Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha characters! Although I would take it if it was offered.

Authors note: This is a lemon type poem you have been warned!


My un-denying love for you is sinful

The feeling of in-completion

scares me

I need you to pleasure me

I beg you to hear me

Gracefully, slowly you walk toward me

The look in your eyes confuse me

Full of lust and love?

Do you want me, like I you?

The gentleness of your hands

explores the nakedness of my body

The fierceness in your golden eyes

drives me mad

You slowly pump in me

Our bodies are joined in a sinful matrimony

I for once feel complete

Our bodies roll together

As I meet your demonic trusts

Pleasure consumes me


I scream your name for more

You obey my command


You whisper my name

In a harsh, gentle voice

Another thrust

your warm seed fills me

your last trust

you mark me yours

Our bodies are weak

We lay limp in each others arms

Our breathing turns normal

Our hearts are in tone with each other

I lay in your arms

you in mine

I feel complete

But my un denying love for you is sinful

Can this really be?

Lets go another round

So I can feel

truly complete

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