaling his hair in color. Tear like waterfalls graced his cheeks with more wetness and an aching pain in his stomach. Raising his left arm, he let his fingers wiggle and grab out for any of them, wishing for all his might that they could drive the darkness within him and bring back the light.

Draco leaned forward almost crumbling under his now dramatically tired body, as a soft slurping sound entered his ears. His eyes locked on his wrist as a tiny streak of blood dripped from each side of his wrist and mingled in the middle. Forming a fairly large drop of his crimson essence until it left spectacularly for the forest floor only stopping in mid flight for a second, heckling and snarling at the boy until it splattered into an already huge puddle.

Dropping to the ground, Draco let out a loud cry of despair and loneliness as the voices of virtue and education drifted farther and farther away from him. Tears mixing with his blood followed suit in great heaps as he wailed and pounded his small wrists into the rich dirt in which he lay. Giving one last strangled yelp of defeat, Draco strangled to his wobbly knees and looked red-eyed at his flowing wrists. The sound of life, love, happiness, and sunny, calm, clear weather slowly disappeared as clashes of thunder boomed in the rainy environment of his hellish plane.

Closing his eyes tightly, the boy breathed in deeply and brought both wrists closer to his lips before letting his tongue dash out suckling and nipping his flesh clean and devoid of any cuts or scars. Gentle light reflected off startling long, sharp fangs, as he took time to lick the blood away with a sigh of satisfaction and hunger growing. The taste of himself in his mouth made Draco whimper and shiver from the feeling as his body was slowly swallowed in a coat of silver beaming with black. When the flash of healing light drifted and finished its healing aura, it merged back within him leaving him once again whole and healthy, full of energy, and still cradling the sadness within his heart.

/Never would have worked anyway, so why do I even bother?/ The tired boy berated himself once again for the nth time letting his arms fall heavily down by his sides. /Because it gives me some release and the sensation of tasting yourself is indescribably soothing yet powerful, that's why?/ Draco traced one of his wrists with disgust as he pocketed a sharp, glistening knife. As his mind fought with itself on his cutting and desire to feel his own blood flowing down his throat and warm his belly, the last of the light, which he so desperately clung to, dissipated for another dream or wish.

"Soon…Soon I will be in there and won't need this anymore." Draco spoke elegantly with purpose as he eyed the virtuous shadow of the school Hogwarts.

Licking his lips and brushing off his clothes, the youngster stood up and smiled meaningful at the perfect picture of his dreams before him, before slowly turning on his heels to retreat back from his day and night dreaming. His small feet caked in the dirt as he drew away from the busting with life and amazement only for another day and time to return and become one with the place.

"Someday, Someday I will return and learn with the best and leave this awful place." His voice echoed around him.

Draco's body seemed to disappear into the depths of the trees as he ventured forth back into his home. Trees dark in purpose, unusual, despised and sacred creatures cluttering the area in mass, Draco retreated into the world of the Forbidden Forest, his life, his home, and his never-ending misery of hell. And as the last remnants of his walk-away were blinded by a cowering fog and slight drizzle, the heavy storm dissolved into nothingness a magical rainbow of magical proportions connected from his world of darkness, to the sunny heavens of Hogwarts.


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