A Different Kind Of Red & Pink Relationship
By: The Leader In Red

Theme: Friends
Summary: After the events of Rock Solid, Nick and Vida have a chat about Madison and Nick apologizes.
Author's Notes:
- I didn't like the quick apology to Madison but I decided that everyone seems to do the whole Nick/Madison thing so I've decided to try something different.
- I'll try to update this every week after I watch the latest episode I can watch (we're deprived in Canada – they just aired Rock Solid this morning).
- And yes, I'm trying Nick/Vida for the Ars Amatoria Romance Themes Challenges. It'll be a slow progression but my challenge is to develop their relationship through canon and eventually get some romance in there. I'm gonna try the first 40 themes then add the other 20 later if I can manage it.

Closing Time

"Oh, she can take care of herself."

As Nick watched Madison walk off with her new friend, Vida watched him carefully. She would never admit it to anyone, but the new guy was starting to grow on her.

"You don't sound too convinced that she actually can," the DJ finally said after silence hung in the air for a moment.

Her voice cutting through his thoughts, Nick looked up at Vida and clarified, "It's not like that…"

"Do you…"

"No!" Nick cut Vida off, "It's not like that."

"Whatever you say." Vida continued going about her business, leaving Nick lost in his thoughts.

After their shift was over and the gang was cleaning up, Nick finally decided to tell Vida what was on his mind. He pulled her aside with a serious look on his face.

"Nick, what's going on?"

"Vi, I need to know…are we cool?"

Vida studied Nick's concerned look for a minute then casually replied, "Yeah, we're cool."

"I just wanted to check. I knew you were upset about what I said to Maddy…"

"She's forgiven you, Nick. That means it's cool."

Nick nodded. "She's lucky to have a sister like you to stand by her."

"No…I'm the lucky one to have her stand by me," Vida corrected Nick, her expression softening as she spoke.

"I guess I'm…we're lucky to have you two as teammates…and friends."

Vida shrugged. "Listen, Maddy and I have to get outta here. I'll see you tomorrow, Nick."

"Yeah, tomorrow. I'll finish up here."

Watching Vida follow Madison out of the store with Xander and Chip, Nick sighed to himself. What in the world is going on? he thought to himself as he finished sweeping the floor.