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Summary: COMPLETE SASUSAKU ONE SHOTTIE Sakura remembers what happened that certain night. She feels torn apart when she realizes Sasuke will be the one always leaving her making her wish ungranted.

Ungranted Wish

Sakura Haruno stared up at the clear blue cerulean sky as she unwillingly thought about Sasuke. Those cold eyes that lacked emotion. His handsome features that made every man in Konoha glare in envy. She admired him, and she was positive he knew that. The first time she saw him, which was when they were six years old, it was love at first sight, and it was like that to every girl. And now, those girls still had their childhood crush on him, and everyday, more and more girls fall in love with him.

But Sakura was different.

Before they became in a team, she only liked him as a crush. When they became a team, a new feeling emerged, and she had fallen deeper in love with him. Or that's what she thought. She not only admired him, but loved him. She was the only female that understood him, appreciated his presence instead of only his looks. That night, the night she confessed her life-long feelings, was the worst night that ever occurred in her whole, entire life, but it gave her an answer she has always wanted to know. And she made a wish that for just once he wouldn't leave her.


She knew something was wrong. It was 1:00 in the morning and she woke up sensing something bad is about to happen. She got up and dressed and quickly rushed outside with her feet leading her to the exit gate of the Konoha, only to stop in her footsteps.

Black. Blue. White.


"Sasuke-kun! What are you doing? Why are you carrying a backpack? A mission this late?" Sakura asked.

"Hn." His back was facing her.

"Sasuke-kun… you're going to leave aren't you… why…" Sakura asked quietly. The past few days, Sasuke always had a weird expression on his face that was unusually different than his usual stoic expression. And he has been glaring at Naruto much more than he used to… and deep inside his eyes, Sakura sees something else… Envy. Was Sasuke jealous of Naruto? If so, then what? His ugliness? His stupidity? His weakness? Who would be jealous of Naruto? Sasuke's voice interrupted her thoughts. "Sakura… you and Naruto are very important people to me. But we all have different paths to walk on," Sakura held her breath unconsciously, afraid Sasuke would say what she thinks he'll say. "…and it's time for us to separate in different paths…" Sasuke said with his back still facing her. She exhaled. It's all about the revenge! If only his brother didn't kill his whole family, then everything would change!

"No… Sasuke-kun…" Sakura whispered painfully. "…if we are such important people to you, why leave? Don't you realize that you're just hurting yourself? Revenge isn't going to make you feel happy!" Sakura gradually got louder as she raised her hand to her heart and squeezed. Sasuke tilted his head that only a side of his face was showing and glared at her. Telling Sasuke about his revenge was not something smart you would say to him. But Sakura just couldn't not say it, because it's the truth. Tears began to form in her eyes. "Sasuke-kun… did you know… because of you I lost my best friend…? Did you know because of you I barely have any friends? Did you know because of you I'm always in pain! Did you know that because of you I have already died once? And yet… I still can't let you go… Sasuke-kun… I can't give up on you… because… I love you with all my heart, Sasuke-kun!" She screamed and gasped as she realized what she said. She could also sense that Sasuke was a little surprised by her words and how much he has influenced her. CLICK wait… I love Sasuke-kun? Sakura thought maybe if she kept talking, she could convince him to stay. "Sasuke-kun…" her voice was trembling. "Please… stay… I would do anything… to make you happy! If you really want to leave… take me with you! I would do anything!" her voice pleading, begging him for just one thing. Her body became limp, and she wanted to rest, but her determination didn't let her, so she continued, "If I'm a burden to you, just tell me… I'll always be there waiting for you…"

Sasuke took one step forward. "Sasuke-kun!" she almost screamed. HE stopped. "You can't leave! You can't do this to Naruto and me… and the village! I thought we are important people to you! Sasuke, you can't leave…" he took another step forward. "SASUKE!" she cried desperately and then she fell on her knees crying her eyes out. The pain in her chest increased and she clutched it tightly as more tears streamed down her face. "Don't…" and in a few seconds, she managed to get back on her feet. He can't leave her this time… Her eyes closed tightly as more and more tears poured down like rain in a thunderstorm.

"You're annoying." She heard him say. She opened her eyes and almost glared at him. That's all he would call her. Annoying. It was annoying to hear him say she was annoying, it's like the only word he knows besides 'hn.' She saw him tilt his head, and there smack on his face – or lips – was a smirk. IN an instant, he was close behind her and she could feel his warm breath on her neck that sent shivers down her spine. She blinked. Sasuke-kun? Soon she could hear his dark, deep voice again: "Arigato… Sakura." In a second she blacked out with her last thoughts: Sasuke… her body fell in his arms. …-Kun…

He lifted her body up and raised her head up. He stared at her innocent wet face, red puffy eyes that had been crying and almost running out of tears, and placed a simple but long kiss on her chapped lips as an apology for everything he's done to her. I'm sorry.


Her wish did not come true. Because again, he left her, but this time, there where he belonged in her heart, was a big scar.

Now, she knows… She is in love with Sasuke… But the love that connected her to Sasuke is different from her definition of love. It was unrequited love.

She realized that it will always be Sasuke leaving her, and instead of a scar, it was a forever-bleeding wound that will never be healed. Her wish that he will not leave her, for just once, will stay ungranted, forever.

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