She was about ten years his senior, a blonde, like him, and in the military, like him. He never really understood why he liked her; why he enjoyed her company so much. Even if he didn't understand, he couldn't deny the fact that his heart fluttered whenever she was near.

Perhaps it was because she was older; more mature, calm, and collected (much like his mother had been without the physical attraction). Unlike Winry, who was constantly yelling and hitting him with metal objects, she was beautiful. No, the lieutenant wasn't like his childhood friend at all.

As he walked down the hall, he spotted her, rounding the corner up ahead. Maybe she needed help? It was a good excuse to be in her company, if anything. "Miss Hawkeye?" he called, jogging around the corner, searching for her. The hall was empty though, she was nowhere to be seen.

Odd, he thought, I just saw her… He shrugged it off, figuring that it was his own imagination playing games with him.

"Brother!" came a hollow voice from behind. "Brother, what are you doing?" The young, blonde alchemist looked up at his armored-soul sibling and smiled.

"Nothing, Al… I just thought I saw someone…"