Our Pimp Riku

by K.Y.O

(Wow! That spells my guy name lol! (this is my writer's name initials))

Dedicated to Kingdom Hearts 2

(Sora: yeah, like Disney cares)

Kyo: I write Fanfiction, do I look like I own Disney? Kingdom Hearts? (Though I have my copy of KH2 XD)

"Don't stop." Tidus's sky blue eyes widen as he continues to listen. What is he listening to? Porn? No, it's Riku of course! Why?

#1. Riku has been acting weird lately, very suspicious as he creeps around. In fact, now that Tidus thinks about it, so has Sora. Hm, he shall investigate that later unless this means.

a. Riku is actually an alien! (Tidus always had suspected Riku and his silver hair) Riku must have brainwashed poor innocent Sora into doing his bidding!

hm, maybe...

b. Riku AND Sora are aliens! (that explains their weird friendship!) And their both trying to take over the world!

#2. Riku has been locking himself in his room and keeping his lights on at unusual hours.

...What! It's the best Tidus could come up with! Though Tidus is missing one VERY important clue.

#3. Sora has been blushing around Riku while Riku has this weird smirk on his face.

Ah, well, Tidus isn't the brightest crayon in the box. Anyways, this is where you guys started so...yeah...

"Tidus!" Tidus yelps in surprise and turns to glar at a grinning Wakka, "Hey man, chill. I just was looking for ya to play some blitzball. Tidus scrunches his face as he shakes his head no.

"I got more important world saving things to do. Besides-"

"Oh! Push it harder Riku! I can't do this by myself." Tidus blushes a bright red as Wakka raises his eyebrows in surprise. Three grunts and Sora's long groan made Tidus turn a very interesting shade of red.

"Push it guys!" Selphie grunts followed by Namine's "I can almost felt it!"

Wakka by now is twitching. 'If Riku corrupts them (meaning Sora, Selphie, Namine, and Roxas), I'll ring his scrawny neck!'

"You guys are doing great! I just have to remove -" Wakka has had enough and kicks in Riku's bedroom door followed by a red tidus.

"JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING RI-" Wakka gapes at the sight before him. Selphie, Namine, and Roxas are pulling one side of Riku's brand new ocean blue sofa while Sora and Riku pushing the other side.

"What's wrong Wakka?" Sora puts his hands on his femine hips and raises an eyebrow while Riku snickers at Wakka's priceless expression.

"It's...nothing ya?" Wakka nods along with a still slightly red Tidus.

"Good." Riku wraps an arm around Sora's waist, "Because Sora and I have a date."

"Riiiiku! I told you it isn't a date tongiht (1)!" Sora blushes a bright red, "We're only seeing a movie!"

"Sounds like a date to me!" Roxas snickers as Sora playfully swats at his arm.


"I never thought Wakka would take you two being a couple so well..."

"Selphie, He's passed out on top of Tidus."

"Yay! A new Yaoi couple!"

"You two are weird. I am never dating Namine or Selphie."

"Good for you Roxas. Because we're together!"


"Well...they took that well..."

"Selphie, I love you"


(1) This implies they have been going on dates!

Kyo: -playing KH2- Score! I'm half way through the game And there is soooo many hints that Sora luvs his seme Riku ;) Right Riku?

Riku: -upstairs bonking Sora (hehe, if you know what I mean ;))-

Kyo: I guess that confirms he's seme...Review my KH2 lovers!