Can't wait to find out what happens after The Killing? Neither can I, so I wrote this! My first ever Cherub fanfic. A little slice of fluffy humour, please R&R.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Cherub series.

Making his way down to see Kerry, James suddenly realised how stupid he'd been. Saying 'Kerry I love you' sounded pathetic enough in his head, let alone in a text ...

He didn't want to talk to Kerry any more. He decided it would be embarrassing. She was probably going to yell at him or lecture him in front of everyone. He couldn't go down there.

But he was starving. He had to go down there. His stomach was rumbling loudly, begging for food. He needed to eat.

As soon as he arrived, Kerry ran up to him, flung her arms around him and buried her face in his shoulder.

"I love you!" she cried, rocking him from side to side, "James, I love you, and I never ever want to fall out with you again!"

James tried not to laugh as he hugged Kerry back. He'd thought what he'd said was pathetic, but it couldn't compare to this ...

The End! A very mini ficlet, please R&R.