Mimi's POV of her death. It just kinda popped into my head.

"I- love- you-" I could barely get the last word out. I heard a guitar strumming, can't tell what he's saying… can't hear Roger properly. I hear the last few words loud and clear, though.

I have always loved you…

I love you Roger. I love you more than anythi-

Falling. Headfirst.

Can't see, all dark – Light! Light meant I could see.

See Roger? See Roger.


See… Angel?

Angel. In her favorite outfit. The one when she asked Collins to be her lover.

Her lover. Mimi's lover. Roger.

"Turn around, girlfriend, and listen to that boy's song." She smiles

I smile back. Gentle push from Angel.

You can see it in my eyes.

I'm back on the table. Roger. I see his eyes-

I close mine. Can't wake up… Roger…

White light again.

No. Go back. Roger. Need Roger.

Turn around.

Back at the table, gasping for air.

"I jumped over the moon."