Unfortunately, none of the characters, locations, song lyrics etc (or deal or no deal!) belongs to me. I wish they did as I'd be rich by now, but there you go!

Dianne leads the way to Liz's, pausing every now and again to make sure the others are still behind her and have not A) been eaten by zombies or B) stopped to argue incessantly. They reach the flat relatively unharmed, other than a dent to David's head from a stone, which flew at him from Shaun's direction.

Liz: Coffee anyone?

Ed: Got anything stronger?

Liz: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Ed: Put it this way, would you rather face zombies sober or so drunk that you don't have a clue what you're doing?

Shaun: He's got a point.

David: Always agree with your boyfriend don't you Shaun?

Dianne: Not here!

David: Sorry!

Silence descends on the group as they sit in Liz's lounge sipping at coffee, or in Ed's case, beer. After watching the minute hand move round the clock for at least the 26th time, Shaun decides to break the silence with something profound.

Shaun: Do you want to put the telly on?

The entire group nod or murmur their agreement, except for Ed who in the short space of time has fallen asleep and is now snoring loudly. Shaun grasps for the remote and flicks on the telly. It's Deal or no Deal.

(Presenter on the T.V): So Daisy, £25,000. Deal or no Deal?

David: No deal! No deal!

Everyone turns to David, bemused looks on their faces.

David: What?

Shaun: Anyway…

Liz: Wait a minute, the telly's on.

Shaun: Yes, because…we turned it on.

Liz: Oh yes, well done Einstein! What I meant was that last time we were in this situation noting came on, remember? It was just blank screens and technical problem announcements.

Shaun looked at Liz blankly. He didn't get the point.

Liz: If the zombies are back then why is the television still on? Surely all the channels should have gone down like last time? Try the news channel.

Shaun flicks to another channel, where a news reporter is summing up the day's events.

News reporter: So, a quick recap of today's news; Man finds crisp in shape of Gordon Ramsay, Andy Millman makes a surprise triumph at Golden Globes, and in sport, Leicester City beats Chelsea 3-0.

Liz: That's strange.

Shaun: Tell me about it! 3-0?

Barbara: No pickle, I think Liz meant that there was no mention of the zombies.

David: Surely zombies are bigger news than a crisp?

Liz: Hang on a minute.

Liz picks up her phone and dials the number for her parents.

Liz: Oh, hi Mum. I was just wondering how you were…oh good, and Dad?…really…so, nothing odd happening then?… I mean like, oh it doesn't matter…speak to you soon. Bye.

Dianne: Well?

Liz: My Mum didn't mention anything about it either. It's as if this time this is the only place that's been affected. Something really weird is going on.