They were caught. There was no way out of it this time. Hurt amber eyes gazed at the two.

It had only been a simple kiss; a simple brush of the lips before she left for the Mess hall, but he saw them.

"Edward," Riza said, taking a step towards him, pity in her eyes. Roy merely remained silent, but even in his eyes some trace of sadness was apparent. They'd crushed his heart and they both knew it.

"N-no!" Ed blurted, tears welling in his eyes, "Don't come near me!" He tore off into the hallway, shattered heart and all, weaving through the countless moving bodies. Many stepped out of his way so as to not fall over in his wake.

Riza sighed as the door clicked shut beneath her hand. "Well…" she didn't know what to say… it was more of a filler.

"He took it a little harder than I thought he would," Roy said, leaning against the window sill. "I didn't think he was so in love with you…" His tone was hard, as normal, but softened somewhat with pity for the boy.

She joined him at the window. "It's not that he loves me… but that the girl he liked was 'taken' by you… his rival."

Roy's eyes widened in quiet understanding. "It makes sense," he murmured.

Riza smiled as the blonde boy in the courtyard was joined by his childhood friend. She sat by him and it looked as if she comforted him. Ed wasn't the type to get emotional over these things. In less than a minute, they saw that Winry had him smiling again.

Roy looked at Riza and smiled. "Fullmetal has a good woman already…" he teased cockily, "No reason for him to have mine." He raised his eyebrows suggestively and wrapped his arms around her waist. She laughed at him and tried to push him away.

"Someone might see…" she reminded him.

Roy's grin was impish and his kissed her neck. "We could always lock the door…"