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Casui productions presents

Stars don't shine

A Chrno Crusade Story


"Feel the rain on your skin!
No one else can feel it for you,

Only you can let it in!

No one else, no one else,

Can speak the words on your lips

Treat yourself with words unspoken,

Live your life with arms wide open!

Today is, where your book begins,

The rest is still Unwritten…"

-Chorus to "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield


Chapter 2: Make a Wish

Chrono moaned, lifting his head up. He looked at the messy covers of his bed and then across the room to see his roommate snoring away. He remembered that yesterday he had met Rosette, his roommate. The one girl who had snuck through the most strict school policy. She was the only girl at the boys dorm at Magdalene Academy and Chrono was the only one besides her to know it. That reader, is what they would assume. But because evil exists in the World, reader, there would be more to know, many more to know…

Slouching as he got up, he went over to his roommate's bed to make sure that the girl was asleep. She was knocked out, he could tell when he accidentally turned on his radio and the girl still didn't stir. That meant it was safe to get dressed. He walked over to his dresser. Quickly slipping on his 1920's-style uniform, he glanced at the bottom drawer where no clothes were kept. There on the Maple wood was a golden pocket watch, he could still remember the face of who gave it to him…

Chrono shook his head violently, he couldn't remember it. The outcome of his memory was too painful. He looked at his radio-clock, it was already 7:50! Class started in twenty minutes! He gathered his books and dashed out the door to class, forgetting to wake his roommate whom was still sleeping like a rock.

Why was math class always first thing in the morning! Chrono grumbled curses, giving the reverend at the corner suspicion. He walked upstairs and toward room 110. Where the subject and teacher of evil lived, just waiting in excitement to make his life a living hell.

The bell rung just as Chrono had taken his seat in the back of the classroom. Sister Kate entered the room and stood, welcoming the class with a smile. She began the lesson after a quick attendance and began to scribble on the chalk board. "Continuing what we were going over yesterday…" a loud knocking at the door interrupted her.

Chrono couldn't help but laugh when the teacher answered the door. He should've known, there stood Rosette in her boy's disguise with bags under her eyes. She was once again sweating from head to toe and was being glared at by the teacher of evil. He could practically see the rage Sister Kate was feeling right now.

"Hey Sister Kate, sorry about being late-" "AGAIN." Sister Kate finished for her, growling. "Yeah…I'll just go sit down now…" Rosette tried to tip-toe by the angered sister but she was too quick. Rosette was pulled by the collar to face the sister "YOU ARE LATE FOR MY CLASS YET AGAIN! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE NEW TO THIS SCHOOL! BE LATE ONCE MORE, AND I'LL ENSURE YOU THAT YOU WILL BE SEEING THE PRINCIPAL!" .

After being released, Rosette gulped and practically ran to her seat which was once again, next to Chrono. Chrono paid about every bit of his attention to the teacher, if he didn't pay attention while she was in this pissed mood, he was dead. Soon something interrupted his focus, a loud snoring sound was booming through the classroom, making every student look in it's direction.

Chrono sweat dropped; of course, it was Rosette. Her hair had fallen out of it's bun and was sticking straight up in the air, her mouth was oozing drool, and she was laid back in her chair snoring away. Chrono almost burst out laughing, it was indeed a comical sight. Unlike Chrono, the rest of the class was surrounded in laughter.

Sister Kate stopped writing on the board. Uh oh. Chrono remembered what happened last time, "Rosette!" he whispered harshly to the sleeping blonde. She wouldn't stir. Goodness, how could she be so tired? Oh well, Chrono sighed, edging his seat away from her once again in order not to get in the mess awaiting her.

Reader, can you imagine the rage going through Sister Kate right now? "He" had been late twice in a row, disrupted her class three times, and now this snore! Slowly she turned her head around, a glare burning at every student who laughed. The class was soon silenced except for the snores of sleeping Rosette.

Once again, Sister Kate zoomed over to Rosette's seat, Instead of stupidly asking her to stand, she put her hands on her shoulders firmly and shook her. "JOSHUA!"

"Hrn…" Rosette made an awaken noise "Huh? What?". After Sister Kate was sure that her student was awake, she seized her in a violet hemlock. "Fight Fight!" some of the students laughed. Chrono looked to see that the one's saying this were no other than Viede, Genai, and Aion. Also known as the other Sinners of the high school.

Aion, seeing Chrono's watchful eyes smirked at him and gave him an equalizing evil stare. Chrono quickly looked away and turned his gaze back over to the painful academic in the classroom.

Aion's eyelids fell down halfway, he could tell that something was wrong. Chrono, usually wouldn't ignore Aion like that, the "staring contest" would usually last until Sister Kate interrupted them for not paying attention. Then Aion would blame Chrono and he'd laugh as he'd get in trouble.

Aion glared at the back of Chrono's head, he'd find out why his little play toy was not being obedient to him. He would and it'd be damn easy too…


Rosette blinked her eyes open and saw that she was leaning on a wall in the middle of the hallway. There was no one around her except the red-eyed boy in front of her. "You fell asleep again…" he stared at her "Why are you so tired?". She sweat dropped "Umm… I kind of stayed up a bit late and…" she drifted off, then asked "What class do we have next?".

Chrono rolled his eyes "Figure it out. I don't have all the same classes as you." his attitude spoke with anger. Rosette stared at him "LISTEN BUSTER, IF WE'RE GOING TO BE ROOMMATES, YOU'VE GOT TO BE A LITTLE NICER TO ME!" Chrono ignored her loud voice. He crossed his arms "And what's going to make me do that?" Rosette's glare burned through the bangs that were covering her eyes. She attacked.

Chrono found two uncomfortable fists on the sides of his head, grinding away at his skin. "OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!" he began to scream through the abandoned hallway. "HMPH!" the blonde stopped torturing the boy. Chrono's head felt light and dizzy, he almost fell over. "That answer your question? Or do you need a better answer?" she pulled up her sleeve to show her arm and fist.

Chrono glared at her and pouted like a small child "We've got Remington's class.". "Remington's class?" Rosette asked, confused. Chrono said nothing more, he knew the bell was about to ring. "Hurry up!" he began to run towards the end of the hall way where room 105 was located. "No, you wait up!" Rosette growled, running in pursuit of the short teen.

The fierce pair burst into the door just as the bell rung. Father Remington nodded at them and gestured for them to sit down "Good of you to join us, Chrono and-". He paused for a minute, was this a new student? He looked at his attendance list, it said everyone was here now that he had marked off Chrono, who was he?

"Umm… I'm afraid you don't have my class this period, young sir with the blonde hair." the father said, putting his list down on his desk. Rosette turned around, not having reached her seat yet. That's when she truly looked at Father Remington for the first time, a small tinge of red crossed her cheeks.

Father Remington had relaxed, neat blond hair with uniquely spiky bangs that swayed in his face. He had a slightly French accent and had on navy pants along with a loose white button-up shirt. The shirt wasn't buttoned until the third button down giving her a glance at his muscled chest. His eyes were brown, but with a hint of amber gold within them. His smile gleamed at her, even though he wasn't showing his teeth.

Rosette nearly flushed dark red but stopped herself. "B-but, it's on my schedule." "Hmmm…" Remington thought "Well then, you must be a new student, yes?". Rosette nodded, the father picked up a pencil and began to scribble something on the sheet "Your name, sir?". She gulped, why did he have to look so good? "Ros- Joshua Christopher.".

"Take a seat next to Chrono. Welcome to the school, Joshua." he smiled, putting the list down "I hope you'll enjoy your first semester here.". Rosette sat down, still facing him with a stronger blush now. She gulped again "Y-Yeah…".

Chrono stared at the teacher, then back at Rosette. His fist clenched. Was it just him or was there a blush on her face? That's when, reader, Chrono noticed what he was doing. He quickly relaxed his hand and took out his notebook, mumbling to himself "She's a girl anyway, it's natural for her to like a boy like that…". His expression softened "Yeah, like that" inside he added 'And no where close to like me…'.

A slight blush covered his face, he almost shouted out what his thoughts screamed; "What am I doing! I don't even like the girl! She's just an annoying girl with anger issues who's always, always, ALWAYS, late for math class!".

Reader, do you realize that Chrono has never in his life associated with a girl? His mother doesn't even count since she died when he was very young. That was when he was about seven, at that age you don't learn very much about women. In fact, usually girls are in the "gross-out" factor at that age. But still, even though he was educated a bit from Aion and school, he knew nothing of the feeling he was getting right now. The feeling he got when Rosette looked at Remington and Chrono noticed that she never gave him that look ever.

But what Chrono doesn't know is that, reader, it has only been two days. Only two days since he has known a girl this personally. Reader, they've just met. For now, we will have to observe before there is action and just as Chrono, we will wait for his time to come (casui winks).

About 6 periods of class later…

"I've only known her for two days!"

Chrono was in his dorm room, Rosette had gotten detention with Sister Kate and was now in her classroom dusting erasers. This incident, left him alone in his small, shared home. He had been thinking about the small red tinge that had covered his face ever since the incident happened and he was no where near stopping, reader. He shook his head, he needed to get his mind off her. They weren't even friends. Remember Chrono, he reminded himself, avoid friends at all costs, it only causes heartbreak in the end.

He sighed, that word again. Heartbreak, he was definitely adding that to the "words of evil" list. Chrono collapsed on his bead, hearing the springs squeak in agony. He pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes. After a day like this, he certainly needed some sleep.

"Hmm…" Viede smirked. He was in the hallway in hot pursuit of the blond boy walking in front of him. Aion had charged him ten dollars to "quietly" find out why Chrono wasn't being his little servant any longer. He also was told to keep watch of the new guy too.

Viede had accepted this request eagerly, and that's how we find him sneaking throughout the hall. Do you remember what I said about evil, reader? Well, considering the circumstances you can a surely tell who the evil of this story comes from. And so, as all stories with good and evil go, the evil tries with all it's power to take down the good, in anyway it can. That is how we find Viede with his ear pressed to the door of Dorm Room #17, listening to the young blonde and his roommate.

"R-Rosette?" Was the first word he heard, this startled him. Who was Rosette? He was well aware that Chrono was the new guy's roommate but who was this girl that he spoke of? Did they keep a girl hostage in their room? Oh my word, maybe Chrono truly was a Sinner.

"Oh hey, Chrono. Did I wake you up? Sorry, I was just coming in…" then he heard strange laughter. OMG . Viede's eyes widened, were they at it or something! Wait a minute. Viede's eyes widened even more, did that girl just say she just came in! OMG again. Was that guy- No it couldn't! But soon the laughter of the room faded and a sly "Suuure" was heard from Chrono. OMG- three times! That sure sounded very sly and from guy-to-guy it did sound like he was being aroused.

"Rosette," he heard Chrono say then a "Huh?" rang through the air along with the sound of bed springs. OMG! Viede had to report this to Aion immediately he thought, running off to his boss' dorm.

Rosette walked into her dorm room around 6pm, growling and moaning. "Why's that grouch of a teacher gotta be so mean…Dusted the erasers five times! Two times for each time I was late and a bonus just for being so 'behaved' "!. The angered blonde tore the hair band out of her head and called out to the room "Chrono!".

She walked deeper into the room, opening the blinds. Doing this she caused poor Chrono to groan in his sleep and turn over to face the darker side of the room. She blinked at him, kneeling down by his bedside. "Chrono?" she whispered, no reply. She stood then sat on the edge of his bed, quietly not to disturb him. He was sound asleep, the little breaths coming out of his mouth, blowing his bangs back and forth.

Rosette smiled, blushing a bit as she pushed the bangs behind his ear. Chrono smiled in his sleep, mumbling a word that made Rosette question something in her mind "Mary…". "Mary?" Rosette repeated out loud in shock, who knew that Mr. Anger-problems would have a girlfriend? Or maybe she was a figment of his dreams or a sister or a relative…

Rosette blinked at the slumbering boy. She remembered the interview sheet having said nothing about his family life. It even said that his guardian's names were unavailable. She frowned, she wanted to ask him about himself, to find out more than what a simple sheet would tell her. But what if she asked him something that hurt him…Like about his family, what if he had no family members left?

Rosette's blue eyes softened, fixing on the small boys face. "Chrono…" she said sadly, hoping that wasn't the truth. "Hunh!" Chrono moaned. Rosette's eyes bugged out of her head. He couldn't see her like that! As Chrono turned over to see what disturbed him she jumped from the bed and ran over to her side of the room.


Rosette froze in midst of running for her bed to pretend that she was asleep. She slowly turned her head "Oh hey, Chrono? Did I wake you up? Sorry I was just coming in, a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" she laughed goofily, lying horribly. Chrono sweat dropped "Sure…".

Rosette smiled at him and turned the other way, hoping that he didn't know she was there. "Rosette," Uh oh. "Huh?' she answered, sitting down on her bed making the springs on her bed squeal. "You never told me,…why did you come to the boy's academy instead of the girl's?". She blinked at him and looked down. Slowly, her knees rose to her chest and she wrapped her arms around them, as if wanting to never let them go in her curled little ball.

"I was searching…for my brother."

Chrono was shocked by this, 'Was that what she meant when she would never see her family again?'. "We got separated when we were at the orphanage." Rosette began to explain "I ran away from there and began to track him down. I finally learned that he would be at this school, I even saw his record. I just…haven't found him yet.".

Chrono blinked at her, that was the true reason? Definitely not what he was expecting. "I'm so sorry." he said, walking over to her. Her face smiled at him, but he could tell she was hurt from just brining the subject up. "What's his name?" he didn't want to upset her further, but he wanted to know. "Joshua Christopher."

"What!" Chrono stared at her for a few minutes in silence "So you took up your brother's name?". Rosette nodded "…What if we could find him together?". Rosette's eyes widened, she had to do a double take before she could believe he had said that. Chrono smiled at her bewildered look, winking at her "It'll be easy!".

Rosette was about to point it in his face that he was acting friendly, but she shook the thought off. She nodded "Right!" she held out her hand Chrono stared at it. "From this day forward, I Rosette Christopher make a promise- no too simple- A contract with you that we shall find my brother, Joshua Christopher!" Chrono smiled slightly, taking her hands and shaking it firmly finishing the contract off with, "No matter what!".

With that, Chrono cleared his throat, slightly blushing. "Remember, I'm just helping you out. It's nothing personal." "I know." Rosette told him, making Chrono simply stare at her. That's when she gave him a wink "We're just helpful roommates, aren't we Chrono?". Chrono's face had red tinge "Y-Yea,…Just roommates."

All of a sudden, Rosette pointed towards the window "Look! The stars are out!". She smiled and then closed her eyes "So…" Chrono said, even though his secret hobby was gazing at the stars at night. "Let's make a wish that our contract will come true!" she smiled, he rolled his eyes "You know how naïve that sounds?". She glared at him "So does your idea about every life has it's own star and the shining thing…" Chrono glared back at her.

Suddenly, an amused smirk crossed her face, soon forming a smile, then bubbly laughter escapes her lips. Chrono rolled his eyes 'What an air-head.' but soon the laughter faded. Rosette once again turned to face the window singing:

"Stars grant this wish,

My heart will soar,

And not be-squished."

Chrono laughed; "Squished?" Rosette glared at him playfully "It rhymes!". "Barely!" Chrono laughed harder. Rosette rolled her eyes, blushing slightly with embarrassment. She turned back to the stars to finish her wish:

"Please forgive my sins,

And fulfill this whim:

Let the contract come true,

Seal this plead tonight."

With that, Rosette opened her eyes and smiled at Chrono who had an amused smirk on his face. "Forgive my sins? We're you praying?" Rosette glared, smashing his fist to his head to give him a playful noogie. Chrono laughed, rubbing his head. Rosette tried not to smile but Chrono's painful face and his laughter just made her laugh along too.


You will have to forgive poor Viede, reader. For he is what some people call a delinquent. I, myself, and excuse me for my abruptness, reader, call him a moron. And because the names he is called are true to his intelligence, he is now knocking on the door of Dorm Room #47.

The door swings open, this reveals a very annoyed looking teen of about sixteen years. His silvery white hair is in a long ponytail and his glaring gray eyes were dull and hazy. He had on a white jacket with an undone white button-up shirt, making his six-pack flash out to the World. He had square-rimmed glasses that hung at the end of his pointed, tan nose.

"What!" Aion growled arrogantly "I'm a bit busy if you didn't see?". Busy? Viede looking into his room and saw that practically hanging on the back of him, trying to pull him back into the room was a girl named Rizelle. Rizelle, being the only girl Sinner (besides Shader who didn't really count), had a bad reputation over in the girls dorms. But, besides Rizelle the Sinner being her nickname she also had the horrid nickname of well "slut.".

Viede smirked with jealousy, seeing that Rizelle had lived up to that nickname. "Hello!" Aion interrupted his thoughts. "Sorry, I found out a bit about Chrono and that guy." "Yea, and?" the teen growled, wanting to fill his lustful needs as soon as possible. "Well, it seems this guy isn't any regular guy…"


"I linger in the doorway,

Alarm clock screaming,

Monsters calling my name,

Let me stay!

Where the wind will whisper to me,

Where the raindrops, as they're falling,

Tell a story…

In my field of paper flowers

And candy clouds of lullaby,

I lie inside myself for hours,

And watch my purple sky fly over me,

Don't say I'm out of touch,

With this rampant chaos, your reality

I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge,

The nightmare, I built my own world to escape…"

-First two verses and chorus to "Imaginary" by Evanescence


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