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Cheetor: Greth only owns herself and Darkshadow only owns herself. Anyone you don't recognise belongs to them.

"DARKSHADOW!" Greth roared as her form became more of a dragon and a nightmare than her normal self. Her anger grew stronger as she burst through the rooftop because of her large size. The Maximals covered themselves as best as they could from the rubble that rained down upon them.

Greth stormed out of the widened opening with an angered purpose, stomping towards the Predacon base. Her tail struck a large boulder and turned it into rubble instantly, a venomous green liquid trailing behind and dripping from some of the spikes on her tail.

The Maximals stared at the venom that began to eat away at the stone. "It looks like she's more dangerous than we anticipated," Rhinox said as he studied the poison at a safe distance.

"No kiddin!" Rattrap said as he watched the stuff eat away at the dirt. Suddenly the venom rose into the air in a whip-like fashion and it began to take a new crystalline form. It shone brightly in the sunlight like a mini star.

"Wha- what just happened?" Cheetor asked as he stared at the crystal statue.

"I think that whatever that poison touches not only melts objects, but it also forms them into a crystal like substance," Rhinox said as he poked it gently.

"We can study this thing later, because right now we have to go get Greth and stop her from doing something dangerous," Optimus said. "Silverbolt, take Darkshadow back to base. Rhinox, go with him and see what you can do to help her."

Rhinox took a block of the crystal and put it in his subspace pocket. "I'll just take some of this to study later," he said.

"Let's go!" Optimus shouted as he and the others ran off towards the Predacon base.

As Silverbolt flew in robotic form, he carefully held on to the other wolf. "Hang in there mi'lady."

Rhinox was in beast mode, running as fast as his gigantic form would allow him. "Primus only knows what happened to her before we showed up."

The flying Maximal nodded. "Rampage will pay!"

"Well, first let's see if she'll survive, then you can deal with Rampage."

Darkshadow stirred a little. She shook her wolf head, as if it was wet, and trying to get the water off. Her body that once used to be black as ever, was now almost a snow white. Her eyes were now a light blue. Dark looked up at Silverbolt, and gave off a low wolf whine.

Nearly at the base, Silverbolt flapped his wings harder and faster than he ever had before. He walked into the base, and told the female spider to get the table cleared off. Gently placing her on the table, he went to his love and wrapped his arms around her. And explaining what had happened. Rhinox got into the base, and transformed right away.

"I don't know how I'm going to do this. I have never operated on a flesh creature before."

Dark's bones were getting weak as ever. One of her knee bones was starting to pop out of skin. A LOUD, painful howl was heard all the way to the Predacon base. The elbow bone was slicing through the flesh and muscles.

Greth stormed further toward the Predacon base with an angered motive in mind. Or rather in the mind of the beast that had taken over her sense of judgment. A voice kept on whispering in her head, 'Kill...kill...kill...Kill...KILL!' The voice grew stronger and stronger as she came closer to the Preds base.

Pred Base

Tarantulas stared at the screens, trembling visibly as he watched the black dragon come closer. "M-Megatron, sir. I believe we might have a very large problem on our hands. A very large and scaly problem!" he said in a tone that spelled fear.

"What kind of problem?" Megatron demanded as he shoved the spider out of the way and saw the thirty foot tall black lizard with black wings and spikes. "What kind of a creature is that?"

"Isn't that a dragon?" Rampage asked as he stared at the creature that drew closer every second. Quickstrike noticed some of Dark's blood on the back of the crab's arm. "Why do ya have blood on the back of yer arm?" he asked the crab.

Everyone stared at the crab and saw the crimson blood on his arm. "What? I had a little fun with a certain wolf," the crab said as he shrugged.

Something suddenly crashed into the ship, causing everyone to stumble. A large hole was ripped open by the jaws of the dragon as she poked her head further in the room where the Preds were regaining their footing, the metal hanging from her teeth. Her eyes settled on Rampage as she let go of the metal, allowing it to crash to the ground. "You will pay," the dragon said in a voice that sounded like Greth, yet at the same time, it sounded like a beast struggling to speak.

Stunned at this, the Preds stared at the dragon as she leaned her head forward, teeth glistening with the same green poison that melted the rock, a few of the drops of the stuff dropping onto the metal ground and burning holes through it.

"You will pay for hurting my friend. You will pay, Protoform X!" the dragon growled as she forced the rest of her body through the wall.

This wasn't going to end well for anyone of the Preds if someone didn't stop her.

Dark's bones were quickly stretching her skin until it tore. Rhinox went to go tell Optimus that they had lost the wolf. Silverbolt and Blackarachnia went telling each Maximal. Starting with Cheetor. No one was in the hallway. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

The wolf raised her head, her fur black with blue spikes down her back. But she learned that she could turn a pale white. Her bones were covered by a white light. After several minutes the wolf got up off the table. Rattrap walked out of his room, and saw a wolf about the size of Rampage. "What da slag-?"

The wolf looked at the Rat. Showing her teeth, blood draining from the teeth. "Hey, Dark...?"

A loud tackle was heard, and then the next thing that Rattrap knew was, he was offline. Dinobot came out of the room and began to shoot his optic lasers. But Dark was out of there in a nano-second. Her wings were a forest green. Her eyes zoomed onto Greth's signature. Her left eye was a sky blue, and the right eye was a goldish-orange color.

Greth was tearing the base up as the Preds ran and fired at the dragon, trying to grab Rampage in her clawed hands or her jaws, whichever worked best. She slashed left and right at the crab, but he kept dodging the attacks. On the tenth time that he dodged the claw he had to jump into the air.

Just what Greth wanted him to do.

In an instant her head snapped forward as fast as a King Cobra and grabbed the crab in her jaws, causing the crab to scream out in pain as the fangs dug in and allowed the poisonous venom to melt some of his metal.

'Now, you will pay!' Greth/beast thought into his mind since her mouth was full. She began to add pressure to the crab slowly, intending to crush him in a slow and painful death.

Something suddenly tackled her in her side, causing her to fall to the side of the base as she bit harder on the crab, making an even bigger hole in the wall with her neck still inside the ship.

Moving her head up, she stared at the strange creature that stood there with fangs covered in blood. She snarled at the newcomer, her memory of who the being was reminded her very faintly of her human form because the beast was gaining more control by the moment. If the beast was not tamed, then Greth would be lost forever in the back of the beast's mind.

"Who dares to deny me of killing my prey?" she demanded in the same half beast half normal voice.

The beast said nothing, standing there and showing its long, sharp fangs. Snarling, more blood fell from its mouth. "Let go of the crab. He has done nothing."

"Nothing? He killed my friend! I'd say THAT'S something."

"Ohhh, but he didn't kill your friend."

Greth looked at the strange beast. "What-? Yes he did, and I must return the favor."

"Good luck trying. I can't die. But I can only make sure that everyone else does." Smirked the evil crab.

"Your friend—I—didn't die. But my form has changed; all of my shape-shifting animals will be bigger." Darkshadow shape-shifted into herself, but without any fur, or flesh. A skeleton. "I have mastered to shape-shift into, lets say; dead animals." She then changed into her raptor form, for which she decided to stay with. "Greth, shape-shift back into a smaller form, and let go of the crab. We have bigger dinosaurs to fry."

Greth looked down at the skeletal wolf with red eyes as they dulled slowly. The beast was residing slowly back into the depths of Greth's mind. "Darkshadow?" she said slowly, Rampage dangling in her jaws.

Looking down through the bridge of her nose at the crab, she shuddered and tossed him very hard, yet gently, into a rock that knocked him out cold. Greth's blood red eyes softened into a light hazel color, a smile spreading across her muzzle as she shrank down into a smaller black dragon. "Let's give Megs a pleasant surprise. Hehehe," Dark chuckled evilly. "Yes, I do believe that we should do something to scare the slag out of Megs and the other Preds," Greth replied.

"What should we do?" Darkshadow asked, her skeletal jaw moving in an eerie way that could scare just about anyone.

A light bulb nearly lit up over Greth's head as she got an idea. "I've got an idea. Listen up-!" she said as she leaned in close.

Predacon base

Megatron and the remaining Preds that weren't in the CR Tank were trying to get their bearings from the damage that Greth had caused. "This will be one of the other reasons to dislike that fuzor," Megatron said as he watched his soldiers work on repairs.

"I guess that was the one problem with the experiment that I mentioned earlier. It seems that whenever something that hurts her in a certain way, she becomes a destructive tool," Tarantulas said as he remembered what he saw in the computer data.

"Megatron," came a dreadful moaning sound that sent chills up everyone's spines (or the equivalent of one). "Come out. We want to play with you," came a different moaning voice.

A sudden clip-clip of talons clicked on the metal flooring and came closer to the control room. "Megatron. Megatron. Come out and play with us," the same voice said as a shadow fell through the doorway. What came in was someone they didn't expect. Greth came into the room with her head down, arms hidden behind her back.

"It's the experiment!" Megatron and the rest of the Preds exclaimed.

Greth didn't react. A long while passed in silence as they waited for Greth to do something. "Megatron," Greth's voice said in softly.

"What is it that you want? Haven't you caused enough damage?" Megatron snapped.

"Do you know what it is like to die twice? And then come back to life as something different?" Greth asked. When nobody answered, she began to snicker, which grew into a soft, evil sounding laughter. She lifted her face up for everyone to see that half of it was torn off or hanging by thin strands of flesh. Her arms moved from behind her to reveal maggots wiggling around dirt clod ridden arms as she spread them out in emphasis. "It simply takes your breath away!" she cackled.

Megatron's face as pale as a ghost, almost see-through. "By the Pit?!" He half shrieked. Megatron and the others ran into their rooms and locked the doors, screaming in terror the whole way.

A moment of silence passed as Greth stared down the hallway that the Preds disappeared from before she turned around to stare at the shadows. "Did you get that?" Greth asked. Darkshadow stepped out of the shadows in her skeletal wolf form, somehow holding a camera with one paw as she padded (well, clicked or however a skeleton wolf sounds when they trot) over to her friend.

"Of course. I'm an ace photographer, even with paws," she snorted, which was strange for a skeleton to do. "Jeez, I can't believe that worked! They're so STUPID!" Dark shook her body, out came fur, and she was a panther. She chuckled as she ran through the halls, mocking the Predacons. "Run, run! The ghosts are going to get us!"

Greth laughed as she joined in with the frolicking panther. "My Queen, run! I'll save you!" she cackled mockingly.

Megatron's Room

Megatron hid underneath his bed with his rubber ducky held tightly in his hand. He would be visibly shaking if he was somewhere else.

"Run, run! The ghosts are going to get us!" a voice outside mocked as they ran past.

There was laughter as Greth's voice reached his audio receptors. "My Queen, run! I'll save you!" she mocked.

It suddenly occurred to him what just happened and his face began to turn red in anger. "MISS DARKSHADOW! MISS GRETH!" he shouted angrily. He zipped out from under the bed and made a hole in his wall shaped like him. "GET BACK HERE!" he shouted as he ran after the retreating girls.


The Maximals hid behind a rock and planned their plan of rescue. Suddenly two cackles and a bellow reached their ears as two blurs zipped past them and hid behind another rock. "Jumpin' Gyros, what was that?!" Cheetor asked as he and the others walked forward slowly. Suddenly a panther head poked out from behind the rock and scared everyone nearly out of their wits. "Hey guys," it said in a very familiar voice.

"Darkshadow?" Cheetor asked. "Where's Greth?"

"Right here!" Greth said as she poked her head out as well, but she forgot to do one thing while in the Pred base.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" everyone screamed at the sight of Greth's face that was still half gone.

"What's wrong?" Greth asked as she crossed her arms on top of the rock to reveal the maggot ridden arms.


Dark noticed this and nudged Greth. Whispering in her ear she pointed out the problem and Greth blushed as her skin reformed and the maggots disappeared. She was back in her full cat/dragon form. "Sorry, I guess with all the fun we had pranking the Preds I totally forgot about getting rid of the 'Night of the Living Dead' getup," she said. "We got some great pictures of them freaking out. We even got one of Megs turning pale white!"

"You did?" Rattrap and Dinobot asked at the same time.

Darkshadow nodded as she looked up at Greth, who showed the pictures.

Rattrap and Dinobot ran off with the pictures, giggling like little schoolgirls. "Hehe. Look at dat!" The rat remarked.

Megatron got all of the Predacons outside of the base, yelling for the girls to come back and face their punishment. As they came right by the girls and the Maximals they stopped and looked at each other.

"Miss Darkshadow. Miss Greth. What were you doing in our base?" Megatron asked still clutching his rubber ducky.

"Duh. We were trying to freak you guys out, and it looks like we did a darn good job!" Dark chuckled.

Greth looked and saw the ducky. "Nice duck, Megs! Oh, is that Mr. Quackers?"

"NO! That is not his name! His name is Sir Quackers!" Megs shouted indignantly.

Dark shook her head violently from side to side. "WHAT? No it's not. It's Mr. Quackers!"

Tarantulas giggled. "Mr. Quackers?"

Rampage began to laugh. "Sir Quackers?"

Megatron was turning red with fury, and he was so darn embarrassed. "I'm going to-"

Rattrap came up and showed Megatron the pictures. When he looked at them he was ready to strangle the two girls.

Greth and Darkshadow were both giggling like crazy as they watched the mighty tyrant getting ready to try and strangle them. "Look Darkshadow. A tyrant who plays with a rubber duckie in the tub!" Greth said to the wolf. "I wonder where he keeps his loofa?" the wolf replied as they burst out into laughter.

The Maximals and Preds begin to giggle as well as they watched the mighty Megatron turn red in anger. "THAT'S IT! GET OVER HERE SO I CAN-!" Megatron shouted as he began to charge the two, until Rampage and a few of the other Preds grabbed onto him to keep him away from the two.

"Uh oh, I think we just went over the line Dark," Greth said as she sweat dropped. "RUN!" both girls shouted and bolted away from the tyrant.

"GET BACK HERE!" Megatron shouted as he struggled against the grip of his soldiers. "Let go of me you traitors!"

"I think that we have had enough for one day," Rampage said. "I really don't think that we would want the wolf's friend becoming that large dragon again."

Megatron suddenly stopped as the image of what had happened before with the fuzor. The Maximals followed the girls in a panic. "I think that we've all learned an important lesson today, hm?" Optimus asked his team.

Everyone thought for a moment as they began throwing answers. "Neva trust a Pred?" Rattrap asked.

"Always watch out for your teammates?" Silverbolt asked.

"Always bring your own camera to take embarrassing photos of the enemy when you prank them?" Greth and Darkshadow asked.

Optimus sighed as he said, "Never mind. Let's just get back to the base."

On their way back to the base, it was rather silent. Optimus Primal gave the girls all of these glares. Once in a while Dinobot or Rattrap would giggle, still looking at the pictures.

As they got back to the base, everyone was ordered to the control room. Darkshadow and Greth knew their yelling was about to come. Dark had an idea: just nod and agree with everyone.

"Greth, I'll get to you soon, Dark will be first to get questioned."

'Goody gum-drops,' Dark thought.

"Dark, did you learn anything from this?"

Dark just nodded her head. 'I wonder if he knows that I'm not listening? Hmm...Ohh. My tail spikes are longer. Hehehe!'

"Dark? Dark! DARKSHADOW!"

"Ahhh! What do you want?" the wolf asked in a panic, her fur on end.

Greth giggled. Optimus turned and said, "Be quiet. You're next!"

Greth gulped as she was promptly lectured by Optimus like Darkshadow was. But as he droned on with his lecture, Greth began to grow sleepy. When it came to lectures this long and boring, Greth would always be half-asleep by the time it is halfway through. A few more minutes passed and Greth was fast asleep with her tail holding her up. Rattrap looked over at Greth and noticed her sleeping and morphing. Her reptile-like features began to soften into pink human skin, her cat-like face moving back into her head and becoming a human face, and her tail shrank back into her spine so fast that she fell backwards and landed on the deck with a loud wumph.

"OUCH!" she exclaimed as she woke up and rubbed her sore back. Everyone looked at her with confusion when they saw her in her human form. "Okay, that hurt. What happened?" she asked as she stood up and looked upwards at Rattrap. "And why did you get taller?"

"Eh?" Rattrap asked. "It's you that shrunk. You turned back into your human form and shrunk back to your normal size."

Greth looked confused for a moment before she looked down at her hands and yelped. "I'm normal?! But how? I've tried to morph into human form before, but those attempts always failed. Why is it working now?" she asked in a panic.

Darkshadow let out a yelp of surprise. She had just thought of something: Tarantulas was making another experiment. But not like any other. How was she to explain that to all of the Maximals?

Rattrap looked over at her. "What was dat all about?" he asked.

Dark shook her head. "I…uhh… dunno. Well I do, but it's not that important, at least I don't think so, anyways. Greth, what happened? Why did you suddenly become human again?"

Right as Darkshadow had commented on that, the next thing she knew was that she had fallen straight on her face. She was on all four of her canine-legs, but now her fur had disappeared, and she became short again. "What the heck? What's going on!?"

Both Dark and Greth tried to stand up, still not used to not having a tail. Dark fell to the ground. She was so use to being on four legs, or flapping big, powerful wings. Cheetor and Silverbolt were now in the same room.

"Greth? Dark? What happened to you two?" Cheetor asked, barley remembering what they looked like in their human forms. After all it had been some time since they were last seen as humans.

"We have no clue!" Greth growled. She missed her dragon form.

Optimus walked up to them and gave a sigh. "I bet anything Megatron has something to do with this."

Dark shook her head, saying that she disagreed with Primal. "No. Tarantulas does! If Megatron does then it's a small role, but I bet you anything Tarantulas is the master mind...Well behind this part."

Greth nodded as she said, "You're right. It would most likely be Tarantulas since he is the brains when it comes to machines." Then something came up in her mind as she remembered something that made her skin turn paler than usual.

"What's wrong?" Cheetor asked as he knelt before her.

"I just remembered something that Tarantulas did," she whispered in fear. This got everyone's attention, except Dark's as she was trying to stand up. "What is it?" Optimus asked.

"Let's just say that I now have a brother," Greth said. "A big,-" an explosion hit the ship and caused everyone to fall over. "And powerful Transformer brother. Yet he's dim-witted," she finished with a groan.

The screens locked onto a Transformer that stood outside with chain guns like Rhinox's. He was a foot taller than Rampage and had a build similar to him. His beast mode was that of a Transmetal dragon and he looked very dangerous. "Oh, no!" Greth said.

"What is it?" Cheetor asked. "Who is that?"

Greth would have sweat-dropped if she was in an anime cartoon. "It's my brother, Draconus," she whimpered. "I only saw him in stasis lock, so I don't know much about him, except that Tarantulas made him very protective of me."

"How powerful can he be?" Rattrap asked. Greth looked at him with a face that said, 'Do you really need to ask?' "He's as powerful as Rampage, and just as dangerous," she said.

"Release my sister, Maximal scum!" Draconus bellowed.

"Oh great. Just what we need. A family reunion!" Dark yelled, she then looked at Greth. "Uhh... No offense Greth."

"Heh, none taken." She looked up at Optimus. "So what do you thing we should do, big guy?"

"Maximals get out there, and attack everyone except Greth's brother. Go. MOVE!" All of the Maximals transformed to robotic form, and ran outside as fast as they could. Cheetor grabbed Greth, keeping her close to his side.

Dark's morphing abilities were back, but sort of disabled. For the past couple of morphing times, all of her creatures have had some, or almost no flesh on them. Just a skeleton. She morphed into one of her normal creatures, a bald eagle. Once again no feathers but flesh was hanging onto the bones, just barley. She looked like a dead eagle.

Of course she was ordered to stay inside the base. But was she going to listen? Heck no. Outside of the base, all the Predacons were there fighting. The Predacons agreed to not shoot either shape-shifter, but that didn't mean they couldn't shoot the Maximals.

As Dark went outside, she got the attention of Quickstrike and Rampage. She morphed into a lioness and called for the other lions and lioness'. About 12 lionesses and 2 large lions came and tackled the two Predacons. Dark was happy until the Predacons started shooting their weapons at the lions and lionesses, actually hurting them. 15 loud roars and snarls could be heard half a mile away. Dark was included into that, as well.

Greth hid behind Cheetor as he tried to protect her from her "brother", who tried to fight his way to her. Cheetor was starting to lose the fight without trying to harm him. Suddenly Draconus smacked Cheetor away like he was a fly and reached over to grab Greth. Frozen with fear, Greth stayed where she was and waited for the hulking brute to grab her. When Darkshadow roared out in pain, something within her snapped.

"DRACONUS!" she shouted at said bot. He froze in confusion. "WHAT THE SLAG DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!"

He thought for a moment as everyone turned to see the cause of the outburst. Finally he smiled as he said, "Trying to save you from the Maximal scum. Tarantulas told me to."

Greth's human face began to flush an angry red as she continued to yell, "WHY ARE YOU TAKING ORDERS FROM SOMEONE WHO CAUSED ME PAIN AND NEARLY MADE ME KILL MY FRIENDS?!" When he didn't give her an answer, she continued. "The point is, if you are my 'brother', then you would do anything to protect me?"

He thought for a moment again before nodding. "Good. Now, if you want to protect me, then start by helping my friends the Maximals and Darkshadow," Greth said.

Draconus looked confused for a moment before saying, "But Tarantulas said the Maximals hurt you and that I am supposed to bring you home."

"Does it look like they did anything to harm little me?" Greth asked as she gave the puppy look. Draconus looked her over before shaking his head. "No," he said. "They have treated you kindly?"

Greth nodded as fake tears came to her eyes. "But the Predacons and Tarantulas were the ones that hurt me," she whimpered. "Will you do something about it? Before the memories of the pain they caused me come back?" The look she was giving him was enough to convince him, since he turned with a roar and stomped over to the Predacons. Greth smiled evilly as she whispered, "The old guilt trick always works against bigger and older brothers, even if he is a robot."

Rampage, Quickstrike, Dark and the rest of the lion pack was about half a mile away. Dark looked, and saw that her fellow lions' were dying before her eyes. Not just dying, but basically be tortured. When she blinked she saw 2 more lioness' get shot in their backs.' 'This is horrible.' She thought to herself. 'What am I suppose to do? This was never supposed to happen. For innocent creatures to get harmed.'

She continued to fight. She tackled Rampage along with the stronger of the two male lions, and another lioness. "You will not harm anymore innocent creatures, Rampage!"

Rampage kicked all three of the felines off of him. The male lion smashed his head against, a huge boulder. The lioness, landed on her feet, but limped off. Dark looked over and saw that Quickstrike was poisoning the poor creatures with his venom. One lioness tried to run off, but Quickstrike chased after her. "Ahh, come back here!" Her shot his venom and she fell down, twitching. This was so horrible. Dark knew that they needed help. It would take to long for the Maximals to help, in fact this time the only help that she wanted to receive was from, the animals of this planet. Out of the 14 felines, not including her 3 female lions was still walking, in other words still alive. The three cats ran behind Dark. 'Oh this is just great."

Dark looked down at her paws, she was bleeding, and some of 'Strikes venom was in her, just a tad bit though. If she got anymore in here, she would die. Dark roared saying 'Get back. RUN AWAY!'

As the 3 lionesses ran off Rampage, and Quickstrike didn't bother to chase after them, but to finish Darkshadow off. Darkshadow knew that dogs had better hearing then cats. Her face morphed into wolves. She in fact saw a pack of wolves, probably 8 in the pack. But they were so far away. So far that she could barley see them, they looked like specks.

What was she suppose to do? She jumped up in the air, and turned into a bald eagle, and flew high in the air looking, for some sort of animal to help. She saw 2 more groups of lions, with 10 lions' each. She knew that she would have to get them before the 2 Preds spotted her. Rampage looked and saw what she was starring at. The three lionesses that were still alive from the last battle.

The two packs of lions saw the 2 Predacons and ran to them with rage. Roaring and tackling them, trying not end up like the last battle. Dead.

Greth looked up in the sky to see that Darkshadow was in trouble with Rampage and Quickstrike. 'Oh no!' she thought. A picture formed in her mind of what she wanted to become, but her form never changed. "What?" she asked herself. "Why can't I morph?"

Something suddenly grabbed her by the neck and held her against his body, a familiar creepy voice giggled in her ear as he said, "Remember that collar? Even though it may be off of you, the virus was released anyway."

"But you said that it would kill me!" Greth choked out from her lack of air.

"I lied," Tarantulas hissed. "Instead of killing you, it takes away your morphing capabilities until I can put you under my control again. The Tripredicus Council would just love to have you on their side."

Greth's eyes widened in confusion and fear. "Do I even need to ask?" she said.

"No, you just need to relax, and this won't hurt a bit," he said as he placed something over her face.

The lion's began to attack, the two Predacons were outnumbered, but then again they had power to actually hurt the creatures. The lions could hurt Quickstrike, and if they did succeed to hurt Rampage it would be like a pinch to him. Darkshadow was leading a few lionesses from behind the crab. Four lionesses jumped onto the robot crab. He fell to the ground and took out his gun. He shot one lioness right in her face. Blood spilled, everywhere. Dark knew that this would cost some of the lions their lives. In secret growls, they all understood that. Dark morphed into her eagle form, she grabbed Quickstrike, by his cobra head/tail two lionesses were on his legs, one on each leg.

Dark flew a little further, over by a watering hole. She let her fellow helper's jump down, then she tossed the fuzor into the water. She went back to her lioness form. She knew that it'd take the rest of the lions to take down Rampage. Out of the 24, about 11 were left, including Darkshadow. Dark gave an order, by roaring for everyone to attack. One of the younger, lionesses grabbed his gun with her teeth, and ran. Rampage didn't mind, after all he had a tank mode. He thought it would be a lot more amusing, if he'd be in beast mode. So he transformed, and grabbed, as many lions and lionesses in his claw.

Greth was limp in the arms of Tarantulas as he snuck away in the shadows. Cheetor was not too far behind as he slinked along on Transmetal cheetah legs. 'Not again Chuckles,' he thought before pouncing on the overgrown spider, causing Greth to roll away. Cheetor pounced again while he maximized to robot mode and grabbed Greth, running to find a safe place for her.

Draconus had already taken down Waspinator and Inferno and was well on his way to fight off Rampage. He saw the lionesses getting grabbed by the giant crab-bot in his beast mode. He had learned that Greth loved animals, especially cats, and would protect them fiercely. His body parts shifted around to become those of a large silver dragon and his speed picked up until he tackled the large crab, causing him to let go of the lions.

"Leave the cats alone!" he growled angrily. His chain-guns were mounted onto his shoulder-blades and twin dragon heads were on either side of his neck while his original dragon head was in the middle (think Scourge).

"Or what?" Rampage asked. The crab tossed all of the lionesses out of his claw, most of them landed a few feet away. They were tossed very high in the sky. As he turned around he saw a few cats fall on their side, understanding that they were dead. "Hmm. Weird as I recall cats land on their feet." Looking at Draconus he repeated his question. "Or what?"

"Or what? What do you mean or what? I will exterminate you." Darkshadow told the remaining lionesses to get away from Rampage, as one tried to run off, she was grabbed by the hind legs. Rampage was testing his luck he transformed into robotic form. I don't need weapons to kill creatures. After all I have killed so many, by my bare hands."

It pained Darkshadow to see another of her creatures die, so she stood up to the crab. "If you are going to take someone's life. Let it be mine. After all you have killed enough of these innocent lions and lionessess. With me. That's what I ask. Just to leave them alone.

Draconus looked at the feline who was talking who switched from into a black wolf. "No. wait a second." He turned towards her. "There's no way, that you are going to risk your life." "Yes there is. I don't wanna to see anymore blood shed tronight. I know I won't see my own." Rampage chuckled. "I wouldn't say that."

Her wolf form switched to a raptor with the wings. "Ohh. a reptile, with wings. I'm so afraid." He walked up to her snickering evily, and slapped her, she fell to the ground. How about I finish the dragon over here, than you?"

"NO!" Dark jumped on Rampage and tried to carry him, and fly at the same time. It seemed impossible, he weighed so much. After all she was so weak. She lost a lot of blood, she made it at the most twently feet, then morphed to an eagle form, and started to fly towards Draconus. "Where's Greth we need to find her? Where are the others?"

Before he could answer Rampage roared in anger. "ERRR-AAAGGHHHH! I WILL ENJOY TORTURING YOU. YOU SHAPE SHIFTER!" Dark looked at the lionessess they were far enough, in fact nothing near Draconus or Dark was living. It was dead bodies basdically laying all over the place. "I don't want to fight anymore."

Rampage grabbed one of his other guns and aimed it at Draconus who dodged it. The bullet hit Dark right in her right wing. Luckly for her, she wasn't that high in the air, the fall was very painful. But would have been more depending on the hight. She limped on the ground. Figuring some four-legged creature, she was now in her wolf form. "Draconus run for it. I will take care of him. If I die then so be it."

Out of no where the wolves that were barely visiable at one point had started to show up, with a few more packs. There must have been close to 20-25 wolves. All surronding Darkshadow. In wolf language she told them that she was dying, and she would not allow any of the canines die. What seemed to be the leader, a white wolf shook his head, and howled a low howl. saying 'no. We will take over from here.' then looked back at a few wolves. 'A few will stay by your side and protect you." As if the wolves knew, a dark brown and a gray wolf grabbed Dark, and tried to move her, to a safer side. It seemed that Draconus had some sort of idea what was going on. But he knew that Greth couldn't have Darkshadow die, or the canines.

Greth opened her eyes slowly as she felt something holding her, a headache coming on as her head began to become lightheaded. She looked up to see Cheetor above her, looking out of the cave he was hiding in to keep an eye on the battle going on outside. "Cheetor?" she asked softly.

Cheetor looked down and smiled. "Don't worry. No one's going to take you away again," he said.

"What's going on? Where's Dark?" Greth asked in concern as she tried to look out the entrance.

Cheetor frowned in sadness as he held her closer. "I'm afraid she's not doing so well. Right now there are a couple of wolves moving her away from Rampage as he fights the other wolves. She's lost a lot of blood and I don't think she'll make it if she doesn't get enough medical attention," he explained. Greth stared up at him in shock and horror as she looked towards the entrance of the cave. 'No,' she thought in fear. 'No, not again. I don't want to lose her!' She struggled wildly to get out of Cheetor's arms as he struggled to hold onto her. "What are you doing?" he asked in surprise. "You can't go out there! You'll die if you do and you can't even shape shift!"

"I don't care! I have to save my friend!" she said as she struggled harder. She managed to free herself and shot out of the cave, running towards the wolves guarding Darkshadow. "Greth!" Cheetor called, going after her.

Concerned for her friend's life, Greth ran faster than she ever did before and shot past the battling robots, zipping around them like a humming-bird in a frenzy. 'I'm coming, Dark,' she thought as she barely slowed down enough to avoid running into Quick-Strike's legs.