A/N: Meiguihua is Chinese for rose. Why I told you, you'll find out. Also, this story is being co-written by RedSheWolf79 and Red Squirrel Writer.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Lion King characters. The only things I own are the humans.

The year was 1880. Beaumont, Texas. The sun was shining down upon the small western town. People young and old were walking about the streets, two sage brushes tumbled on by, and a stage coach galloped by being pulled by four horses. A tall man dressed in a dark red hooded poncho, which covered his face, walked along the dusty street. He walked up to a small tavern and went inside.

People inside, who were either drinking whisky or playing cards, stopped what they were doing and stared at the strange hooded man. "Look what the cat dragged in," said one of the card players.

"The circus must be in town," said another man, who was sipping whisky.

The man walked up to the bar, and sat down on a stool, facing the bartender. "What can I do ya for?" asked the bartender.

"Some hot water, please?" asked the man as a response.

The bartender chuckled. "If you want water, dunk your head in the horse troth outside!" then his jaw dropped as the hooded man reached into his pocket and pulled out seven gold coins and dropped them on the counter. "Uh…Hot water coming up." Then the bartender went into the back room. Within a few moments, came out with a small glass of steaming water and placed it in front of the hooded man.

The man reached into his pocket and took out a small pouch filled with herbs. He sprinkled the herbs into the water, making it into tea. He then slowly started to sip at the tea.

"Hey you!" shouted a loud raspy voice. The hooded man turned to see a tall muscular man wearing a black hat, black bandana, and black duster coat, and had a shot gun in is right hand. His looked very dirty with an unshaved look. His eyes were dark brown and looked very menacing. Behind him were two men who also dressed in black and looked menacing. He walked up to the hooded man. "We don't like your type 'round here!"

"Now Bart, I don't want any trouble in here," said the bartender nervously.

"Shut it, barkeep!" Bart then stood right in front of the hooded man. "I want you to get your duded up, egg sucking gutter trash body outta my town!" Then he held his shot gun to the man's neck. "Or I'll blow your brains out!"

The hooded man slowly sat up off of the stool and stood facing Bart. He then stepped back six feet. "Go ahead," he said quietly. "Shoot."

Bart chuckled and said, "Idiot." Then he lifted his shotgun , aimed it at the man, and fired. But when Bart looked closer, he had seen that the hooded man and leaned his neck onto his left shoulder. Bart's eyes burst open at the amazing sight. "Who the hell are you?"

Just then, the man removed his hood to reveal that he was Asian and had long black hair. "Chen Ling," he answered.

"He's my friend," said a voice from behind Bart.

Bart felt a gun being held to the back of his neck. He quickly turned around to see a tall man with a light brown trench coat, dirty blonde hair, a black hat on his head, and a sheriff's gold star on his chest. He also had a revolver in his right hand. It was Joshua Cody. Bart started to shake. "Uhh… Hi sheriff."

"What are you doing' in my town, Bart?"

"Uh nothing. We were just joking with he Chinese man over there, we didn't know he was a friend of yours, sheriff"

Josh narrowed his eyes. "Get out of my town, Bart. Or do you want to get into more trouble than you're in already"

"Okay, we're going., we're going." Then Bart and his gang slowly walked to the door, then ran out like lightning.

Josh slowly walked towards Chen, stared at him, then hugged him. Chen did the same. "Chen," said Josh. "It's so good to see you, how long has it been?"

"Two years," answered Chen with a smile.

"What are you doing in Texas?"

"I came to see you. I brought my daughter with me, too"

"Your daughter? Oh how sweet. Where is she?"

"She's at the hotel."

"Ok, let's go." Then they both headed out the door.

Later, they arrived at Chen's room at the hotel. A young girl about five years old, dressed in a purple dress and pigtails ran up to Chen screaming in joy, "Daddy, daddy!"

Chen smiled and picked her up. "Josh," he said. "This is my daughter, Meiguihua."

"Well hi Mei," said Josh as he smiled at Chen's daughter.

Mei just giggled, "Hi cowboy."

Josh laughed. "You are so cute." Then he turned to Chen. "Anyway, have you seen Denzel yet?"

"No," answered Chen. "I thought I'd visit you first, Josh. Because you're the first friend I made back on the train two years ago."

"Oh," Josh smiled. "Well, it's great to see you again Chen."

Just then, there was the whinny of a horse that caught Josh's attention. He, Chen and Mei ran outside to see a man dressed in an old hat and coat, sitting on a horse with a sack of letters hung over his shoulder. "Pony Express," shouted the man. "Letter for you sheriff, it's from Washington DC."

Josh took the letter from the man and looked at it curiously. "Is it from my cousin, Bernard?" he asked.

"Nope, from the Executive Mansion." Then the man trotted away on his horse.

Josh was surprised. "The White House!" he quickly tore open the envelope. The letter read:

Dear Joshua Cody,

Your presence is needed at the executive mansion for an important mission for peace. you will be filled in on the details once you, Chen Ling and Denzel Baker arrive in Washington D.C.


Rutherford B. Hayes, President of the United States

"I don't believe it,' said Josh. "The President wants to see us."

Chen smiled. "Then we should go see him," he said. "But what about Denzel?"

"He probably got the same letter." Then he turned to the hotel. "Get ready, we leave tomorrow on the first train to Washington."

"Ok, see you tomorrow." Then Chen and Mei went inside the Hotel.

Josh headed for his house so he could get ready to leave on the train the next day. He hoped he would also see Denzel in Washington DC.