-1Summery: An anime convention in the middle of Tornado alley, with the REAL anime characters, gets bulldozed by an F-6 Tornado. Naruto disappears and reappears as a girl with NO memories of her life before the twister. Now the survivors are riding in a trailer of a Big Rig while a Female Naruto reminds the Navigator of a past love. Can these survivors last out through the Tornado super outbreak of 2006? Can the Navigator's Uncle retain his sanity with thirty people under his care? And what's this? Rin has turned into a full demon! Oh lord have mercy on the Driver and Navigator, because this load is bound to drive em' insane.

Pairings SasukexSakura, Female NarutoxOC, Saccharin (fatherly relationship), ShippoxRin, SangoxMiroku, InuxKag, KougaxAymme(sp?), KaguraxSess (Love life relationship), SerasxSchrödinger. Mostly Female NarutoxOC

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May 5, 2006, 1:15 PM CST, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The anime-convention at Oklahoma city was doing well when Mother Nature decided to give them the short end of the stick.

In the afternoon heat storm clouds built up into super cells, monster thunderstorms known best for their tornado spawning abilities. The storms intensified as they moved east, when the strongest of the storms dropped a tornado just five miles west of the convention.

Naruto heard the wail of the storm sirens and shrugged. Not knowing what the sirens meant, he ignored them, and turned to stare a fan who asked him to do his Sexy-Jetsu. So he transformed only to see that the fans and other stall workers were running for lives. Even the hard core demons from that Inuyasha stall were running for it. Then he heard a loud roar from behind. He looked behind and saw a 2X4 as it nailed him in the forehead.

The conventioneers hid in the large and deep basement of the main building. But debris still caught unsuspecting people were injured, including a girl named Rin. The door shrieked as the steel was bent into unusual forms. The sounds of metal twisting, water being sucked out of the pipes, shattering glass, and wood beams snapping filled the basement. The tornado was above them for what seemed like an eternity. Then as quickly as it came it left and moved on towards downtown Oklahoma and the history books.

1:20 PM

A mile from the twister was Semi Rig, who's trailer was filled with food for the convention. The navigator, who was known as Raptor, could barley believe his eyes as strange girl covered in debris and mud landed in the ditch next to the truck. Raptor climbed out the truck and picked up the young blond bridal style (A/N:She's out cold and beside that's how army soldiers moved their dead). He climbed into the truck and laid her hourglass body on the lower bunk bed. That's when he noticed the rise and fall of her chest, Raptor sighed and climbed into the navigator's seat.

The CB came to life with the voices of ecstatic Storm Chasers surrounding the Tornado. Wind speeds over 350 mph! We've got an F-6 (A/N:the strongest classification for a tornado on the Fujta scale, with winds over 319+ mph) on the ground. Holy shit! It just obliterated that entire convention center. Oh god I hope no one was in there! Its going east… ,The ranting Storm Chasers rambled on. The tornado would be the first one worthy enough to earn a name. Raptor turned to his Uncle Hatley, then to his Uncle's dog Leney, then he turned to the blond hair girl. This delivery had become very interesting and would become even more interesting when the girl woke up.

1:25 PM

The Rig moved into the Convention Center's fair grounds. Raptor jumped out of the Rig and looked at the bombed out Convention Center. He climbed over the ruined cars and stands looking for any survivors. Then he heard thumps from inside the main building. He tore at the debris, until he reached a beaten and battered steel door. The door was partly buried under debris, but from the sounds of things people were going insane down there. He decided that the quickest and safest way to remove the damaged door was to yank it out with the Rig.

Raptor ran to the Rig and grabbed a rope out of on of cargo compartments. He tied one end of the rope to the Rig, and after repositioning the Rig, tied it to the door. Just as the person on the other side of the door went to punch it the door was ripped away.

Inuyasha stared at the guy who was hastily removing a rope from the dented steel door. It seemed that the guy was too busy to even notice the group of people coming out of the shelter. But then again Raptor was eyeing the F-2 twister that was making a pass at the already devastated Center. He looked at the group before him and decided to 'deliver' the goods. They dumped the cargo and loaded up people sadly the folks from DBZ were sacrificed for speed.

1:30 PM

Uncle Hatley put the Rig into drive and with a precious cargo in the trailer, pulling ahead of the raging twister. Raptor wiped the girls face clean of mud, and was tending to the shiner on her forehead when the girl's eyes flashed open. It didn't startle Raptor one bit, instead it earned the mystery girl a rare smile from the Navigator. "Feeling better?" ,Raptor asked. The girl nodded. "Good. You can call me Raptor. But what do you like being called?" ,asked Raptor

Naruto's and Kubbi's personal memories were gone. The girl only knew that her name was Naruto, but as far as she was concerned that didn't matter much. "Naruto." ,she told Raptor. "Okay Naruto. You need anything just ask, and we'll try to get you it." ,Raptor told her. She sat up and noticed a very large Rottweiler(sp?) hiding under the sheets of the her bunk. She scratched the back of the dog's ear, and the dog started thumping his foot, making Naruto giggle a bit. Eventually the dog fell asleep with it's head in Naruto's lap.

In the trailer the survivors of the convention discovered how few made it to safety. The majority of the participants and fans had been blown away the Inu-gang was lucky to be intact and the Naruto group was missing people, including Naruto(they didn't know that he was now a she with no memories of them, and was in the Rig's cab). Seras sighed, Alucard had stayed at headquarter with Sir Hellsing and she was sent on public relation tours with Schrödinger! Now she was in a Tractor-Trailer and praying the driver could beat an Oklahoma twister! While Schrödinger had his way with her ass and body, she thought of ways to keep herself occupied without giving Schrödinger her ass to fuck.

Meanwhile Naruto was sitting up on the bunk with a big Rottweiler resting his head on her lap. Raptor scanned the sky for funnels and sent word of their positions when they touched down. When he reported the position of a tenth twister, hailstones the size of a golf balls began to hit the Rig. This startled Naruto a bit but not to much. Yet Lenny continued to snooze making Naruto wonder what it took to wake this dog up. Naruto looked in the mirror and sighed, pigtails were a bit childish for her. So she undid them, letting her long tresses cascade down her back like a waterfall. She still didn't like it, but she'd have to wait a little while before she could do anything. Then an unmistakable urge hit her, nature was a calling.

Raptor turned around to grab the map of Oklahoma, and noticed the Naruto's change. "Your hair looks nice now that it isn't in those ponytails." ,Raptor commented. "Uh Raptor is there a Rest Area up ahead? Because I need to use the Restroom." ,Naruto asked. "But you like my hair? Hm maybe I won't change it at all. Thanks" ,she blushed.

Fortunately at that moment a Rest Area came into view and it was intact! "Yeah, were pulling into one right now." Raptor grinned. Talk about timing! Then he saw a Subway and Pizza Hut. He turned to Naruto and grinned, "Want some pizza?"

Naruto, walked out of the Pizza Hut finishing up her slice of pepperoni pizza, when she bumped into Sakura. Sakura couldn't believe it, Naruto just bumped into her and was in his sexy-jutsu form too! "Naruto!" ,Sakura growled, making the Navigator pop-up like a god damn Merecat. "You know this girl?" ,asked Raptor thumbing to Naruto, and scaring the shit out of Sakura. She couldn't believe it! This guy, they're navigator had known all along about Naruto's condition and knew to damn much for his own good. "Yes I do! Sh…" ,Sakura paused. 'What if he doesn't know who she is? This is so wrong Naruto! I oughta pound you to a pulp!' Thought inner Sakura. "Do I know you?" ,Naruto asked Sakura. "What do you mean do you know me! What type of idiot question is that Naruto! Of course you know me! I'm your teammate for god's sake!" ,Sakura exploded.

"Sorry, but I think I'd remember a pink haired girl with an explosive temper if I met you before!" ,Naruto giggled. Sakura paled 'Naruto giggled? Is that possible? Maybe being sucked into that tornado did more than turn him into his Sexy-Jutsu form. Maybe it wiped his memories too!'

Kakashi saw a very pale Sakura climb into the trailer and wondered what made her so worried, when Naruto passed. Kakashi could almost call her a real girl if it weren't for the fact that he knew what Naruto use to be. Kakashi turned to Sakura. Sakura stuttered, "Ttthat iis nottt Narutoto."

Kakashi took a second glance and noticed that Naruto's fulxuating chakra levels had stabilized. Kakashi then realized the Naruto he had trained was gone for good. In Naruto's place was a girl full of humor and life, and the navigator seemed to be after this side of Naruto. (As wrong as it sounds, Naruto is now perimently in his sexy-jutsu form and has lost all memory of everything, except for his name. And besides no one who knew Naruto before the tornado hit, has the heart to tell Raptor or Naruto about Naruto's past.)

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