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12:00 AM May 7

Naruto crawled up front, and popped the door. She took a nervous look behind her and sighed, the two men had not stirred at the noise. She grinned and hopped out of the cab, this was her chance, and she wasn't going to blow it. She flashed a few symbols and whispered, "TRANSFORM!" In a puff of smoke she turned into Reigne. "It worked!" ,she giggled, "Now lets make it permanent." She grabbed a 2x4 and hit herself hard, knocking herself unconscious.

6:41 AM

Raptor woken up by the thunder and the sudden urge to go, was climbing out of the rig and headed for the main building at the truck stop when he noticed a dragoon, HIS dragoon lying between rigs trailer and a diesel transport. Her tail was long and whip-like, her wings thin yet strong, but there was a difference. The three whisker like marks on each of her cheeks, and the fact that her hair was dirty blond with blue streaks going down its length told him it was Naruto. Raptor chuckled and sat her up next to the trailer before going inside the truck stop's store (Flying J). He came out with a bag of freshly thawed ice water and emptied it on Naruto's head (That was harsh!). Naruto jumped up, instantly aware of her surroundings, and cursed, "Damn it Raptor that was one of the few clothes fit me! I ought to…" ,she paused and stared at herself. Her eyes went bug eyed and a look of pure joy could be seen on the girl's face. "It worked! It really worked!" ,she squealed lifting five feet off the ground. Her heart was racing in excitement, "Oh god, I have so many urges and Raptor can fill them." Raptor paled, "What kind of urges?" Naruto glared, "Use your imagination. For I'll make all of your dreams a reality." Her voice was seductive and her posture suggestive. "Uh how about we wait to do it again after my parents meet you. After that we can have as much sex as we want. Also who are you? I mean, I found you in a ditch, naked as the day you were born, and call yourself Naruto. Then you make love to me, and not two days later you've somehow turned into the girl of my dreams for me. Yet I know nothing about YOU." Naruto paled this time, "My full name was Naruto Uzumaki, I had at one time disguised myself as a boy(Yeah right. But is she gonna tell him the truth. HELL NO!) but no more. I have revealed myself to you, and I have changed my name after the girl I have become. It is now Reigne Uzumaki. Believe it!" ,Reigne grinned before falling on her ass. Then a thunderstorm slammed the Truck stop.

Sakura woke up at Naruto's yell and heard everything, now she was fuming. "That little blond idiot! He…I'm mean she's gone too far! Wait a second why would Naruto change her name? I mean it's not like she intends on actually become the girl in that drawing (Sakura is in for one hell of a surprise in about five) is she?" ,Sakura cursed. Footsteps could be heard approaching the trailer (four). Reigne's ear twitched at th noise. (three). "What the…?" ,Reigne said. (Two) Lighting flashed across the sky revealing a human woman's shiluiolate with long hair and nine fox tails. Sakura reached for the trailer door while Reigne and Raptor moved towards the rear of the trailer.(one) Reigne, startled by the woman's appearance, backed into the trailer door. (Zero) Sakura pushed the door open falling down next to Reigne. Sakura looked at her, "NARUTO!" ,Sakura growled, "You couldn't resist could you?" Naruto/Reigne glared at Sakura, "Not now Sakura." Sakura raised her brow, "Why the hell not Naruto!" The woman came out of the rain, Sakura froze. It was her in many ways except instead of pink hair the woman had long crimson hair down to her knees, nine fox tails, fox ears, fangs, and red eyes. She was the Kuubi. "Hello Sakura my daughter today you discover your demon side, and your older sister." ,Kuubi said, as she flicked her wrist. Sakura's body exploded in pain as nine orange fox tails exploded out of her tailbone. Her canines lengthened into fangs, her ears moved to the top of her head, and her nails turned into claws. A young looking woman in her early twenties appeared, "Hi sis!" Sakura passed out instantly. The woman shrugged her shoulders and plopped down beside Naruto/Reigne and began to stroke her many tails. "Oh lord I should of known that she would pass out." ,she sighed. She turned to Naruto who was busy trying to figure out how the Kuubi got out even though the seal was still there, "How the hell did Kuubi got out of her prison without breaking the seal I'll never know! But it ain't gonna happen again!" Raptor smirked, "Your startin' to sound like a Southern girl! Keep it up and you might be able to pass for one." ,he turned to Sakura's sister, "Stupid question, but who the hell are you?" The Fox woman(Sakura's sister)sighed, "My name is Flare. I am a fire fox demon. As for Kuubi, AKA my mom, I summoned her." Naruto's jaw dropped, "You did WHAT!" Flare giggled, "I've had long conversations with her by summoning her. Besides she's the one who taught me about reproduction." Raptor paled, then a perverted look appeared on his face, "Makes me wonder, did she give Naruto the same lesson's yet?" Naruto/Reigne blushed, "She taught me alright, but not by telling me. No she got in the mood the other night for sex. Raptor you know the rest." ,Naruto paused looking into the oncoming storm and saw three Silhouettes inching towards them, "Oh look here comes trouble."

Then the Sound Nins approached though this time their confidence in their abilities had long ago shattered (along with their RV but that's another story.), and Kin was OC (Out of Commission). Blood could be seen going down her forehead and neck, from unseen wounds. Her teammates lifted her into the trailer, before Naruto could stop them. Bandage man glared at her, "Just get us to safety and we won't cause trouble." Reigne/Naruto laid Sakura inside while Flare climbed in beside her. A roar could be heard not to far off, Reigne cursed, "Damn it! Here we go again!" Reigne slammed the trailer doors closed, before following Raptor to the cab. The F-6 tornado tore out of the premorning dawn, ripping up the ground before it. Raptor gunned the engine flipping the switch for a video camera in the back and Naruto turned on a camera Raptor gave her to use. This storm chasing stuff was very exciting unless of course your running from the storm.


Sasuke watched as the injured sound nin awoke from her sleep. Her awakening was causing a bit of a commotion in the trailer. Lee, Ino, Chajo, and Shika wanted to throw the Sound nins out the back, while the other ninja sided with forgiving the Sound nins. Kin unfortunately was in the middle of dealing with her problem that comes around once a month, and that meant she was cranky as hell. "SHUT UP! Damn you all are annoying as hell!" ,Kin cursed. With that the entire trailer went silent, well almost silent, for a certain perverted monk known as Miroku, went up to Kin, "My fair lady will you bear my…ump…child?(Marriage is not an issue in his eyes. If the woman is beautiful she's fair game. Some things will never change.) Sango why did you hit me?" Thud! Miroku was down for the count with a very pissed off demon slayer standing above him. "You damn hentai monk! When will you learn that MARRAGE means NO FUCKING OTHER WOMEN OTHER THAN YOUR WIFE!" ,fumed Sango. "Everything okay back there?" ,asked a curious Reigne. "Who the hell was that?" ,asked a confused Kin. "Our driver." ,said an amused Kakashi. "Raptor, Raptor, RAPTOR! DAMN IT RAPTOR IT'S ALMOST ON TOP OF US!" ,said a frustrated Reigne. "I see it! I see it!" ,Raptor said a bit panicked. Maps being shuffled Turn left! ,Reigne shouted. Huh? Left? I don't see a road. ,Raptor said a bit confused, Oh shit! Now I see it! The sound of tires squealing on pavement filled the trailer, as it leaned to one side. The truck suddenly accelerated and bounced along an unpaved road. "We're finally out that mess!" ,Raptor sighed. Kin rolled her eyes, 'Damn perverted monk!'

1:30 PM

Sakura awoke on a soft mattress, with a soft orange blanket covering her. At least she thought it was a blanket that is until she touched it. "TAILS! I HAVE TAILS?" ,Sakura screamed, receiving multiple glares from some of the others. It was bad enough having one tail, but she had nine fox tails sticking out of her ass. As her vision cleared, orange hair could be seen surrounding her tails. Curious she looked closer and noticed that the fur on her tails had been cut and styled with the fur curling slightly outwards, 'Oh that's nice, who here gave my tails haircut?' she thought, trying to rub the hair gel out of her tails. She finally gave up and moved over to her sister. "So have a nice sleep?" ,Flare asked. Sakura brushed a lock of hair out of the way and sighed, "Yeah I did right up until someone touched my tails!" Sakura raised her tail to show her sister, who giggled at her sister's little problem. "It's not funny." ,mumbled Sakura. Flare grabbed a bottle of water from the back (I forgot to mention this but in the far end of the trailer is enough food and water to last the group a month) and poured it over Sakura's tails effectively removing the gel. That's about the time Sakura heard a sneeze. She turned her head in the direction of the source and saw Kin. Sakura got up and marched over to the Sound nin, crouching down to eyelevel and smirked, "Now look who's weak, bitch!" Kin looked into Sakura's eyes and grinned, "You've changed a lot I see." "What was your first clue? The Nine tails or was it my charming personality?" ,Sakura said venomously. Kin sighed, her teammates were snoozing and one of the 'Fox bitchs' was getting pissed at her presence. But the demon container was nowhere in sight. Confused Kin turned to the girl that not too many years ago was a pathetic Guenin, and asked, "Where is the Kuubi's Vessel?" Sakura sighed, "Up in the cab, being an annoying bitch." ,A slight smirk appeared on her face, "I wonder how she'll put up with her monthly visitor? That'll be a sight to see!" Kin's face twisted in confusion, "Her visitor? I thought the container was a he." Sakura laughed, "She was, until a tornado changed that. And now she's not even a full human. She some sor-" . The intercom interrupted her, "Alright who's in the mood for something that's cooked?" ,asked an agitated Raptor. "Why? Did you find a town that's in one piece?" ,asked a curious Kagome. "That and a job for all of us." ,Raptor said. "What kind of job?" ,Sakura said irritated at how he signed them up for a job without they're consult. "Relief efforts. In return we get a nice tornado proof trailer with all the comforts of home. Not to mention a permit allowing us to tow TWO FIFTY FOOT LONG trailers" ,Raptor replied. Sakura shrugged, 'At least we get a better place in return.

5:08 pm Little Rock, Arkansas

Seras, Schrödinger, Sakura, Flare, Inuyasha, Naruto, Kagome, Shippo, Raptor, Uncle Hatley, and a few others, had a collective sigh of relief, as the last of the Tornado Relief supplies was loaded up. "I really want to know why the hell we just did that manually when we could of used a forklift." ,Cursed an exhausted Inuyasha, as a dull orangish yellow forklift passed by. Raptor growled and turned to the living quarters trailer, which had been hitched up to the cab earlier, and grinned. It wasn't the nicest one they had but at least they got one. It was a modified SUPERLINER observation car, formally owned by AMTRAK. But instead of riding the rails, this former passenger car would be traveling the roads of America. It was no longer an observation car, instead it was an apartment complex on wheels. The group of survivors turned task force called their home on wheels the STORM RUNNER, and with the cab upgraded with heavy storm armor there was very few things that could stop the Rig and it's crew. The entire group was thankful that Naruto, now known as Reigne, had become this half-dragon. Otherwise they would have never gotten the supply trailer loaded up. Eventually they hit the open roads of Tornado Alley, and as they left Little Rock, a wall of thunderstorms filled skies to the west. Naruto turned to her companion, grin splitting her cheeks, "Looks like fun. So where do we start?" Raptor looked at the road and grinned, "How does a bit of Texas sound to you? Though I'd rather have a bit of action with you, I don't think that would be very wise. Plus, I'm not ready to be a dad." Naruto sighed, 'Yeah you are. You just don't want me pregnant while we're on the road.' She turned to the road ahead and grinned. The tale of the STORM RUNNER had just begun, and come hell or high water they would somehow survive the Tornado Super Outbreak of 2006.

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