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Summary: Roxas should be banned from eating popsicles. It does weird things to Axel's mind.

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He stared at the creature in front of him. Fixed bright emerald-green eyes could do nothing more but followed the movement of the creature's hand and mouth. He couldn't even blink; he was so entranced by the creature.

His mouth hung slightly opened, his tongue licking his lips. His muscles were tense, poised ready to spring into action. A drop of sweat ran down his forehead. He could feel a tingling sensation down near his gut, somewhere between his legs. He closed them shut and swallowed thick, opening his mouth again and licking his lips. It was warm outside, but it was normal, after all it was the middle of Summer. Even though it wasn't that hot, he felt like his temperature was rising with each passing moment.

Nimble fingers were wrapped around a thin, flat wooden surface. A pink tongue came out and cautiously touched the tip of it before licking its surface all over. He moved his tongue in a circular motion around it and then he put the whole thing on his mouth. He took the thing out and sucked on it, slowly…damping his lips with a bright red juice. Big bright cerulean blue eyes blinked as he licked his lips.

His hands twitched with anxiety. He felt a drop of cold liquid fall onto his bare arm.

"Hey, yo, Axel!" I blinked and turned to look at the spiky blond-haired teen that was so skillfully working that popsicle.

"What?" I asked. He gave me a funny look.

"Your popsicle is melting," he cracked a small smile and shook his head.

I looked down at my hand and lo and behold! It was melting, and there were a few orange drops on my arm. I cursed, threw the popsicle away, it was almost done anyway, and cleaned my arm with a napkin. I heard soft laughter and looked up. He was laughing. He went back to eating his popsicle and I couldn't handle it anymore.

"H-hey!" he protested as I grabbed the stick from his hand and threw the remaining of his strawberry popsicle away. He was going to protest again when I quickly closed the gap between us by leaning forward and pushed my lips onto his. His lips tasted of strawberry. Sweet and acid at the same time.

I heard a soft gasp but I could not see his reaction, I had my eyes closed. I opened his mouth wider using my tongue and started to explore his mouth. And after a minute or so of making out, we parted for air.

I shot him a glare, "You're banned from eating popsicles ever again."

He gave me a confused innocent look, blue eyes somewhat wide, "Why?"

"Because popsicles were meant to be eaten not to be sexually harassed," I replied with a smirk and crossed my arms.

A blush spread across his cheeks, he coughed and rubbed the back of his neck, "…Well it got your attention didn't it?" he turned and gave me a smug look. T-that…bastard! He did it on purpose!

"Y-y-you…" I sputtered.

He leaned forward, kissed me quietly and sprinted out of the store.


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