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By the time Rory got to school (alone) the next day, word had gotten to every ear in the tri-county area about Tristan's "fight with the bagboy". They had even heard how he got carted away in a police car. They also heard, however didn't care, about Dean's unfortunate stay in the hospital for bruises to his lower abdomen. As Rory went through her daily (as daily as it could be without Tristan) routine, she was constantly bombarded with questions wanted to know every detail of every punch. The one person she didn't see was the person she most expected to see. But apparently, after her teary flight from the halls yesterday, Paris withdrew from school, and enrolled in the even snobbier prep school across town. Which meant, to Rory's great delight, that the school paper would need a new editor. And according to the sponsor, she was the best person for the job. Rory couldn't wait to tell Tristan when she got to his house this afternoon. With that sustaining thought to keep her sane throughout the day, Rory made it through her classes. As Rory went out front to wait for Tristan to pick her up, she was stopped by Louise.

"All I want to know is what happened, because apparently if I don't keep a close watch on you and 'the king' then Paris is going to hurt me. I don't just see why she couldn't stay herself, but apparently she has suffered 'mortal mortification and if Tristan ever sees her again she will just die!'. So spill, so I can report back to the editor at large, as she insists on calling herself." She rambled all at once.

Rory was completely shocked that Paris, Paris GELLAR, would ever run from anything, let alone, her, but hey, crazier things have happened(i.e. Tristan being hauled away in a police car), and that was the main reason she went into the whole ordeal with Louise, whom she normally would not.

"Okay, yesterday, Tristan was bringing me home, and we pull up in my driveway, and see Dean just sitting on my porch, apparently waiting on me to get home from the bus... Well he sees me get out of the car and he's all 'Bitch'... Tristan already didn't like the guy... And that was all the incentive he needed to knock the living daylights out of him.. So he starts pounding on him... And I run into the house to get mom, but she's not there... Apparently, there was an emergancy at the Inn, something about shoes, and Micheal, and a dog...I don't know... Wait where was I?" She rambled. "Oh. Yeah. So since mom's not there I run to the next place I can think of, Luke's. I run in screaming my head off about a fight (Thank GOD Babette and Miss Patty weren't in there or some RUMORS would have been flying)" "Who are they?" Louise mused to herself, but before she had a chance to voice her question, Rory continued. "Well, anyway, so Luke yells for Ceazer to take over and sprints with me to my house, and with a struggle gets Tristan off of Dean... And when explanations ensued... Tristan, who had been struggling to get free, and Luke... Who seemed to forget that he had a hold on Tristan... Both pounced on Dean once more, and that's when I called the police... By the time they got there, Tristan had a black eye and a fat lip, Luke had a bruised cheek, and Dean (obviously the worst off of the three) had two black eyes, a fat lip, and a bruised abdomen... All three of the guys would have gone in for questioning, but Dean couldn't so it was just Luke and Tristan. No one is being charged, thank GOD though."

Once Rory finished rambling, Louise just rolled her eyes ("great" thought to herself) and walked off. This left Rory free to wait for Tristan. When he pulled up she eagerly climbed inside, and closed the door.

"So how many days until PJ Harvey?" Rory exasparetedly exclaimed.

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