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One for sorrow,

Sasuke saw the bodies of his parents, their souls long gone. In that one moment Sasuke felt a pang of something dark, something twisting in this gut. And hate was born.

Two for joy,

It was his birthday. Normally he didn't celebrate, but this year he made an exception.

Three for the girl, and

He saw her pink hair whipping in the wind, and remembering thinking that pink was such an unusual color.

Four for the boy,

Sasuke and Naruto were friends. Friends. Strange, but Sasuke doesn't ever remember having any friends.

Five for silver,

Sasuke trained with Kakashi. They didn't need to speak, they understood.

Six for gold,

Orochimaru's eyes were a strange color. Sasuke remembers the cruelty in them but also power. Power that Sasuke wanted.

Seven for the secret, never been told,

Sasuke looked back at his former-comrades. 'Gomen. Gomen nasai.' Two bodies hit the ground, their throats neatly slit. But Sasuke can't tell if he's crying, for the pounding of the rain washes his tears away.