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Mistakes and Sorries!


I'm so sorry, but I tend to make mistakes.

Usually not when it comes to your auto-mail. Though, I'm only human.

I'm sorry you ended up in the hospital. You said it wasn't my fault, but it really was. You could have lasted longer in the fight if I would have done the job right the first time.

I'm sorry I made mistakes with our relationship. I'm not talking about the small things. Like the time we were making out on my bed (cuddled together) and you turned your head away, but I still had my eyes closed and I went to kiss. You ended up with my tongue in your ear. Yeah, I'm not talking about that.

I'm sorry for not believing in you and wishing you'd give up on getting yours and your brothers body back. I was selfish in wishing that I would be your only dream, your mission and passion.

Now that it's done with, we can be together, but only if you forgive me. I love you. Forgive me, ED!


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