A Different Kind Of Red & Pink Relationship
By: The Leader In Red

Disclaimer: See Don't Know Why.
Theme: Spellbound
Summary: After work, Nick goes for a motorcycle around Briarwood.
Author's Notes:
- This happens at the same time Don't Know Why, the second drabble. This is the flip side of things, Nick's thoughts about the events of the first drabble, Closing Time.
- The song title I used for the title is by a song by The Who.

I Can't Explain

I'm under her spell.

There's no other way to explain it.

I was wrong about Madison hiding behind her camera…but I don't wanna be wrong about Vida.

The way she moves her body to the beat of the music…it's almost hypnotizing.

Her ferocity and her passion…it just radiates from within.

I wanna get to know her. I can't explain why…but I just do.

But I'm a Ranger…and not just any Ranger. I'm the Red one, the leader…Udonna said that I was meant to lead the others.

I gotta take care of business before I do anything else. I'm not gonna be like my father.

I was wrong about Madison…I hope I'm not wrong about Vida.