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Zoro lay in his hammock one night thinking about how great sleep is. As he was drifting off, he vaguely wondered where Luffy and Sanji were.

"Luffy, what're you doing?"

Zoro cracked open an eye.

"Sanji! This is amazing! YOU are amazing! You should try it!"

"No, that's your job. I do all the real work."

A pleasured noise escaped the captain.

Sanji continued. "Well since you got THAT far, you may as well finish it." Pots and pans crashed to the floor, followed by Sanji's irritated yell. "Great Luffy! You made me stain my good pants! You got any other things you wanna do to me?"


Zoro lifted his eyebrow.

"Ooh, Saanji!"

"Hey! That is SO off limits for you!"

"Oh come on, you know you wanna give it to me..."

"Hm... No."

"Why not?"

"'Cuz you've done nothing to deserve it."

"I'll do anything for it! Pleeaase?"

"I'll think about it. For now, why don't you try this?" More movement. By this time, Zoro was trying to calm his twitching eye.

"Oh, yes! More Sanji, MORE!"

"I'm running clean out of it!"

"Just a little more!"

Zoro had had enough. "Okay, that's IT!" He stomped to the kitchen and swung open the door.

"Stop okay, just STOP!" He dared to look about the room.

Luffy was on his knees beside a cake covered table, begging Sanji for more.

Sanji was violently scrubbing at a cake stain on his knee. "I already told you - I'm out of batter." He raised a curly brow at Zoro's loud entrance. "Idiot swordsman..."

Zoro forced back a blush while grinding his teeth. "Shitty Cook!" He stomped back to his room as Luffy started sucking on a cakey chair leg.

"Stupid, frickin', frackin' - Wait, frackin'?" He didn't bother trying to figure that out. Laying in his hammock, he closed his eyes.

"Oh, Vivi! This feels great!"

"Suits a pretty girl like you, Nami. You deserve it."

"Yours is great too!"

"Mmmm... It smells so good!"

Zoro's eyes shot open.