Author: CherryOpsicle
Title: Hot Chocolata
Theme and Number: #6 - Hot Cocoa
Genres: Romance
Warnings/Disclaimers: I do not own the Teen Titans
Fandom: Teen Titans
Pairing: Jinx/Kid Flash
Rating: PG
Summary: Our dear, dear Wally, he...well...he burns his tongue...

Don't let the beginning bump you off, in all honesty the story gets better as it progresses. ;D
We enter the scene and see Jinx grabbing a decorated mug from a cupboard situated on her left and placing it on nearby oven. Next, she takes the small pot atop the oven and carefully pours the thick chocolate liquid from it to the mug.

A young man enters the view and we notice his aura pacify immediately as he hums appreciatively, "What smells so good…and chocolaty?"

We then see Jinx turning off the oven and placing the pot down, "Mexican hot chocolate."

Wally makes his way to her and was about to grab a mug off the cupboard when one full of the sweet blend was placed in front of him, "Why thank you."

"You're welcome," she encircles her mug, her hands immediately warming up.

The male leans against the counter, sipping the hot liquid and soon after howls as it scorches his tongue, "Hou-ouch! I-ca-my thong!"

And well, the next ensues.

Jinx could not hold down a laugh after his outburst, "Are-are you okay?" Trailing off into a laughing fit.

His blue eyes bore into her laughing figure, her body trembling, "Ho come ohn," he whined.

He followed her slender figure as she scavenged through the kitchen drawers, "Can you at leas' sto aughin'?" He hunched over as her giggles fled her throat.

She seemed to finally locate what she was looking for and walked towards him with a small pouch in hand. Her other hand was covering her mouth, that was dangerously holding in peals of laughter.

He dramatically turned away from her as she stopped in front of him.

"Wally, come on, it'll help your poor tongue," She opened the small pouch and took out miniature crystal cube, "Here, show me your tongue."

He paid her a glance but didn't budge.

Jinx sighed, "Oh come on, Flash." She reached out and cupped his chin, "Don't be such a baby, now open wide."

It didn't work, he exited the kitchen before Jinx could forcefully open his mouth.


Jinx grumbled as she went after him, "It won't hurt!"

She found him sulking in the laundry room, "Wally, don't make this hard."

As soon as she took a step forward, he was out of the room.

Jinx soon after found him strewn across their bed, "Wally," she began warningly, "don't you dare make a leave for it."

Jinx regarded him closely as he stood up," Wally…"

Before he could escape she tackled him, "Wally!"

He didn't bother to struggle as he was pressed between the bed and her, he did though grunt in a whiny manner.

"Hah! Now you can't escape," she triumphed on top of him. She made an attempt to part his lips but he didn't' budge. Again, she tried but that stubborn, son-of-a- .

Suddenly an idea appeared to Jinx, "Wally?" With their closeness, it wouldn't be hard to say or do somethings to make him give in. "Wally? This will last at least a day.."

Blue eyes widened as the witch above him teased him with the seduction of her small, pouty mouth slightly over his own.

Jinx grinned as his low grunt sounded a lot like her name, she deliberately slowly brusher their lips together as she asked, "Tell me, my dashing superhero, can you pronounce my name correctly?!"

He shuddered as her fingertips caressed his face and neck, her nails causing a delightful reaction unto his skin. She slithered up and claimed his lips, allowing a soft moan to revel in her.

In the middle of it all, Jinx retracted her acts and smiled wickedly down at him, "Wally…open up…please." She placed a lingering kiss upon his lips as hesitation placed itself on his eyes.

The redhead groaned before sticking out his tongue.

Jinx smiled, "That's a good superhero."

A/N: How bout it? I couldn't come up with a good enough plot for this theme and immediately typed down the first sentence I came up with and here it is all done…and stuff lol. Please review even if you think it wasn't the greatest thing in the world. I think I wrote it a bit forced but I srsly needed to update.

And no, I don't have no idea what the thing she's going to give him is . Maybe some indian vodoo, witchcraft thing...I don't know, that makes no sense...XD