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Chapter 27: Epilogue

December 3rd, 2007

White House, Washington DC USA

Two days had passed since the Sith fleet had been destroyed. Newspapers around the world were running articles about the alien menace threatening the Earth. It had taken close to a full day before the all the fires had been brought under control in London. Other cities in western Europe had suffered damage as well but nothing as extensive. In France, there was a large crater in the countryside outside of Paris where the crippled Sith dreadnaught had crashed. The shockwave from the explosion had shattered windows for miles around and showered the area with small fragments of metal and debris.

The damage to Revan's fleet was immense. It would be weeks before some of the ships were fully operational again. Normally, he would have used them for scrap but until reinforcements arrived, he couldn't afford to let any ship go to waste. The planet would be of use in the long run but until there was time to advance their technology, they had little to offer their would-be protectors.

Now two days had passed and Revan and James were sitting in the Mural Room of the White House speaking with the President, General Martin and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Though Revan would not have been so forward typically in a situation like this, time was no longer a luxury any of them could afford.

After the President had introduced the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Revan motioned to James and said "Mr. President, this if my father James Potter."

James, a little shaky, shook the President's hand. "It's an honor sir." James said, his confident voice belying the shakiness of his hand.

"You're British?" The president half asked half stated, somewhat surprised. Revan had no accent and then he felt like an idiot. Of course he didn't he wasn't raised on the Earth.

James smiled and answered in the affirmative. They spoke for a few moments about family and children. The President share his sympathy with James for losing Revan all those years ago.

"Why have you included your father in these discussions Lord Revan? I am not aware of any status he holds with the British government."

James answered for Revan. He was not sure how things were done in the US but he knew in the UK that Prime Minister was made aware of the wizarding world. "I believe I can answer that question. Hopefully you do things the same way over here that we do at home. I'm a wizard."

The military men in the room scoffed at James' confession but the President merely showed a moment of surprise. "Really, are you involved in the fight against Voldemort?"

The generals all turned their wide eyes to the President now. Not only was he believing this man's claims but asking questions. Slowly they came to the realization that James' claims must be true. "Actually, Revan and I killed Voldemort two days ago, the same day that the Sith attacked. The rest of his Death Eaters are either dead or in prison." James replied.

Revan groaned mentally when he realized what James had just given away.

"Ahh, so that is why Lord Revan was not on hand for the tour of his vessel. However, you still have not answered my question."

Revan replied this time "When we come to an agreement, James will be my representative here on Earth." That seemed to be the signal to start getting down to business. Everyone sat down and the talks began.

General Martin asked a question then "Lord Revan were the ships from the Sith empire you spoke of previously or someone else?"

Honesty was the best approach at the moment now that the Sith had attacked. "Yes they were, we intercepted a message a few weeks back and suspected that it was a request for reinforcements. However, we never detected their hyper drive trails so we did not think they had any ships so close to Earth."

"You never thought to tell us that a fleet of alien ships might be on its way?!" One of the Joint Chiefs blurted angrily, echoing the thoughts of the others.

Revan stared at the man coldly. "What would you have done General? Yes you had some success against their fighters but what would have done against their capital ships? You have no space based weapons capability."

The General stayed silent, Revan's analysis was correct. Even had they known there would have been nothing they could do to fight them.

President Bush asked "Is there another fleet on its way?"

"It's possible, but we intercepted no signals coming from the Earth so if a signal was sent it came from the fleet itself. Regardless, they will probably come to investigate the loss of contact."

"And your own forces, how did you fare in the battle?"

"We took significant losses but reinforcements are already on their way. Given the amount of time it took for the Sith to arrive there should be no problems." Revan said confidently.

Bush decided to cut to the chase. "What is your continued protection going to cost us?"

James looked a little nervous while Revan was giving the President a measuring stare. "Nothing is for free, but I don't think you will find the cost to be prohibitive." Revan replied ambiguously.

The answer didn't really give them any information or relieve any of their concerns so the President pressed for more information. "If we are to have any meaningful negotiations, I'm afraid you'll have to be a bit more specific."

If they wanted him to lay the cards on the table, he was more than happy to do so. The battle with the Sith should have opened their eyes to the danger they were in. "Earth will become a protectorate. You will maintain your own government and James will be my representative. Those nations that agree will receive technological assistance from us that will put them on a path to catch up with the other planets under my protection."

"So, you're willing to protect us, give us technology and leave us to govern ourselves. You want something, what is it?" Bush asked bluntly.

"You will have some restrictions on you. The technology given will be strictly controlled. Any nation that does not agree will be prohibited from receiving it in anyway and should any nation attempt to take advantage of another nation militarily with something I have made available to you, they will be punished severely." Revan paused to allow that information to sink in. When no further questions were raised, Revan continued "There are two conditions to my aid. One, you will abolish this ridiculous separation you have between the magical and non-magical worlds. Both your societies can learn and benefit from the other. Second, I will establish a training facility for those able to use the force."

"The wizards…" President Bush mused "that's what you're after. They are the resource that the Earth would be destroyed for. They are the same as these Jedi you told us about."

Revan was a little taken aback that the President had made the connection so quickly. "Yes, it is the wizards and witches that would be trained but you are wrong when you compare them to the Jedi. Because of their wands, they are closer to the Sith in that they only tap into the dark side of the force. With training they will not need a wand and will not be opening themselves up to such a risk."

"You realize that we can't speak for the other nations?"

"Of course, but where the US goes, many will follow. Those that don't will be cut off from the advantages offered by acceptance of my offer." Revan said reasonably.

"This training facility you talk about, would it be voluntary?"

James answered for Revan "Yes it would."

"What would your role in this be?" The President asked James.

"He would be my representative on Earth, ensuring that all the nations under my protection are following the rules laid down here. He would also be your conduit to me since there will be times when I am not available or in the system."

The talks proceeded for another few hours before they broke for the day. While Revan could tell they were very interested in his proposition, it would take some time to hammer out the details. The Earth would serve as a test bed for what he planned to do with the other planets that had been conquered during the war with the Republic.

Yes, the US would agree to his proposal. In the end, they really had no choice.

Six Months Post Battle

June 2008

The world was still in an uproar following the attack. Riots and chaos spread in every nation when news spread of the existence of alien life and the attack on the Earth. There were cries for action, a need for vengeance to repay the blood that had been spilt. It all played into Revan's hand. The people of the world were calling out for things that only he could grant them stability, safety, and most importantly vengeance.

After the first week of meetings, Revan was presented to the world on the front lawn of the White House. The sight of someone who was clearly human in charge of the forces that had defended the planet did much too calm things down. By mutual agreement, Revan revealed that he had been born on Earth but raised elsewhere in the galaxy. The public became fascinated with his story, wanting to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his departure and the life he had growing up. As with the Americans, he told a very edited version of his history.

Revan was very amused by the attention from the public. They might as well just hand the planet over to him. There was a groundswell of sympathy for him, he had been named Earth's lost son. He was made out to be a hero, valiantly risking his life to save the world he never knew, that he had been stolen from all those years ago.

Still, he was not universally loved or accepted. There were a surprising number of conspiracy theories that had sprung up around him. Some were even plausible though his favorite was that the fight had been staged and filmed in a secret movie studio. What he couldn't figure out though was how the supporters of this particular theory could explain the damage that came from the battle.

Yet, despite everything negotiations moved forward. It had taken months, but the US and Revan eventually came to an accord that was acceptable to both parties. In general, it greatly resembled the proposal Revan put forward on the first meeting after the Sith attack but now the specifics had been worked out. It spelled out the technology that would be provided, how it could and could not be used, the nature of Revan's protection, the exposure of the magical world and more.

Like the President predicted, not every nation followed the US' example. Most of the Europe along with Japan and Russia quickly followed suit. The less developed nations were far more distrusting of so generous an offer. They had been exploited by the western nations for so long that now they were reluctant to give over even a little of their independence.

So, the US and other nations moved forward adapting their society to the future. New technologies for transportation, farming, medicine, etc… were slowly being integrated. The militaries were being trained accordingly because any battle now would be waged with weapons vastly more powerful than what they were used to. The other nations were left behind to sit and think about their future in the changing landscape of the planet.

1 Year Post Battle

Earth, December 2008

Gradually, the other nations of the Earth were agreeing to Revan's conditions. The distrust was still there, but the damage to their economy when the US and other nations stopped trading with them was hurting them more.

The changes on the Earth were being mirrored in Space. Revan's forces were significantly reinforced by Malak's fleets and the ships from the Star Forge had withstood another smaller attack by the Sith. This time, the gravity well generators had forced the Sith to drop out of hyperspace at the edge of the system. The defenses in the asteroid belt sufficiently weakened them enough that Revan's forces were able to eradicate the remaining enemy with minimal losses.

The training academy had been established and the first recruits were beginning their training. It would take time, but in the not so distant future, Revan would have an army without peer bolstering his forces.

He continued to see his family, Lily had come around eventually. Now, she worked with James helping to oversee the slow but steady integration of the magical world into the rest of society. Having lived in both worlds she was able to relate with both sides and worked build bridges between the two and resolve conflicts that inevitably arose. Though her relationship with Revan would never quite be mother and son, they had settled into something like a friendship.

James was much closer to Revan. The battles they had fought together helped to bring them closer together. In his role, James was able to help Revan from slipping back into old habits. At the same time, he recognized the need for seemingly harsh tactics when the situation called for it. While not a common occurrence, it wasn't unheard of for James to travel with Revan to other planets. Through his son, he had seen many wonders in the galaxy and also the ruins that were left behind in the wake of two wars. He swore that he would not let that happen to Earth either by Revan's hands or someone else's.

In the Republic, Bastila spent her time at the Jedi Temple. She missed Revan and at times regretted her decision to leave but knew that despite any misgivings she may have, it was still the correct decision to make. Yet, she felt some sense of duty to Revan. So when she heard of the diplomatic envoy that arrived at Coruscant, she urged the Jedi Council to support the proposal. It would end the war, the conquered worlds would remain under Revan's control, but she was confident that they would be well taken of. Ultimately, the Jedi Council refused to support the proposal but the Republic, weary of war accepted and Revan got his peace. Bastila though had lost the trust of many on the council who viewed her actions with Revan and her support of the proposal as a betrayal of their basic teachings.

As for Revan and Malak, they continued to move forward. Malak, once again faced with the menace of the Sith Empire, decided to resume his place by Revan's side. It would take a long time for any trust to form between the two men but there was a sense of completeness that struck both of them from time to time as they fell back into old roles and habits.

A year had passed, Revan stood on the bridge of his flagship looking down on the planet Earth from high orbit. Ships and defensive positions spread before him floating in space. The pieces were in place. The conquered planets would slowly heal and provide their strength to his war machine. Earth was falling into line and the first students were learning the ways of the force, the light and dark sides. He felt his purpose burning in him. The Sith Empire would fall as would anyone who stood in his way. As with everything, it was simply a matter of time.