Unfortunately, none of the characters, locations, song lyrics etc belongs to me. I wish they did as I'd be rich by now, but there you go!

The footsteps get louder and louder as they approach.

Dianne: What are we going to do?

Shaun beckons for them all to stand behind him. He takes a few strides down the alleyway and stands ready to face whatever is about to attack them. They are just around the corner now. Shaun closes his eyes, pulls his fist back and then swings his arm out wildly, hoping to make contact with whatever is there.


Shaun opens his eyes, and is filled with relief when he sees not a zombie before him, but a slightly dazed looking Yvonne, with her gang following closely behind her.

Yvonne: What are you trying to do?

She rubs the side of her face where a bright red fist shaped mark has appeared.

Shaun: Sorry, I thought you were one of them.

Yvonne shrugs and waves at the others.

Yvonne: Hey Liz, hey guys.

Shaun's group wave and Yvonne's group respond with assorted mumbles and gestures. None of them ever expected to meet each other again in these circumstances.

Shaun: Where are you off to? Same place as last time?

Yvonne: Yeah, it saved us before so…

She makes an exaggerated 'cross fingers' sign to Shaun.

Yvonne: How about you? Thought you'd be at The Winchester.

Shaun: I thought after last time we needed to find somewhere safer, you know, more secure. Away from the zombies.

David: Oh yeah, sure you did. But before you made that ingenious decision you not only managed to get us barricaded in the pub surrounded by zombies, you also got yourself knocked out by one, didn't you?

David smiles triumphantly.

David: Forgot to mention that bit, didn't you?

Yvonne: Anyway… where are you going then? Your place? Liz's?

Shaun: Erm… yeah, Liz's place. We're going to Liz's place.

Liz: We are?

Shaun: Yeah. That was my plan from the beginning.

Liz raises her eyebrows at Shaun. David scoffs at him.

David: Oh was it? Then why have we been running in circles for the last 10 minutes?

Shaun: Well at least I've been trying to figure something out. If we'd left it to you to come up with something we'd still all be stuck under a table in The Winchester eating mini cheddars!

David: If it had been up to me we wouldn't have been in The Winchester in the first place!

Shaun: You didn't have to come! You just follow Liz around everywhere like a lost puppy.

Liz: Please don't start that again!

Phill listens to the impending argument, shaking his head and laughing. He turns to Barbara.

Phil: (aside to Barbara). Are you starting to think you've heard this all before?

Barbara just sighs and smiles at Dianne, who is staring at the quarrelling men, trying to make a list in her head of all the reasons why she is still with David. She hasn't got very far…

David: I've had about as much as I can take of you!

Shaun: What are you going to do? Bore me death? Or maybe you should just get lost!

David: Oh that's mature!

Yvonne: Listen, guys, I think we're just going to leave you to it…You obviously have some problems you need to sort out.

Shaun: He's the one with problems, not me!

David: Grow up!

Dianne: Both of you grow up!

Shaun and David are shocked by Dianne's outburst. Shaun goes red and looks at his feet, embarrassed, as if he has only just realised how immature the argument is.

Dianne: You need to stop this childish arguing and realise that right now getting somewhere safe is more important than whether Shaun had a plan or if Daffs fancies Liz!

David: But I don't…

Dianne: I don't care!

Dianne starts to walk off down the alleyway.

David: Dianne…

Dianne: Are we going to Liz's or what?