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Now, back to what this originally was...

The Null Chapter.

So, why the heck is this 'chapter' here at all?

1. To thank all the lovely people who've reviewed.

2. To let you know that there will be a sequel.

3. Just some fun random research/author trivia I picked up along the way that fellow writers might enjoy, if they don't know them already.

In other words, the following is just random stuff.


Tons of thank you's to everyone who reviewed! Thanks for the words of praise and general warm fluffiness: that definitely kept me going when I was feeling kinda down and wanted to stop. Thanks for the words of complaint and critique: a few major points were brought up that I was able to change, along with some major research on a couple of items that wouldn't have happened without your input. The story definitely improved as a result. So, again, thank you for taking the time to let me know what you thought about the fic! I was hoping to thank you all by name, but there were so many of you! If I take the time to write ya'll down, I won't have the time to post this, heh.

Seriously, thank you so, so much. It is solely because of you that this went from a small oneshot to…what, the oneshot that ate Chicago? Oncshot-zilla? Whatever it morphed into, I blame ya'll, heh. Thanks.


The sequel has been started, but does not have more than a few chapters at the moment. The title is: This is Gonna be a Pain in the Ass, and it's up at adultfanfiction dot net.

I should probably mention that for me, the laughs, the dialogue, and the relationships between the characters are what I've been concentrating on the most. Kinda of a way for me to get through writer's block in other non-fanfic stories, ya know? So, I'm having fun with it and not taking it too seriously, which means the plot is likely to be random and silly and often really weird, heh. Another time we'll try to actually have plot that's, well, actually 'plott-ish,' but it's not likely to happen to the sequel any more than it happened here! Sorry for those that this disappoints!

Anyways, thoughts bopping around in my head that need to be explored in the upcoming sequel:

1. Kagome's time and the marriage are a cornucopia of potential bizarre comedy. Her mom, her granpa, her brother, her friends, Hojo, etc… Lots of fun.

2. Kagome has not yet found out that they're mates. Married, yes. Mates? Nope. Still have to do that, yessirreee-bob.

3. Sesshoumaru

4. Naraku

5. Sango hasn't been kidnapped, by anyone. She's feeling kinda left out. Can't have that!

6. Two words: Ramen Lemon

7. And of course, resolution of the two couple's relationships. Can everyone grow enough to overcome whatever personal issues they have that are causing problems in their love lives? (oh c'mon, you know the answer is yes! Like I could write something sad? Pshaw. But…it's the getting to the 'yes' that's the fun part, eh?)


Random bits of information and notes, just for fun. Any research information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but then again, I'm no expert!


While it obviously depends on the kanji, these are the meanings I had in mind

Kichiro- Lucky Son

Emi (Kichiro's late wife)- Blessed with beauty

Hisao (immortal lord dude)– Long-lived man

Renjiro (pervert ninja guy)– Virtuous – hey, I live for irony.

ALL LEMONS: I have discovered, to my surprise, that I cannot write a lemon without theme music. And not just any theme music, it has to be the same damn song played over and over again until I'm done writing and my ears start to bleed. I'm sure my family is appreciative of the invention of headphones. So, what songs ended up as the theme songs for the two couples in this story, this time around?

Sexyback by Justin Timberlake – you just know that goes with Miroku.

Every time we touch by Cascada – it's kinda boppy and silly and cheesy and sweet, which worked for me this time, I guess, when thinking of Inuyasha

Ch. 9 & 10

('The Best Laid Plans of Foxes and Men' and 'I am So Screwed')

Monkshood and Wolf's Bane: yup, it really is called by both names, and it really is a purple (or white) flower, and deadly as all get out. I know it can be found in China, and I don't believe it is found in Japan, but I wouldn't swear to that. Now as to whether wolf youkai are actually allergic to it…you'll have to ask one next time you meet him, yes?

Ch. 11

('It's all your Fault, you Know')

Auspicious days for marriage: In modern Japan, days that are determined to be the most auspicious for that year are extremely popular for weddings. So much so that it can be extremely difficult to have the wedding on that day without major advance planning. I doubt if this was the case in Feudal Japan, but I used it anyway.

Monks and Marriages: Currently, unlike the Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese traditions, Buddhist monks in the Japanese tradition can marry. (info. From forum archives)

Ch. 12

('The Mental Meanderings of a Married Man')

Soapberry pulp: the soapberry pulp Inuyasha grabs from Miroku's things is from something called Chinese Soapberry. Two sources listed the Japanese name for this plant as Mukuroji, although neither source was 100 sure of the name. It is found in Japan as well as Mainland China.

Ch. 15

('I Need to Get Angry More Often')

Divorce in Feudal Japan: Yes, there was divorce in Feudal Japan (Bet you thought I was just making it up, eh?). How easy it was to get and whether or not the woman could initiate it changed depending on the time period and class. A peasant women could initiate divorce during some periods of Feudal Japan, so I'm just using that for the story, although I believe it's actually more relevant for a century or so earlier than the Warring States Era.

Ch. 20

('The Cat's Revenge')

Inu no Taishou: I found it interesting that Inuyasha's father has never been named, either in manga or anime. He's always referred to as either 'Inuyasha's father' or as 'Inu no Taishou,' which means "Dog Leader" or "Leader of Dog's." Makes it a lot tougher to write about him, eh?

Ch. 22

('Strength Alone')

Miroku's fascination with Sango's neck: after I wrote the scene, I found out that the nape of the neck actually is currently considered really sexy in Japan, and was still thought of that way during periods of the Feudal era. Who knew?

Ch. 25

('Sacrificial What?')

Shinobi shozoko – traditional ninja duds. Since they were just on a night mission to kidnap the boys, I put them in the 'night mission' black. Not making that up. All cliché aside, that was actually done! White was for missions in the snow, a kind of greenish camouflage was also common for missions that required that type of coloring. As well as dressing up as anything from a peasant to a monk, if the occasion called for it. And yeah, ninjas really were known to use darts as well, coated with various substances.

Why are Inuyasha and Miroku stripped to their fundoshi's? – If I could get away with it, they'd be naked every chapter, ha. Seriously, though, the fundoshi has a long history in Japan, and is often used as clothing during certain, traditional ceremonies. So, I figure I could get away with it and still have a 'reason' for them to be stripped down, too!

Ch. 26

('Now We're in Trouble')

The goop in their mouths – no, not real, just made that up. But, there are many herbal medicines that can be absorbed quickly through the mucus membranes, including a few sedatives and pain killers. And I can personally attest to the fact that a couple of these sedatives/pain killers really do taste absolutely disgusting and bitter.

The eggs – ninjas are known to have kept pepper and other irritants in fragile containers such as hollowed out eggshells, so they would break apart on impact. Usually they would be used when in a fight where there was a need to either run away or to put some combatants out of commission until you dealt with the others. They could also sometimes have metal filings mixed in that could permanently blind an opponent, but I like Inuyasha and Miroku too much to do that to them!

(from entertheninja dot com)

The ninja's chains used on Inuyasha – a ninja weapon called the Manriki Gusari was a chain that had a heavy weight on both ends. While sometimes used to entangle an opponents arms, legs, or weapons, it could also be swung around and used as a whip, the ends causing a pretty fair amount of damage. It likely wouldn't have been spun in circles, but we're taking a little author leeway, heh.

Ch. 28

('Revenge is a Dish Best Served Naked')

Miroku was gagged, how the heck can he undo the ties on his wrists with his teeth? – With great difficulty. Seriously, though, as long as the gag is something slim, like an obi, it's possible. Trust me, I tried it out! It's a pain in the butt, but possible.

Ch. 30

(It's Not Funny, Dammit)

Inuyasha calling Miroku, Lady Miroko – just using the fact that –ko is a very common female name ending for Japanese names. I don't know of any meanings other than that, so if anyone else does, please let me know!


Okay, shhhhh…I'm as big a liar as Miroku is sometimes. Kinda like the hidden stuff in the games, there's one last thing at the bottom here. So, for all you dedicated people who actually read all the way down, here's a short scene from somewhere in the sequel as a little thank you.;-)

This is Gonna Be a Pain in the Ass: scene preview

…As soon as they sat down, both Kagome and Sango were surprised to receive a hug and a heartfelt 'thank you' from their friend's husband. Unaware of their counterpart's actions, the two men stood up from their brief, platonic embrace to notice each other. They both frowned and stepped closer.

"What did you just do to my wife?"

Shippou smirked. "Is there an echo in here?"

"I was just thanking her for…" Both mouths closed in mid-sentence as they stared at each other. Miroku's eyebrow asked a question. Inuyasha's broad grin answered it, and they both began to beam at each other like little boys with a juicy secret.

Kagome and Sango exchanged a long, irritated glance. "They're doing it again, aren't they." Sango said, annoyed.

"Yeah." The women watched them, growing steadily more annoyed as Miroku and Inuyasha continued to stand and radiate smugness.

"I think we're going to have to do something about this." Sango said after a while.

"Oh yeah."

"Would you care to go first?"

"Oh no, Sango, please, be my guest."

"I couldn't possibly."

"Together, then." Nodding as they both stood up, they approached their respective husbands and stood directly behind them.



Miroku and Inuyasha's heads snapped forward, only to stop abruptly as they smacked into each other's foreheads.


Two pained, surprised males turned around, holding hands to their abused heads, to see their wives behind them looking satisfied.

"What'd ya do that for?" "What in the world was the purpose of that?"

"Guess." Came the response, as the two girls turned together and left the room.

Looking back at each other, still rubbing their heads, Miroku and Inuyasha couldn't help but start to grin again….