Well, this was written for Livejournal's Love Themes for Teen Titans and I claimed Jinx and Kid Flash as my pairing. Yippee!

Author: Cherryopsicle
Title:You are cordially invited to...
Theme and Number: #3 - Dance
Genre: Romance/General/Humor
Warnings/Disclamers: I do not own the Teen Titans
Fandom: Teen Titans
Pairings: Kid Flash/Jinx
Rating: T
Summary: Jinx receives an invitation, what might it be?

The slender teenager flipped through her usual stack of crappy mail. She could remember when she was young and couldn't wait until the mail arrived, hoping something would arrive for her. Now she hoped the letters were someone else's and had accidentally been placed in her mailing box by the middle-aged mailman.

She was nearing the end of the junk when a glimmer of an unusually glossy envelope caught her eye. She stopped outside the door of her home and opened the envelope with the fancy lettering. Inside was an invitation to a ball.

She would never understand why they just didn't call them, "Dance for the Rich and Pompous".

Her pink eyes stared at it, unsure of what to think of it. When a low-whisper woke her from her reverie.

She looked behind her where a tingling still persisted on the back of her neck. She frowned, it had sounded familiar.

Jinx went back to the invitation when once again the low whisper abused the crook of her neck, it sounded like it was urging her to attend the "ball".

Could itbe her conscious?

Did she truly want to go to the dance?

Did she truly want to go the dance?

It couldn't be, it had sounded like a male voice.

Her conscious couldn't possibly be a man.

She moved towards her door and was about to insert the code when it happened again.

She whipped around with a furious expression on her façade. This time she was certain it was a male voice pressuring her to attend the stupid dance. It was him. No doubt about it. That dim-witted, conceited, cocky, arrogant, over self-confident, egotistical…jerk, know-it-all…playboy.

"You better not touch me again, pervert!"

The annoyed teenage girl cantankerously pushed in her code and the aluminum door slid open.

"I am not a pervert!"

She placed her hands on her hips as the perpetrator showed himself, "Yes you are!"

His bright-blue eyes shone beneath his messy red hair, "Am not!"

She glared, "Are too!"

He crossed his arms, "I am not, and you know it."

"Hah!" she threw back her head in a short cackle, "I sure know the kind of pervert you are!"

"Am not!" he huffed.

"Whatever," she walked towards her kitchen and threw the pack of envelopes on top of the counter.

"What? Are you just gonna walk away from me?" his voice died away as she opened and closed cupboards.

"What!" her voice rang out to him through pots and pans.

"Are you gonna ignore me-"


He sighed and instead traced her steps and saw the dark mistress take out small clay bowls filled with what seemed ingredients. His musing were brought to reality as she opened the small bowls and spicy aromas immediately met his nose.

She looked up and caught him staring at her, "Do you want something?"

He shifted in his stance and to Jinx's amusements looked away embarrassed.

"Well…?" she prompted.

"Sheeesh, calm down," he entered the kitchen, "you can't expect a guy to just come out and say it."

"Really? I thought that was how your particular brain worked," she said as she grabbed san empty bowl and speckled some ingredients into it.

"Aren't you a funny little thing," he teased back. "But no, I wanted to ask you something else."

She narrowed her eyes at his comment yet responded with a sweet tone, "Asking for my hand in marriage, sweet-ums?"

He looked stunned for a minute, unable to say anything.

She smirked as she turned her back to him, feeling his face heat up behind her. Oh it was pure pleasure to mess around with him.

He cleared his throat, "No," he slowly walked up to her as she opened another cupboard, "not yet."

She laughed in spite of the fast beating of her heart, "Well, if it isn't that, come out with hit."

She took what she need from the cupboard and was about to close it when she felt his body heat emit behind her. She deliberately closed the cupboard slowly as he spoke up.

He leaned forward so his face would be in the crook of her neck, his mouth near her ear, "I wanted to ask you…"

She tensed up as his fingers unexpectedly ran down her back, tracing off at the small of her back, "You wanted to ask me, what?" she wasn't about to show him how bewildered she felt.

"Oooh, a bit frisky are we?" he murmured.

She unconsciously shivered as his warm breath tickled the sensitive part of her neck, "No," she shut the cupboard closed, "just annoyed."

She was about to turn around to face her harasser when his question stopped her, "What?"

He took her fist and opened, taking the slender hand in his own, "Jinx, I would be honored if you attended the ball with me."

His nervousness wasn't paid heed to by the young woman, only his sincere tone. "You mean dance, not ball, dance ."

"Forgive me, Madam." He grinned, hoping that her tease was a good sign, "Would you like to attend the dance with me?"

She looked thoughtful.

"My beautiful and fair lady?"

She glared at him.

"And enchanting dark mistress of magic with a beauty that defies that of a goddess."

She smiled. He did ask rather nicely.

Well, there it is. Hope you liked it.

That was my FIRST oneshot ever posted and I hope I did a decent job on it.

I don't know if you can label it as an AU but do with it as you like