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"Here, Tsuzuki-san! Sorry it took so long!" Wakaba came panting into the infirmary. The doorway was now clear as Tatsumi had come and strictly made everyone get back to work. To which Tsuzuki was extremely grateful.

"Sankyuu, Wakaba-chan!" Tsuzuki thankfully took the diapers Wakaba had bought. Adult sized diapers, but in a small size. Ah, the problems one has to encounter when changing a teenager's diaper… they were lucky that small, adult sized diapers even existed (A/N : well, whether it really exists or not, it does in this fic:P).

Hisoka was still on the bed, looking at Tsuzuki playfully, wondering what was in the plastic bag that his partner carried in his hand. Giving in to the extreme curiosity of a typical baby, he tried to take the plastic bag from Tsuzuki, who of course, didn't let him. Adults. Never giving us what we want… (A/N : I'm lying about that… I'm so thankful for what I have. You all should be too!)

Hisoka pouted at his failed attempt at getting the plastic bag. In fact, he didn't just pout. He started sulking. And sulking sometimes leads to… well,…

"Ah! Hisoka!" Tsuzuki started to panic "Why are you crying? Ah, I see… you want this bag, don't you?"

Tsuzuki proceeded to take the diapers out of the bag and gave the bag to Hisoka to play with. This seemed to calm Hisoka a little. Ah, parenthood… such an interesting time of life. (A/N : not that I would know… :P)

Ahh… at least that calmed him down. Wait a minute…was he after the bag or its contents? … oh, who cares…-sweatdrop-

"Tsuzuki-san," Wakaba's voice broke his thoughts "I think that we should probably bathe him or something before we change him… (Wakaba's blushing)

A-and… I think that you should be the one to do it well, because uh… you're his partner!" Yeah! That's right… phew…nice save…

"H-huh?! Why me?! You're the girl! You should do it!" Tsuzuki blushed until his face resembled a beetroot. (A/N : I gave in to my sister's request to put in that sentence :P)

"Because! Hisoka would probably want you to do it!"


"Uh… well… just because! Oh, look at the time! I've gotta go, Tsuzuki-san! Good luck! Have fun!" And with that she ran from the infirmary as fast as her legs could carry her.

"Huh?! Wait, Wakaba!" Tsuzuki yelled after her. Good luck? Have fun?! What the-?!


Tsuzuki turned around and watched Hisoka play with the bag for a while before deciding that the stench was really making him dizzy. Oh, all right… I have no choice… please don't hate me (or kill me) for this, Hisoka…

He slowly pried the bag away from Hisoka's tight, playful grasp, making the teen pout again. "Just wait a while, Hisoka. I just have to uh… ahem… bathe you first. Then I'll change your diaper…so uh…right. Come on, Hisoka!" Tsuzuki stammered, making Hisoka giggle a bit.

Tsuzuki took the opportunity to carry Hisoka into the bathroom.

YnM (No nakey Hisoka, guys… aww… let's all pout:P sorry, I was kinda lazy to write it out, so lets use our imaginations, shall we:D)

Tsuzuki placed Hisoka back on the bed after having bathed and changed him. The elder man allowed him to play with the bag once more. He then grabbed a nearby chair and slumped into it, exhausted and filled with disbelief at the fact of what he had seen and done in the bathroom.

"Oh wow… Great God…he's so… soft… and smooth…and gorgeous… he looks a gazillion times better than any naked model…"

"Tsuzuki, you're having a nosebleed… A pretty bad one."

"Watari! What are you doing here?!" Tsuzuki spluttered while taking a tissue Watari was handing him.

Watari chuckled "Just here to check on Bon. And by the looks of it, he seems just fine." He started to play with Hisoka who happily played with him. "I heard that you knocked him up? Now, listen here, Tsuzuki, don't you think you're taking advantage of Bon like this? I mean, he's only-"

"Wait a minute!" Tsuzuki interjected "I wasn't doing anything like that! I just cleaned him up a bit! That's ALL! I didn't do anything I wasn't supposed to!"

"Okay, okay… Calm down!" Watari laughed.

"Well… except…" Tsuzuki mumbled; his face reddening quickly.

"Except what?"

"Uh… well, I did sorta… imagine some… stuff." Tsuzuki guiltily admitted.

"Like what…?" Watari tried to pry more information from the already stressed out shinigami.

Tsuzuki's face twisted in certain places, which made Hisoka laugh uncontrollably. "Um.. well… like.. Hisoka being a .. naked-runway-model-who-loves-to-give-me-lapdances-and-oh-so-much-more ….. sorta thing…."

Watari's eyes could easily have fallen out of its sockets by the way they were sticking out of his face. He took a few moments to blink, then turned his attention to Hisoka, who looked back at him with eyes full of confusion. Well, Watari thought to himself I can see why and how he could imagine such things… I mean, who wouldn't…? His vision of the teen started to mimic Tsuzuki's and he quickly shook the idea from his head. Tsuzuki would kill me if he found out that I had such an image of his beloved in my head…


Both men turned to look at the source of the voice. What greeted them was a smiling Hisoka.

"Well," Watari started, smiling a little "Looks like he learned a new word…"

"And to think he used to know like a million other words than 'Tari' and 'Tsu'," Tsuzuki added, feeling a lump form at the back of his throat. He was seriously starting to miss his old partner. In fact, he began to wonder if the Hisoka he fell in love with was ever going to return.

Watari turned to look at his friend, smile fading almost instantly when he saw the sad expression that greeted him. He knew that Tsuzuki wasn't exactly excited about Hisoka's new word.

'Tari! Tari!" Hisoka giggled happily, tearing the paper bag into shreds and tossing the pieces into the air. Watari had to start playing with Hisoka to keep him from getting bored sooner or later.

What are we doing? We have to stop these fun and games. Who knows how serious Hisoka's AGW really is. I want… Tsuzuki turned to look at his partner who was still playing with Watari. Although he's fun and cute now, he may actually remain like this forever…and I want… I want my Hisoka back.

He walked over to Hisoka's bed and sat next to him before slowly and gently bringing the boy into his arms. Hisoka was slightly in shock, but quickly recovered and hugged Tsuzuki back happily. Watari watched the sweet scene contently before realizing what must have been going through Tsuzuki's head.

Poor Tsuzuki… I've gotta do something. "Hey, Tsuzuki," he began "I'm uh… gonna go now, okay? Gotta take care of some stuff."

Tsuzuki nodded to show that he understood. Watari made his way to the door and paused before exiting completely. "Tsuzuki," he said, trying for the man's attention once more. Tsuzuki lifted his head slightly from Hisoka's shoulder to look at the scientist. "Tsuzuki," Watari continued "We'll get him back. Hisoka will come back to us. I'll do everything in my power to do that, so have faith in him, okay?"

The black haired shinigami turned to the empath in his arms. Hisoka was falling asleep. He looked so serene and comfortable that a smile instinctively made its way to Tsuzuki's face. "Yeah," Tsuzuki agreed "Of course. He has every last bit of faith I have. He's always had."

Watari nodded and left the two in the infirmary. Tsuzuki proceeded to adjust Hisoka's position so that he would lie down and sleep comfortably on his bed. Once he had done so, he pulled the blankets over his slim frame before sitting on the bed again. He then leaned forward to brush Hisoka's blond bangs out of his eyes.

The older man smiled at the memories of his partner when he wasn't so… babyish. Even though the current Hisoka was less loud in the sense that he didn't accuse Tsuzuki of being a lazy baka at the top of his lungs, he did miss the old Hisoka. The Hisoka who was, well… toilet-trained.

"Just hold on, Hisoka," Tsuzuki mumbled; his smile still on his face "You'll be your troublesome self again soon. I promise…"

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