Rory sighed as she heard the bell right signaling the end of her favorite class of the day, English. She quietly gathered her materials and headed into the crowded halls of the school that she loved to hate. As she tried sweet talking her locker, because, once again, it would not open, she groaned when she heard one voice rise above the mindless drone of the Chiltonites. "Mary!" Rory ignored that nagging voice as she continued to struggle with her locker.

"Mary! I have two tickets to the P.J. Harvey concert Friday night if you want to come"

"Tristan, for the LAST time, my name is Rory!" After that last comment, the annoying locker would just have to wait. Rory turned to walk toward the front of the school.

"But you see to call you by your real name would be no fun for me. Nope, no fun for Tristan."

"Well then, Bible Boy, I guess you won't be calling me much of anything." Rory cringed as Tristan's trademark smirk began to form. Tristan fell in step with Rory as she walked to the front of the school, otherwise known as freedom.

"I'll pick you up on Friday at 6:30 then for the concert"

"No, Tristan, you will NOT!" Rory kept walking until Tristan caught her arm.

"Rory," at her look of shocked surprise Tristan added, "yes I do know your real name, I just choose not to use it, Rory you can't tell me you didn't feel anything at Madeline's party the other night" She looked like she might say something to object, so Tristan did the only thing he knew would shut her up: he kissed her. So shocked by the kiss, Rory did not think clearly. She did not slap him, like she should have. She did not break the kiss, like she should have. In fact, Rory did not do anything to stop the kiss, like she should have. In Rory's surprise by the kiss, she did the worst thing she could have possibly thought to do: She kissed him back.

That is: until she heard "RORY!"