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Summary: It was late at night when she came into Shikamaru's house. They talk, sleep, and what else? Will she discover about his true feelings? Shikaino one-shot

rated: K+


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Behind those Lazy eyes

by: i-x3-shikamaru







"Hello…" a lazy voice picked up.

"Shikamaru… can I come over?" the voice on the other line asked. He recognized it.

"Uhh…" he glanced at the clock. It said 12:20 AM. "It's really late, Ino."

"But… I'm… I'm scared, Shika…" Ino begged. Shikamaru heaved out a heavy sigh. 'Dammit, i hate it when she calls me that...'

"How troublesome…" He imagined Ino screaming at him for calling her troublesome, but no. She didn't. Instead, he heard a quiet sob. 'Aw, shit… troublesome women…'

"Please… I'm scared, Shikamaru…" Ino was crying, which was very rare.

Shikamaru gave up. "Alright… I'll pick you up right now."

"Wait—" Shikamaru hung up.

Shikamaru got out of his bed. He put his chuunin vest on and walked toward the door.


Shikamaru froze in his foot steps.

Someone was outside.

Shikamaru quickly grabbed a kunai from his kunai pouch but realized he forgot to get it. He headed back to his room and got his pouch. 'Tch… to wear my vest and not bring my weapons? What kind of ninja am I?'

Actually, it's not his fault. Just now, his blonde haired teammate called him in the middle of the night and told him she was scared and cried!

Yes. Shikamaru was worried. He was worried about a girl. He was worried about his teammate. To be more exact, he was worried about Ino.

Big deal; she's the only girl he's actually talked to. (But this does not mean he's gay…)

Anyway, he walked to his door, opened it slowly, clutching a kunai tightly, and was only to be greeted with a pair of teary eyes he knew oh so well.

"I-Ino… What… Why didn't—" he was interrupted when Ino ran to him and threw her arms around his neck. Shikamaru's only reaction was to stare into space with wide eyes. He dropped his kunai carelessly onto the ground as Ino continued to cry on his chest.

He slowly rested his hand around her slim waist and the other around her head and hugged her back. In return, Ino buried her face deeper into his chest making hisnetshirt damp.

"Shikamaru… I was… so… scared…" Ino sniffed in between sobs. She didn't want to make a fool over herself, especially in front of him. 'I must look like an idiot...' She thought, embarrassed.

"W-what? Scared of what?" Shikamaru asked concernly. The question wasn't answered, but instead she continued to cry, but even louder than before. Being the genius he was, he decided to ask her that question later.

He brought her to his room to make sure they wouldn't wake his parents up. She sat on his bed staring at the floor with dull eyes. The eyes that usually had a certain special sparkle in it whenever he sees her. It was gone, he noticed. Gone was the happiness in her voice. Gone was the smile on her beautiful face. There were tears plastering her face. He wanted to wipe the tears off, embrace her and never let her go. He couldn't deny it anymore…

He loved her.

He went to get a cup of water. Hopefully that'll help her.

He came back with the cup of water in his hands. She was still sitting there, letting the tears freely stream down her face. Thank god she was now crying silently, although there were a few sniffs every few seconds, but he was sure they wouldn't wake his heavy sleeping parents. After all, they slept on the other side of the house.

He sat next to her and handed her the cup. "Here. Drink this, it'll help you feel better."

She nodded and drank half of it and stopped. She shook her head when he nudged the cup toward her mouth. He sighed and gently put the cup on the little desk next to his bed. After a few silent minutes, Ino finally calmed down and stopped crying. He decided now was the time to ask him the question.

"So, what were you scared of?" Shikamaru asked carefully not to make her cry again.

She hesitated. The question she wanted to avoid all this time. "SIGH… Shikamaru… I had a nightmare… a very scary one…" (A/N: sry I didn't know what else she would be afraid of… lol couldn't think of anything! Nightmare was the thing that popped in my head.)

"Can I ask what it was?"



"Can I stay here tonight?" she asked quietly with a light blush painted on her cheeks.

"UHHHH…" Shikamaru was fidgeting. A girl sleeping over at his house? In his room? Or maybe in his bed… That wasn't something he was ready for. But then again, he saw the pleading look in her eyes that she was absolutely serious about this and not playing around. She wasn't the little girl like she was back then.

When they were little, about every week she would come over and ask to sleep over just for fun, but he would kindly decline. But she was serious. She didn't do this just for fun. She was frightened. He sighed. There was really no choice. Either he would let her sleep or she would continue bugging him. "Alright…" he agreed.

"Arigato…" she hugged him again. He blushed and patted her back. He was definitely not good at this.

"You should rest… You can sleep on my bed. I'll go sleep in the living room…" when he stood up he felt a hand grab his wrist. He looked down and saw the owner. There were new tears forming in her eyes.

"I'm scared…" He sighed. How troublesome this woman was! "Can I… sleep with you?"

Shikamaru blushed. Sleep with him? What does she mean!

She trusted him. They have been friends for 3 years. Now they were15 years old and she knows he wouldn't do anything to her. So she asked again: "Can I sleep next to you?"

"Uh…" Shikamaru hesitated. "Uh… sure… I guess…" 'Troublesome… So troublesome…'

"Arigato." She smiled sadly. He sat back down and lied down next to her.

"Sleep." He commanded as he stretched out his arm around her waist and pulled her down next to him. Ino blushed. Shikamaru pulled the blanket over them and inhaled quietly. Ino rested her head on his chest and fell asleep in seconds. He exhaled and drew her closer. Her hands were cold from the weather but her body was warm. He hugged her. He didn't realize she awoke from his looked up at him and found his eyes were closed. She leaned forward and planted a sweet kiss on his cheek and smiled when his eyes shot open.

Something soft, he decided, pressed against his cheek and he opened his eyes. It felt good. He liked it, but he didn't know what it was.

"Shika… What should I do…" she leaned back down to his chest and traced her finger on it. She started to cry again.

"Shhh… Go to sleep." He comforted. It was really late, he was tired, what else should he say?

"Ano… okay… night…" She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. But Shikamaru didn't. He stayed awake and watched her sleep peacefully. Her angelic face. The face he wanted to touch and stroke. The beautiful blonde hair that was not in a pony-tail for the first time. He thought she was a beauty. She had curves that would make any women jealous. She had unique hair just like Sakura. She can be bossy at times, but she has a personality he loved. Sweet, unselfish, kind, and nice.

She opened her eyes realizing his intense stare. She blushed when he continued staring at her.



"You look beautiful, tonight," he said. She blushed. He continued: "But you are very troublesome… waking me up in the middle of night."

She pouted. "Sorry…"

"It's okay…"


A few deafening minutes of silence flew past them.

"Ino, I have something to tell you…"

"What is it?" She asked, eyes widened. His voice was filled with seriousness. She was excited. 'Is he gunna say what I think he is…?' She completely forgot about her fears when… (AN: …- does that make sense! Okay the next part is really corny… I couldn't think of anything.)

He hugged her…


And whispered his simple three-word confession that meant the world to her: "I love you."

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