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A Chrno Crusade Story



I want you to squirm and suffer much, much more.

But you must never run away.

No mater how much you suffer, you must rise up like the Phoenix.

At those times, you will become much, much stronger.

Right now you feel alone because the ones that usually orbit Around you are also lost in pain.

But when you have grown stronger and are

Able to see the truth, you will understand…

That you are never alone

Live the way you want to live.

Thrust away the fate that torments you.

Then you'll be able to laugh at it.

You should be able to do that."

-Quote said by The Blind Priest from Angel Sanctuary Volume 2


Chapter 21: Kiss Me Goodbye

Chrono couldn't believe what had occurred in the past week or so. He had gotten sent to the hospital, had a whole other personality entire his body, unwillingly sat down and talked with his ex-girlfriend (well the other personalities did the talking, but he still had to be there to witness it) and… the Elder and Satella practically told everyone in his office that Rosette and him were bonded together by…


He felt heat rush to his face at just the thought of the memory. Could this situation get any more embarrassing? That and the fact that he was now being transferred to a different school! The same school he and the other Sinners had transferred from to get away from their principal. (Who happened to be Aion and Chrono's father's best friend) Even though all of that had happened a long time ago, Chrono still didn't like the idea of having to go back to a place he never wanted to be in the first place. Especially since he didn't even have a say in any of this! It was like he didn't have any control of his own body anymore!

You know I can hear you, right? Chrono winced as his other self's sentence came into his mind. "Yeah I know." he responded, trying to pretend he didn't. How was he supposed to feel private if he couldn't even keep his thoughts to himself? Where was the reason in all of this nonsense?!Look, I'm sorry I made the decision without notifying you. But it had to be done. I already explained that-

"Yeah, yeah" Chrono knew why it all had to happen. But he never would've thought that Aion and his uncle would've been right. That the stupid family myth that was passed on for generations was a true story rather than a tall tale. Aion was always careful about the pocket watch for that reason, Chrono thought it was ridiculous. But now that he knew the truth, he still wished he had just thrown away the pocket watch. It was causing nothing but trouble for him.

Now he was talking again with Mary (which would be really awkward for him, but totally fine for the Sinner). The Sinner? You're calling me "The Sinner"? "Yeah, I am. Get used to it." Chrono grumbled with an attitude. Even though it wasn't his fault that his soul got put into his body, that didn't mean Chrono was going to welcome him with open arms. This was his body first, so there was no way he was letting his other personality get all the control. Besides, the Sinner knew nothing outside of his 1920's era and it was easier to call him the Sinner, it made things less confusing when addressing him.

Ignoring the Sinner, Chrono continued packing up his suitcase. He couldn't believe he had actually gotten accepted back into his school. He couldn't believe he was leaving this school for good! Well, at least that assured no more awkward conversations with Mary. But it was all happening so quickly.

Sometimes things happened so fast in his life that he had to remind himself to take time to breathe. Just breathe and remember that you're alive. Luckily, Chrono only got asthma attacks. But he was sure at this rate, anxiety attacks were coming his way…and they are not fun, no reader, not at all.

He had already gotten all his records transferred and it hadn't been a problem since he kept his grades up. So basically, everything was perfect… Perfectly against his will!

Oh well, it wasn't like he enjoyed going to this school. He didn't have many friends in the guys' dorm…in fact…none. His reputation as a Sinner preceded him so much that no one wanted to associate with him anymore… Like they had wanted to in the first place. Thinking that, he wondered if he should get contacts and dye his hair, he had the funding for it all (Bruce was pretty up there in the finance department).

He could always exchange emails and phone numbers with Satella, Azmaria and…


…He had no more reason to stay. Her brother should be taking his room by the end of the week. He'd already written a letter with the locket attached, explaining everything on the spare bed of his room… Well, what used to be his room. Taking a deep breath, standing at the doorway of his room, he took one last glance at the room that had served him for the past two years. He had already tripled checked, there was nothing left to pack and nothing was left behind.

Even though the room was physically empty, his mind was filling it with the many memories he and Rosette shared in the space. Chrono never had cleaned up those feathers from the several pillow fights they had participated in during their time together as roommates. The rain stains by the windowsill were still visible from when Rosette had somehow someway climbed up to his window and fell into his room. He had never put curtains up by the window, his hobby still being to look at the stars, that and the memory of their promise.

Chrono suddenly felt very dependent. The soul reason he was here was because of Rosette. In fact, he could've left a long time ago if he had just asked Bruce. But he stayed because of that promise, because he wanted to help find Joshua, because he wanted to help Rosette. But now, it was all over. He had fulfilled that promise… So then why did he feel some hidden force compelling him to stay?

Chrono shook his head, forcing himself to turn around and turn the knob. Stepping outside of his room, he didn't look back. He knew it was too late to change anything now. With that last thought, he rolled his suitcases down the hall, pushing open the door to step into the drizzling rain and dark sky.

"Do you guys know when he's leaving?!"

Rosette glowered at her two roommates who were still not answering her questions directly. Satella wasn't even looking in her direction, but instead out the window by the school gates, as if waiting for someone to appear. Azmaria was staring down at her feet, twiddling her thumbs while sitting on her bed. She was trying desperately not to look in Rosette's eyes. Fearing that the second that she did, the truth would spill out of her.

She took a second to glance over at Satella who hadn't said a word since Rosette had started the inquiry. She knew that Rosette wasn't supposed to know anything. Somehow, she had overheard about Chrono's leaving, luckily about nothing else…otherwise, there probably would've been even harder questions to answer. The plan was to let Rosette "accidentally" find out about Chrono transferring a week or so after he had left. Using some scholarship excuse. They even had Chrono write a note lying to Rosette about how he had the desire to go to the other school for years and finally got the opportunity. Azmaria didn't know if Chrono actually wrote this lie down, but she did know that if Rosette didn't stop screaming at them, she was going to crack.

Rosette's fists couldn't get any tighter. Her roommates were being completely unfair! She knew they were there at the meeting discussing Chrono's leaving. All she wanted to do was talk to him. To try and get him to stay, or at least to find out why he was leaving in the first place! But they weren't saying anything! Azmaria had at least answered with lies like "I don't know" and "What meeting?" while Satella was just giving her the cold shoulder.

In fact, Satella had been staring out that window even before she had stared asking anything. What was she looking for anyway…? Rosette took a menacing step towards Satella, deciding to go and find out what was up. Satella raised an eyebrow seeing Rosette slide next to her and peer out the window. Why is she looking at the school gates? Knowing Satella, Rosette figured that she was looking out for cute guys coming and leaving. No one would leave the school in this weather?


With that as her final thought, Rosette grabbed her black and white striped jacket with a red heart in the middle off Satella's bed and stormed out the room.

Azmaria stared at the doorway, befuddled. "Crap." Satella stated, realizing now what Rosette went off to do. "What?" Azmaria asked, having no idea what was going on.

"She knows."

"Aion!" Rizelle whined in her boyfriend's ear, sitting on his lap in his room. "I still don't get why we have to leave! This school is so lenient. You already went to that school and you told me how strict its Co-Ed boarding is."

Aion sighed, becoming impatient with the woman. Was she this irritating in the past? The present Aion asked his other self. She's exactly the same. The past Aion answered. "I told you," Aion repeated for the fifth time "that school has something very valuable to us."

"More valuable than the pocket watch?" Rizelle purred in his ear. Aion shook off the lustful shiver that came to him speaking, "The pocket watch means nothing now. We're after something much more important… Something that should give us our powers."

Rizelle's eyes widened, sitting up so she could look him in the face "You mean our astral?" Aion gave a toothy grin "Exactly that." "But how-" Aion cut her off, placing a finger to her lips. "Relax." He smiled reassuringly "We're the Sinners, remember? The Sinners have a reputation over in Pan Dora." Rizelle too, grinned saying "Pandemonium High."


Rosette threw on her jacket, banging open the front doors to her dorm, fiddling with the zipper. She threw her hoodie on, feeling the rain become heavier and the winds pick up as she ran forward.

The hoodie flipped off almost instantly, the winds were so strong. But no rain and wind were going to stop her; she needed to wash her hair anyway. Besides, she had a mission to complete. It was something she needed to do.

She had to find Chrono!

There was no way she was letting him leave, especially without knowing the reason why?! Plus, what was he planning to do? Leave without telling her? Without even saying goodbye?! The nerve!

Always running… Rosette thought to herself as she sprinted forward, heading towards the boys' dorm. As she ran past the lunch area she saw Chrono walking past the gym area, suitcases in hand. Quickly changing directions, she headed for her target.

Chrono sighed deeply, walking past the gym area. He had decided that even though he didn't like this school at all, he'd give himself a last tour of the school campus. He was already finished; the gym area had been his last stop… Now it was straight for the school gates to catch a bus to his new school… The school he hated even more than this one. But that was mostly because the principal had been good pals with his father. He sighed again; hopefully it wouldn't affect him when he was there again.

Pan Dora High had been such a long time ago…In fact, he never even recalled calling it by its true name. He and the other Sinners always addressed it as "Pandemonium High" They had gotten themselves transferred/expelled from there just so they could get away from its stupid school system just to enter another stupid school system. At least Magdalene High didn't have a devil as the principal. No, reader, not a devil in the way you're thinking…but you are a bit close. But we'll get to that later; right now there are more important matters to attend to.

Just as Chrono began to drift off into his memories, something broke through his thoughts.


Turning around Chrono came face to face with blue-eyed fury. "Rosette?!" Chrono dropped the handles of his suitcases in surprise. Oh crap The Sinner thought, recognizing Rosette's pissed off-look. I'm really glad I'm not you right now.

Why? Chrono thought back, but didn't have time to talk anymore with his other self as Rosette pushed him against the fence bordering the track-field. Chrono looked down and found himself blushing. Azure fire gazed back at him, infinitely burning. Suddenly his heart began pounding hard in his chest, but not out of fear, reader, oh no, this was another form of adrenaline.

Damn,Chrono thought, gulping she really does look different when she's angry. "So you were just going to leave and never come back, huh?"! Rosette exclaimed, poking her finger in his chest. Chrono's eyebrows furrowed, how'd she find out?! Maybe Azmaria or Satella slipped it to her… Either way, she knew and he had an angry woman menacingly standing in front of him.

"Look, Rosette I-" "Don't Rosette me!" Rosette screeched over the sound of the thunder that just rolled into the clouds above them. Chrono's lips suddenly became sealed as Rosette commenced screaming at him.

"So you were just gonna' leave without telling me?! Without even giving me a reason?! Without even saying GOOD BYE?!" Rosette shouted at him, pushing back his shoulders again so he banged into the fence. Chrono's hair flopped upwards with the push until it flopped over his right eye, dripping all over his face.

"I can't believe you would do that…" Rosette paused in her outbursts and stood before him, head titled downwards so her hair was in her face, shoulders hunched up and shaking. Chrono's eyebrows furrowed even further, leaning forward so he could see her face. Water was trailing down her face, his eyes widened, realizing it wasn't just the rain.

But before he could get a chance to comfort her, Rosette punched him in his arm, hard. Chrono winced, leaning back on the fence. "I thought I was your stupid friend! Guess not, huh?! I guess I'm not worth enough to you to even acknowledge with a farewell!" She was whimpering now, but she was working to make her voice sound more assertive than hurt. "I guess our stupid contract really was some crappy, corny prayer to the stars?! It doesn't mean anything to you- You're not even wearing the damn necklace!"

Chrono bit his lip, damn it! Rosette didn't have a clue what was going on and she was assuming all the wrong things! He didn't even want to leave, he was forced! Plus, he was pretty much ordered not to say anything to her. And the necklace was a whole other story… But there was no way anything that she was saying was true. But she wasn't shutting up anytime soon. Damn it, if only she'd shut her trap for a second.

That's when he got the idea…again. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his beating heart, grabbed both her shoulders and pressed her against him. Rosette felt him circle his arms around her abdomen, hugging her to him. No way! She wasn't letting some hug get to her this time! There was no way she was going to let him play with her feelings like that!

"Get the fuck off me! You asshole!" Rosette cursed, trying to flail her arms, but was a true struggle against his tight grip. Instead of complying, Chrono turned around, holding Rosette so that she now had her back against the gate. "Chrono, what the hell are you doing?!" she demanded, her teary eyes glowering at her ex-roommate. "Rosette." "WHAT?!" She screamed in his face.

"Shut the fuck up."

Before Rosette had a chance to be furious, she was astounded as Chrono pressed his lips against hers. He held her right wrist gently and held her arm up above her head while his other hand reached into her hair. Rosette suddenly felt warm even though she was surrounded by the cold rain and harsh winds.

Though she wanted to punch him and kick him and scream and cry and practically throw a tantrum, she let herself melt in his arms. For some reason she lost the will to fight, to want to be hostile against him. Instead she focused all her energy, all her fury into the fiery kiss she was receiving.

Rosette nibbled at his lip, closing her eyes. Chrono licked at her top lip, asking for access. And access it was granted. As Chrono gently flicked the tip of his tongue on the roof of her mouth, Rosette's fists relaxed. Her right hand lowered to his hand on her wrist and caressed his fingers within hers. Chrono squeezed her hand back as she wrapped her free fingers in his locks, bringing his face closer to hers.

He nibbled at the tip of her tongue, teasing her, daring her to be wild. Rosette took the bait and nibbled at his lips aggressively while using her tongue to tickle his gums.

As rain fell down on the kissing couple, the storm began to ease. The clouds being pushed by the wind slowly began to reveal the hiding full moon the stars along with it.

Though in the back of her mind, Rosette's anger was still at full-flame and a little voice told her that he didn't even care about her… An even louder voice told her that all those doubts were lies. That all her questions would be answered in his kiss. And though that was complete, illogical, hopeless-romantic, nonsense…it sure as hell was believable.

After a good five minutes of non-stop kissing, Chrono broke them apart. They both looked at one another, gasping but red never leaving blue. As much as Chrono knew he couldn't just keep kissing her like this without explaining everything, for once he let his emotions overcome his sense of reason and calm and pressed his lips hard against hers.

Releasing Rosette's hand, Chrono cupped her cheek and pulled her face closer. Tilting her head, Rosette placed one of her hands to play with the hair by his neck. Moaning, Chrono trailed his fingers down the goosebumps on her left arm. Rosette rolled her tongue counterclockwise around his, deepening the kiss even more while still keeping up the rhythm they had created. Chrono lowered his hands to her back, his fingers brushing at her skin through her hoodie, tickling her.

Finally after another couple of minutes of kissing, they both pulled apart in unison, just as the rain eased to a drizzle. Flushed, they looked at each other neither of them sure of what to say to address the situation. "We just…" Rosette began, trying to catch her breath. "Made out." Chrono finished, staring down at her while panting.

Just as they were about to kiss again, Chrono stopped himself, releasing his hold on her. Rosette raised an eyebrow, looking both hurt and confused. Chrono chewed his lip nervously, feeling that he had just made the situation worse and it had already been immensely bad.

"Rosette… I…" Chrono glanced away, not wanting to meet her eyes and her hurt stare. He paused, wondering how he could tell her anything without confusing her and without making himself look like a jerk. That's when he decided…to lie. Now don't get the wrong idea, reader. Chrono is honest for the most part, but when it comes to hurting people, he tries best to avoid it…at all costs.

"I was heading for the girls dorm when you caught me, to say goodbye." "But-" Rosette protested "Let me finish." Chrono stated calmly. Rosette nodded solemnly, staring up at him.

"I had a last minute transferal because Bruce suddenly decided he wanted better observation of my behavior and Aion's. He's close friends with the principal of the school I'm transferring to and he wants frequent updates about us. He's been…" Chrono paused again "very worried since our accidents.

"I didn't have time to tell you because I was finishing up final projects, getting my medical supplies from the Elder, packing up my stuff, and making sure the room was fit for the next room- your brother." Chrono finished, hoping that she would buy his excuses.

Rosette's eyes began to water again…he was still leaving…after that- that…whatever it was between them. He was going…without her.

"But what about our contract? Did you forget?!" Rosette accused, trying to think of anything she could to get him to stay. "Of course I didn't." Chrono assured her, giving her a sad smile "I made sure Joshua would get the necklace and he'd know you're here. I even wrote him a letter." His words all made sense but they weren't what she wanted to hear, she placed her hands on his chest and squeezed at the fabric of his black sweater.

"What about that guy at the dance?!" Chrono gulped, he had forgotten all about that guy, he had though it didn't even bother her anymore. No, that wasn't true. He hadn't forgotten, he just didn't want to mention the fact that he had confronted Aion and made a complete fool of himself over it. He didn't want her to get worried about him getting beat up by the other Sinners… Plus, he still had his pride, and losing against Aion of all people definitely damaged his ego.

"The hair you gave me…was…silver." Chrono closed his eyes, as if he were trying to remember when it was really fresh in his mind. Rosette gritted her teeth "I knew it… So it was Aion…" Chrono's eyes suddenly burst open, wide "You thought it was him too?!" Rosette nodded; "He was the one who led me there in the first place." Chrono let out a defensive growl "That bastard…" he said under his breath while cursing him out in several different languages.

"I'll-" Chrono began, but Rosette cut him off saying "do nothing." Chrono gave her a confused look that read Why the hell won't you let me whoop Aion's pussy ass? Rosette frowned, looking away from his gaze as if ashamed "It's not like I stopped him…I could've…I could've fought back or screamed…but instead I went along with it just like I did now."

Chrono felt weird suddenly, jealous maybe? No, it wasn't jealousy. At that moment, he just felt the urge to hold her tight and console her and make her forget she ever did such a thing in the first place. "Look…Chrono…" Chrono stared back at her, waiting patiently for her words. "I…" she paused, confused…so freaking confused and hurt at the same time. "Don't know how to look at what just happened… you're leaving and I don't know whether to see it as something or as nothing but a hook-up."

Chrono didn't know how to answer her. He knew he felt something for her. Hell, if all that happened didn't prove that, how the hell wouldhe prove it to her? But if he let her know that…she'd be holding on to him. It'd only hurt more when he left if he established more than friendship between them. But he didn't want her to think that he was just using her for a cheap hook-up.

If you hurt Rosette, you are dead. The Sinner growled inside him. "Shut up." Chrono thought back "I'm having trouble enough as it is. And smart ass, I'm you. If you hurt me, you hurt yourself. So think before you speak." Having shut up his other self, Chrono took a deep breath and decided to see how good at acting he really was.

"Look at it however you want to." Chrono said, turning around and walking to his suitcases. Rosette stared after him in shock, not knowing what to make of such an aloof, uncaring, and indirect answer. "What?!" She called after him as he began walking towards the gate with his suitcases.

"I need to leave, Rosette. I don't have a choice so…" She watched him turn his head and give her an icy glare "Good bye."

"Wait!" Chrono stopped slowed his pace but couldn't allow himself to stop. Even though every bone in his body was begging him to throw his bags on the ground, run back to her and embrace her he couldn't let his emotions get the better of him again. "I don't want you to go!" Rosette shouted, catching up to him and hugging him from behind.

Chrono had to stop walking and glanced down at her arms wrapped around his abdomen. At this rate he was going to crack, hopefully his acting skills would prove him wrong. "Rosette." he stated in the most menacing voice he could muster, he turned his head at the same time that she looked up at him.

Damnit! Her eyes were tearing again, her pink lips being crushed by her pearly teeth while her skin was flushed with distress. That look was going to tear him apart one day, he could swear it. But today would not be that day. "Let. Me. Go." He stated coldly, brushing her arms from him. Rosette's eyes grew larger, painfully watching Chrono turn his head back around walking faster than he was before, away from her.

"Chrono!" she called but her feet wouldn't move. Chrono didn't glance back; he knew if he would he'd lose control. Instead, he ran ahead, slipping every other step but getting closer to the gate every other second.

Reader, no matter what gender or what your interests are, you should never,ever leave someone alone, crying in the cold rain. It's a heartless, cold thing to do and it's hurtful. Now reader, don't think Chrono is cruel and heartless, you should know better by now! Shame on you, reader! But anyway, do remember, that Chrono is simply acting. Acting so that he may distract himself from his true feelings and urges to be with Rosette. You see, most people would forget it all, turn back and follow their heart and scream "Screw this!"

Alas, this is not a Romeo and Juliet story. Yes, something is separating these two, but Chrono is no Romeo. He's not that mushy or prince-like. Besides, he's a Chrono not a Romeo. But they do rhyme, reader, as I'm sure you've noticed… But anyway…

Rosette whimpered, letting the tears fall and the sobs come out. She didn't care if anyone saw her so she didn't bother to hide in her hoodie. As the rain suddenly fell harder again, she began to shiver. She was bound to get a cold from this, but nothing, no cold, no rain, could get rid of the numb empty feeling reeling in her heart. Not a damn thing.

Bruce held the phone to his ear, eyes wide as he listened to Chrono tell him about what had occurred previously. He was wondering why Chrono and his teachers begged him to let him transfer to another school. But now that he was hearing this, he understood what was going on.

"Damn it!" He cursed, banging his coffee mug on the table. If only Chrono had told him about the pocket watch and releasing of the astral souls before he transferred him. Chrono didn't understand why his uncle was so upset. Bruce somehow played it off and hung up. If Chrono had his memories…If the story of Chrono Crusade was true…that meant.

"Shit!" Bruce bit his lip, knowing he'd probably use more profanity today than he had ever done in his life. The principal of their school was a close friend of his and their father's so he let him hold a special airloom passed down in their family. Like the pocket watch, it held an important significance with the Chrono Crusade story. He would never have let the principal hang on to it if it wasn't for the lack of space in his basement, that and that lack of a birthday present one year.

Plus, at the time Bruce, like Chrono was in doubt of the story. But now that knew it was true…it changed everything… He didn't want to worry Chrono, but he knew that Aion was aware of it. Aion had been at the birthday party with him that day along with his father.

"Shit shit shit shit shit SHIT!" Bruce exclaimed, his hands tangling in the hair hanging by his temples. There was no way he could take it back now…But if Aion…really is the role of the commander of the Sinners in the story then…if he got a hold of that item. Lord knows what would happen. If the pocket watch could return souls, who knew what that would return.

Taking deep breaths, Bruce tried to calm down. Maybe Aion forgot…or maybe the past Aion was unaware of it. He could hope and pray to God that he didn't know…about…

The horns.



Rosette: "Chrono. You're so kind…

Too kind. It almost breaks my heart.

I have regrets too.

I wish I hadn't grabbed your arm back then.

I wish I hadn't lost sight of what was going on around me.

Weboth have our faults, Chrono. Even so…

I'm glad that you were with me.

But what about you?

If you say you've had enough, then fine.

If you're tired of fighting, then just stop.

But don't say that you're staying here because of me!

I won't accept that.

I won't!

I don't want to be what's keeping you here by yourself.

Please, don't do this!

Don't throw away all the good things that have happened!"

Chrono: "You really like to push your luck, don't you?

All you think about is yourself!

You're selfish…

You never listen!

How could I possibly leave you here alone?!"

(Multiple wheezing and coughing of blood by both parties

Rosette releases the seal on the pocket watch)

"It's alright.

Together we can share our sadness and our pain…

And Mary's too."

Chrono's thoughts: "Yeah, that's right…

If I hadn't made a contract with you then…

You would've jut kept running.


I HAD to protect you.

That was how I felt"


-Scene from Chrono Crusade Volume 6, Act 40, Our Song


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