I decide to try my hand at a House fic, because I couldn't find any that had a HouseOC pairing. Yes, Frankie is a girl, she just has a boy's name. Anyway, here's my handywork, I hope you enjoy.

1 - Dr... Ummm...


Oh, shit

My eyes fluttered open to the sight of my brightly colored room.

You're late...

I know that!

Ugh, I'm late!

I thought you knew that.

I jumped out of bed to the small refridgerator in the closet of the room I rented, and got a Frappacino. I tried to get dressed as quickly as I possibly could while chugging the coffee. I was in the middle of putting on my jeans with one hand when I fell flat on my face.

'Ow...' I mumbled, rubbing my face where I had hit it.

I managed not to spill my coffee and gulped what was left in the bottle, throwing it in the trash can by my desk when I was finished. I pulled out a green T-shirt that said 'People Suck' on it and slipped it on, reaching for my purse. Or rather the over-stuffed backpack thing that I called a purse.


I waved at my landlady, not having time for breakfast, and went out the door, moving towards my beat up Ford.

For the love of all that is holy, please start...

I turned the key in the ignition and heard the beautiful sound of an engine starting in reply. I hit the pedal to the medal and sped to the hospital I was supposed to be at forty-five minutes ago.

Cuddy's POV

I looked at my watch. Where the hell was House? He was supposed to be here an hour ago...

I shook my head. He'd probably come in with a lame excuse just so that he'd get out of an hour of clinic duty. Good thing his new resident was late...

'Miss me?'

I rolled my eyes and turned around. 'Not particularly, but you have a new resident that's coming in today. You have to approve her before she actually starts working here...'

'She? Hmm... That should even out the hormone levels a bit more... Foreman's really been bugging me lately too... I'll take her.'

'You haven't even met her yet.'

'Yeah, and you trust my judgement.'

House's life was sarcasm. I shook my head at him.

'Hospital protocol says you have to interview her first.' I said raising an eyebrow.

He sighed and looked down. 'Fine, fine... I'll 'interview' her,' He said making air quotes when he said interview, 'It won't change anything, but whatever...'

And with that, as if on cue, a young girl ran into the hospital lobby.

Frankie's POV

I skidded to a stop in the middle of the hospital lobby, gaining some strange looks from some of the people who were there. I shrugged it off and went up to the front desk. 'Excuse me, I'm looking for a Dr... ummm...'

Crap, what was his name... It was something you hear every day... Gregory something... I closed my eyes and bouced on the balls of my feet trying to remember...

'House! That's his name, Dr. House. I'm his new resident, I'm a bit late... You think he'll still see me?'

The nurse behind the desk smiled at me sympathetically. 'He's right over there.' She told me pointing at a man on the other side of the desk.

He was probably about six-foot-something, mid-forties, brown hair, blue eyes, and he had a cane. He was talking to a woman in a blue-grey suit. She had long dark brown hair that was pulled back a little at the sides.

I smoothed out my shirt and headed toward them.

'Dr. House?' He turned to face me and shifted his grip on his cane so he could shake my outstretched hand.

'You must be...' He turned the woman he had been talking to. She rolled her eyes and said, 'Frankie Labrada'

He turned back to me. 'Frankie's a boy's name.' he said, an eyebrow raised.

'So is Gregory.'

'But unlike you, I actually am a boy, unless there's something you're not telling me.'

'No, I'm all female,' I laughed 'And I happen to love my name.'

He smirked at my boldness. 'You're hired.'

The woman next to him rolled her eyes yet again, 'House...' she said in a frustrated tone.

'Yes, Cuddy?' he asked facing her briefly. She raised her eyebrows at him. He sighed and turned back to me. 'Hospital protocol says I have to interview you.'

I nodded.

'So, where were you born?'

My smile widened.

This is not a man to follow the rules.


House raised his eyebrows and continued asking his pointless questions in spite of Cuddy who was now vigourously rubbing her temple.

'Favorite color?'


'Nice choice.'

'Thank you,' I said smiling widely.


I laughed. 'Red Sox.'

He thought a few seconds. 'Favorite music genre?'

He was really reaching now... 'I'll listen to practically anything...'

He nodded. 'Open-minded, I like that.'

I shook my head amusedly.

He looked at Cuddy who was now glaring at him boredly and smirked.

Turning back to me he said, 'There. I interviewed you. You're hired. Let's go, you start immediately.'

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