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Casui productions presents

Stars don't shine

A Chrno Crusade Story


A couple of years and I'm a silhouette
My halo is broken now and I'm all that's left
I hate to disappoint but it's the way things went
I was bound to the things I did
And after what was said

Tie up these loose ends
These voices are calling me out
I've got the solution
You can feed me to something
That is leaving this doubt

Whoa, I'm losing hope
There's a hole in my heart
That's been cut out of stone
Whoa, cold comes cold goes
Could you fill this hole?
Cause I can't do it alone

A couple of tears and I'm a broken mess
The sadness has taken me far too deep in regret
So sing me a song about something good
My heart's on the thrashing floor
And I've done every single thing I could
I use to believe in
Some kind of feelin'
That could change everything I thought I knew
But that door is closed and
My heart feels like it's frozen
If you hear me I can feel you

-Lyrics to the first verse, second verse, and chorus to The Coldest Heart by The Classic Crime


Chapter 22: Oh! Me so horny…wait- what?!

One week later… One long-ass week later… One stupid week later since Chrono had left her, made out with her, left her in the rain to be puzzled and in pain… One entire week of feeling numb and quiet, the complete opposite of herself. One week of answer-less questions and self-doubt. A full seven days of Satella and Azmaria trying to comfort her but to no avail. One hundred sixty-eight hours of trying to decide whether she hated or loved Chrono.

That and six midterms and one gym exam before Winter Break. Yes, reader, Rosette was just full of smiles these days. Well technically, she still had two midterms to go in her favorite subjects, Math and Literacy. So basically, Rosette is currently skipping from class to class, grinning with her eyes shining. Getting hundreds on all her exams, having complete forgotten about Chrono.

Don't think of this as a lie, reader, but I just hope you can recognize sarcasm when you see it.

Rosette sighed deeply, getting up from her lunch table before the bell had even ringed. Her roommates, who were sitting across from her, watched her dump her tray in the garbage and walk out of the lunchroom. They looked at each other, the same worried look on their expressions. Satella began to get an angered look to her features just as something interrupted the both of them from beginning to discuss the problem regarding Rosette.

"Excuse me."

"Mary!" Azmaria said a bit more loudly than usual in shock. Satella looked over at the long-haired blonde that stood before them.

"Do you mind if I sit?" she questioned, flashing them a smile that couldn't be denied. Seeing them shrug it off like they didn't seem to care if she sat or not, Mary took the opportunity and sat in the space Rosette was previously in. "I was wondering…do you guys know what class Rosette has next?"

Satella didn't answer but instead furrowed her eyebrows, being suspicious of the angelic girl. Azmaria on the other hand, didn't look at her for more than she saw with her eyes and put a finger to her lips; pondering for an answer.

"She has Lit." Azmaria responded, using the nickname the students all used for Literacy. Mary grinned thanking her and started another conversation. Though all the information she needed she had gotten out of that one simple answer, she didn't want to appear suspicious so she started to act casual. Though Azmaria continued the conversation, completely oblivious, Satella wasn't buying the act. Satella responded at times when she was required to, but other than that, didn't contribute to the conversation.

"Well I'll talk to you guys later, see ya." Mary waved as the bell rang. Azmaria waved back as she and Satella also stood. Satella didn't show any sort of goodbye instead chose to stare at Azmaria, wondering if maybe her innocence and optimism got to her head sometimes. As Azmaria and Satella headed in their separate directions towards their separate classes, Satella turned the corner, changing her route completely. She faced the opposite direction of her class and headed after Mary.

Mary ran as fast as her Mary Jane shoes would take her. Stupid school uniform She frowned, wishing the uniform committee would come up with something more creative and more comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Maybe she should join that club, try and get it into shape…Well that was a thought for later, right now she had more important things to focus on.

She quickly turned the corner, nearing the classroom that most juniors had literacy in. Just as she began to hope that she had guessed the right classroom, she saw Rosette walking ahead of her. Bingo. "Rosette!"

Rosette turned around, hearing someone call her name. She gave a small smile for a greeting, but it quickly melted from her face. "Do you think you could skip eighth and ninth period today? It's an emergency." Mary smiled, trying to persuade her the best that she could. Rosette raised an eyebrow as if to ask why but then the bell rang.

"I'll pick you up after this class." Mary said, turning on her heel and starting to jog towards her class room on the other side of the building. Rosette's eyebrows furrowed, that was weird. Since when did Mary really talk to her on a regular basis? She hadn't even spoken with her since that time at lunch with the whole Chrono situation.

Once again, the topic of Chrono was back in her head. What was worse was that the topic was welcome! She was head-over-heels for him and she couldn't stand it! He was driving her insane, slowly and painfully… Yet she wouldn't stop. She wouldn't let go of her stupid feelings for him and his stupid self.

"Rosette Christopher!"

Rosette jumped out her thoughts to find herself standing in front of her English class. Her teacher rose an eyebrow at her from her desk a foot away from her "Would you care to take a seat and join the rest of the class? You have a midterm, you know."

"Right," She flashed the teacher an apologetic smile, grabbed a copy of the midterm off the teacher's desk and walked over to her seat. Surprisingly, Rosette hadn't felt the tiniest bit of embarrassment when she was in front of the class. A bunch of her classmates stopped their tests to look up and laugh at her air-headed-ness too. She frowned, writing her name on the space provided on the sheet.

Her eyes glazed over the instructions lazily, the words barely comprehending in her mind

Choose two of the following options:

1. Write an essay using your given vocabulary words about your favorite or least favorite Shakespeare novel. It must have an intro and conclusion and three paragraphs supporting your reasons that you enjoyed/did not enjoy the novel.

Rosette rolled her eyes; that one was out. Way too hard and too much thinking involved, she didn't have the patience to write it anyway. Next!

2. Write a poem that is at least twenty lines long explained a deep feeling that connects to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Or write a song that has at least three verses that connects to another piece of literature we've read in class.

Maybe on that one. That sounded easier than an essay, there was only one option left so she circled number two.

3. Compare and contrast two of Shakespeare's works using details from the stories to back up your statements. Minimum: Two paragraphs.

Rosette actually smiled; maybe she could pass this midterm. That would be some sort of relief; she bombed every other test so far. With that one thought of hope, she whispered over to Azmaria who sat to her left for a sheet of loose-leaf. Azmaria nervously reached into her bag and gave her the sheet of paper.

She smiled a thanks and started on her work.

Chrono rounded a corner in the building, it being lunch time his stomach was growling for food. His schedule had changed and his stomach was not adjusted to it. He used to have lunch a period or two ago and he had been sneaking potato chips in between classes that was, until they got confiscated by his math teacher last period. "Stupid math…" He grumbled under his breath.

"Can you hurry it up? Starving over here!"

Chrono growled again, he really didn't need this extra person sharing his body. He was nothing but a pain and an extra conscience that was a lot more annoying that his original conscience. "Look, I can't leave the building in this school. I can't just walk out and get lunch whenever I want. Just wait until we get to the cafeteria."

"But I'm sooo hungry!" The Sinner cried, filling Chrono's head with wailing. Chrono's eyebrow twitched then his eye, he never knew he could be so irritated or annoyed. He never had any siblings besides Aion and they never really annoyed each other so this feeling of his was new.

"Suck it up." Chrono retorted; he wasn't going to the cafeteria anytime soon. He needed to go to his locker. He had forgotten his asthma pump for the third time in a row and his gym coach said if he forgot it again, he'd fail him. He had gym next period so he thought it'd be better to get it now rather than run here then to class so he wouldn't get late.

"Pleeeaaassseee! My stomach can't take the torture!" The Sinner whined.

"Since when are you so impatient?! And whiny! I thought you were a demon!"

The Sinner was silent for a second, a little pushed back from the insult. "I am a demon…a hungry demon!"

"Ugh!" Chrono pressed his hands over his ears, hoping that somehow it would muffle the Sinner's voice. Sadly, his voice was inside his head not outside. "You are the most annoying demon I've ever met!" Chrono accidentally screamed aloud.

Silencing himself, Chrono glanced nervously around. Luckily, no one was in the hallway to hear him. He sighed a relief and spun the combination to his locker. "But…I'm the only demon you've ever met." the Sinner replied, smirking inwardly. He was getting his food, even if it killed his physical other self.

Chrono twitched again, gritting his teeth. He pulled out his asthma pump and with it a note that he hadn't recalled putting in his locker before fell out. What is this? Chrono thought to himself, opening the folded note. His eyes glazed over the paper and his eyebrows furrowed. Aion


My fellow sinners and I have taken the liberty to invite you to our spot. Same as it's always been. But not the outside, the old one. If you've forgotten where it is, I don't blame you neither of us has been to this school in a long time. Genai will be waiting by the cafeteria at the time of your lunch period. He'll be in the empty corner on the right-hand side.

Before you close this note, know that if you do not come this meeting you'll regret it more than you will if you do come to it. Let's just say our "old friends" need to have a chat. I have something I'm sure he'll be horny about.


"What the fuck?" Chrono read the end of the note and almost burst into laughter. Where the hell had that come from? What did that sentence even mean? Chrono wasn't sure he wanted to know, he knew Aion liked toying with him- but not in that way! (Millions of fan girls start crying inwardly)



"Does horny in your time mean the same thing it did in my time…In the perverted sense?"

"Pretty much." Chrono stated.

"Okay then…" The Sinner replied cautiously.

Chrono laughed "That's what I said. Aion's up to something…and this time I actually have no idea what it is."

As Chrono walked down the hallway, he headed towards the cafeteria. He had a feeling he wasn't going to bother with Genai. He was just going to stuff his face so he could get the Sinner to shut the hell-


Chrono jumped, startled by the scream vibrating against the walls inside his head. "Ow…" He murmured, wishing he could glare inwardly at the Sinner.

"Chrono, go see Genai and everyone else."

"Why?" Chrono asked, thinking that his other self disliked Aion as much as he did from the stories he had heard.

"I think I know what Aion meant by that statement."

Chrono raised an eyebrow, beginning to wonder if his other self was bi-sexual.

"No I'm noooottt! I can hear your thoughts remember?!" The Sinner roared, blushing.

Chrono snickered, having his annoyance revenge and then realized his face was blushing… Why was he blushing? "You can make me blush?!" Chrono questioned angrily.

The Sinner rolled his eyes "It seems so, but we have more important matters to attend to. I'm afraid Aion has one of the pairs of horns."

Chrono raised an eyebrow as he pushed open the cafeteria's double doors and entered the crowded room. "Pairs of horns? You mean…demon horns? The same ones from the story?" He asked; eyes widening as he too realized what Aion was talking about. If that was the case then…Aion could retrieve his powers…or Chrono's or whoever the horns belonged to.

"Shit." Chrono finally said aloud, disturbing a cheerleader that was walking past him with a lunch tray. This is bad, really, really freakin bad…Chrono thought, biting his lip. He jumped on the lunch line and grabbed a tray. He shoved it down quickly as he made his way over to Genai. He needed to stop Aion from whatever he was planning to do as soon as possible…and possibly start living a normal teenage life for once.

"Mmm!" The Sinner smiled inwardly at the distasteful cafeteria food. Chrono rolled his eyes, as if he could ever be normal with the way he looked and a second personality in his body… Second personality maybe he should add that to the "Evil List" he had written in it for a while. Rosette had distracted him too much.


Chrono shook his head, stopping the thoughts before they could come. He dumped his empty lunch tray and approached Genai. Genai smirked up at him, tipping his baseball cap above his eyes so he could see him.

"Ready?" Genai grinned, standing. Chrono said nothing as he followed him out of the lunchroom back to a place he had hoped to never see again.

"Fifteen minutes left!" The teacher announced to the class, making Rosette bite her lips with worry.

She had finished the comparing and contrasting paragraphs easily. Her only problem was the poem. Who knew writing nonsense could be so difficult? She glanced over at Azmaria nervously. She knew if Az had heard her denouncing poetry, she'd get an earful. Usually Azmaria never argued, but when it came to poetry and music, she was very strong about it. She didn't argue often, but when she did, boy, could she argue.

Rosette tapped her eraser against the desk in a repetitive rhythm, staring at the blank paper before her. "Come on, come on…" She mumbled to herself, trying to think of something. She closed her eyes, trying to concentrate. But all she could think about was Chrono or Joshua and stupid stars!

She bit her lip harder, trying to stop herself from becoming sad. But all that was running through her mind was pain. She should've known better than to start liking a guy. She had heard from all of her friends that had had boyfriends that boys could be real stupid sometimes. Maybe they were right, maybe they were wrong, all she knew was that she felt stupid. Like a complete idiot.

She was so unrealistic about everything. She had always thought that if you put your mind to it, you could accomplish anything. Not in the real world! She should know better by now… Chasing after Joshua everyplace and everywhere, almost getting arrested for hacking every time. Dragging Chrono into it all, then falling for him and then he breaks her heart. Making a naïve promise to the stars about everything she was dedicated about.

A tear slipped beneath her left eyelid, sliding down her cheek. Stars were nothing more than stupid flashlights that litter the sky each night. You couldn't even see them in Manhattan since there was so much pollution! All you could see were helicopters and planes whirling by. Plus, stars weren't even that important, why did she even care? Really, who gives a crap about stars?

With all the ridiculous "shining" stuff that she and Chrono talked about…it sounded so pure, so nice, something to get away from real, cruel life. But you can't run away from reality, not even to the dumb stars. Stars don't even do anything…they just sit there until they explode or something other…she didn't know, Earth Science wasn't her strong point. But her point was…stars just…stars were…Stars don't even shine!

Rosette's eyes snapped open, wide at the paper. She placed her pencil point to the paper and commenced writing.

Stars Don't Shine

She underlined the title and started writing the first verse.

Stars don't shine

Without you by my side

Your lights used to lead the way

Through this everlasting darkness

But you suddenly went out

And left me alone

She frowned at what she just wrote, it was a little angst-y…but it did explain a portion of how she felt. Plus, it had a romance-vibe; hopefully the teacher would recognize it as something that connected with Romeo and Juliet.

"Ow!" Rosette bit her lip, trying not to disturb her classmates that sat around her. She held her head, feeling a burning in her skull. Not again… Were these migraines going to become an everyday thing? She hadn't had one since that time in Bruce's house. But they hurt enough to remember, that was for sure.

Suddenly Rosette felt her hand start moving the pencil unwillingly. Weird… She thought, watching words form on the paper that hadn't even crossed her mind once. In fact, they didn't even make any sense in her situation. She tried to put the pencil down or flip it so she could erase it. But her hand wasn't listening to her.

"Just give me a second! Gosh…"

Rosette froze, well every part of her did except her hand. Whose voice was that…it sounded just like hers and she had never heard it before now.

"Relaaaax, it's me. I'll finish this up. It'll be all jake." The voice rung through her ears again. But before Rosette could look around to see who had said it, she felt her eyes shut, her head tilt back, and her world grew dark.

"There!" Azmaria said to herself, having finally finished scribbling down her work. She started glancing through her text for mistakes when she heard Rosette yell out "Ow!"

Azmaria glanced with the corner of her eye over to Rosette; she didn't want the teacher to think she was cheating. When she looked over, her eyebrows furrowed What the heck? She thought, watching Rosette hand scribble away while her face was looking up towards the ceiling, eyes closed, drool oozing out from the side of her mouth.

Azmaria turned back to work, not wanting to stare. But she couldn't help but wonder how the hell Rosette could work that way, how the hell anyone could work that way! She shook her head and tried to focus on her test.

Suddenly Azmaria felt a tap on her shoulder. Az turned her head slowly, not wanting the teacher to catch her talking to anyone. She was surprised to see Rosette staring dead at her, no longer writing.

"Azmaria it's me Rosette." Rosette whispered over to her. Azmaria gave her a look that said "No-Duh."

Rosette shook her head, lifting up the pocket watch and pointing to it. "The other Rosette, look I can't stay in this body for long."

Azmaria's eyebrows raised high. "Rosette?!"

Rosette nodded, rolling her eyes "Yeah I think we get it already. I'm Rosette. Look, I don't know where I am, Az. All I know is that I'm stuck in this thing" she pointed to the pocket watch. "And I have no idea what's going on. But this is obviously not the convent. But it does look familiar."

"You're- You're stuck in the pocket watch?" Azmaria asked trying to comprehend what was going on. Rosette nodded, twitching suddenly. She reached up and held her head.

"Look, the other Rosette is going to wake up soon. I have no idea what's going on Azmaria, not even how I'm speaking to you now- but just figure things out, ok. Give this," she started to lift the pocket watch off of her neck. "to the Elder, hopefully he'll know what's going on."

"Rosette I-" Azmaria didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as Rosette pulled the pocket watch over her head. As her arm reached over, it fell limp along with the rest of her body. Azmaria took the watch from her hands gently; making sure the teacher was unaware of the exchange. Once she had hold of it, she stuffed it into her backpack and watched Rosette cautiously from the corner of her eye.

Rosette sat up suddenly, blinking open her eyes. She winced, feeling her head throb painfully. She placed a hand to her forehead and glanced down at her paper Did I just blank out for a second? she wondered. Her eyes widened when she saw her paper. Her test was done. Weird she thought When did I write any of this?

Her eyes glazed down the page, reading the poem that sat before her.

Stars Don't Shine

Stars don't shine

Without you by my side

Your lights used to lead the way

Through this everlasting darkness

But you suddenly went out

And left me alone

I'm awaiting your return

Clinging to your memory

Holding onto what's left

It's all important to me

Don't you realize how short life can be?

My lifespan won't last long

Without you to live it with me

Can you forgive me for my mistakes?

I can forgive you for anything

Be it sinner, demon, or angel

I want you to be my everything

Come fly with me, spread your wings

Time stops ticking

When I look you eyes

My heart stops beating

As thoughts of you run through my mind

Please stay with me, so that

Both our stars will shine

Rosette blushed; Did she really like Chrono that much? Obviously so.

"Pencils down!" The teacher announced, looking over all the students to make sure that they all complied. "Leave your midterms on your desk, I'll come around to collect them." As son as those words were said, the bell rang, sending everyone flying out the door.

The seconds Rosette exited the room, she was pulled from the doorway and into a corner. She turned and was startled to see "Mary!"

Mary smiled back while glancing around to make sure no reverends were nearby. "Come on, we're skipping, remember?" Rosette nodded weakly, she needed to skip. She was feeling dizzy from her migraine and she really couldn't handle anymore midterms. She'd just take the make-up-exams.

"Where are we going?" Rosette asked, trying to become more aware of her surroundings. "Someplace we've been before." Mary said, pushing Rosette into the elevator and stepping in after her.

"Chrono, how nice of you to show up." Aion smirked, sitting on a leather recliner. He was surrounded by his fellow Sinners. Rizelle, kneeling next to his chair, never leaving his side. Viede, sitting at a coffee table in a bean bag chair. Shader, jumping up and down in a computer chair while typing at a desk on a laptop. Genai, who walked over to a coffee machine and starting making himself espresso.

Chrono took a deep breath, scanning his eyes over the familiar surroundings. The old teacher's lounge. Deserted by the faculty and given to him and Aion as "home-warming gifts" by their principal. Their father being best friends with the principal wasn't always the worst of things.

A counter stretched over the left side of the wall, covered by a coffee machine and paper cups. Three bean bag chairs were scattered all through the empty space, all circling a small television that sat in the middle. A couch sat next to Aion's leather chair, up against the wall, half-covering a dusty window. A long table and a desk was on the far right side of the square-sided room. Each inch of the table was covered with electronics, computers, scanners, printers, and things Chrono had never seen before in his life.

He looked back over at Aion, meeting his eyes with a glare" You know I don't want to be here, Aion. Let's make this quick."

"Did you like my joke, Chono?" Shader asked, turning around in her computer chair to face him. Chrono raised an eyebrow.

Shader smiled and covered her mouth with her hands, trying to muffle her giggles. She pointed to her temples and said "Horn-y" She winked. Both Chrono and the Sinner sweat dropped.

"We should've known Shader wrote that part. There's no way in hell Aion would ever say that." The Sinner said, Chrono nodded in agreement.

"Anyway," Aion said, clearing his throat and catching everyone's attention. "Now that we're on the same page. I bet you're wondering why you're here."

"There's a thought." Chrono remarked sarcastically, folding his arm and daring Aion to insult him.

Aion sighed impatiently, shaking his head "Chrono, we need you to help us obtain the horns."

"And who said I'd help you?" Chrono asked, trying to see if he could gain control of the situation.

Aion smirked, as if reading Chrono's thoughts and knowing it was inevitable. "You don't have a choice. You see, I know where Rosette Christopher is. I know where the horns are. I know exactly how to destroy your precious human from the inside out."

Chrono's fists clenched instantaneously, his teeth gritted so hard he almost chipped his teeth. "If you even touch Rosette- If you do so much to even think about threatening her- I will kill you."

Aion's grin only grew wider "How? With your fists? You have no powers. No way to stop me and only I know where the horns are." Chrono noticed something at that moment. The second Aion said that only he knew about them, his smile faltered, just the slightest bit; but it was enough to tell him that he wasn't all too sure about that statement.

"I have the upper hand, don't you see? If you even try to touch me, I have Genai and Viede here. I have a hundred or more scared students in this school and in Magdalene Academy, ready to obey my every word." Aion smirked, watching Chrono's aggression grow. "And there is nothing you can do about it."

Aion felt himself being thrown to the floor out of no where. He didn't even see Chrono move towards him. All he knew was Chrono was on top of him, pulling back his fist, ready to strike him with everything he had.

"I don't have time for your retarded games, you asshole." Chrono growled at him, as if spitting venom in his face. "I don't care if you stick a nuclear bomb in my ear- if you do anything to Rosette, I swear I will kill you." Aion raised his eyebrows, watching Chrono's eyes, one was blood red and the other was a harsh amber. They were both flashing a neon-red-ish color, as if he were trying to unlock his demonic powers. Interesting…

Aion smirked, watching Chrono fly off him and land on the couch. "Thank you, Genai, Viede." They nodded, cracking their knuckles and looking over to the couch. Rizelle rushed over to Aion's side, and clutched his arm dramatically, inspecting him for injury. Aion nodded to Rizelle "I'm fine." he kissed her lightly on the forehead and walked over to Chrono.

"Are you done?" Aion asked, placing his hands on Chrono's chin so he could tilt his head to face him.

Chrono instantly jerked his head away from Aion and sat up, almost knocking into his brother. "What do you want from me Aion?" he asked, holding himself back from tackling him to the ground. He'd only get jumped in the end if he started a fight.

"I'm not sure if the horns are yours or mine, so we need you with us. We're going to infiltrate the principal's office and steal the horns." Aion stated, pausing for questions.

"The horns are in the principal's office?" Chrono asked, watching Aion nod "Why the hell are they in the principal's office."

Aion rolled his eyes "Ask Bruce."

Chrono blinked at him So Bruce knows about the horns…

He didn't say anything, hoping that the information would come in handy for later.

"Once we get them, Shader's going to analyze them and see if we can use their astral." Aion said, while glancing over at Shader who was waving and then back at Chrono.

"I don't get it. Why do you need me?" Chrono asked, impatiently "You have people to help you steal it."

Aion smirked "I'm positive now, more than ever that the horns are yours. We need someone to test them out."

"So Chrono, is that a yes or no?" Aion asked, smirking and holding out a hand to be shaken.

The Sinner frowned within Chrono, not liking the idea "What does he need the horns for?"

"The only way we can find out is if we join sides with him again. If we're on his side, hopefully we'll be able to stop him easier." Chrono replied, reaching up to shake Aion's outreached hand.

"It's a deal."


Far away
This ship is taking me far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die

I will be chasing your starlight
Until the end of my life
I don't know if it's worth it anymore

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to
Hold you in my arms

My life
You electrify my life
Let's conspire to ignite
All the cells that would die just to feel alive

I'll never let you go
If you promise not to fade away
Never fade away...

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations
Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

-Lyrics to the first three verses, chorus, and bridge to Starlight by Muse


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