Days later, back at the Pride Lands, every animal gathered at Pride Rock for a special occasion. Josh and Rosa were getting married. Josh stood up wearing a black tuxedo along with his favorite black hat. And Rosa was dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown complete with veil.

Bernard sat with Timon, Pumbaa and Zazu, crying like a baby. "I love weddings," he said as he suddenly hugged Pumbaa and cried some more. "I'm so happy!" Timon stared at Bernard and carefully patted his back.

Rafiki stood at the forefront, joining Rosa and Josh's hands. "Dese two worlds, joined in destiny, are now joined in love. You have become one wid each other. The kings above will bless you bot', if you know how to keep this connection, all troo' de days of your lives. In harmony must you live, or the ancestors will know that this connection cannot last... may you be blessed for as long as this love you feel lasts, and may it be through to de' vanishing point of eternity."

Josh then lifted Rosa's wedding veil and said, "I do."

"I do," answered Rosa

Chen, Denzel, Bernard and Mei clapped. The animals started making their noises of approval.

Rosa bent down and hugged her father, Kovu, who hugged her back with one paw. "I love you, daddy," she said. Then, she took the bouquet she was holding and threw it into the air, landing in Bernard's lap.

Bernard laughed. "You know what this means," he said. Just then, a female antelope who was sitting next to him stared at him, blinking her eyes. Bernard swallowed "Umm… hi." He then turned to ignore her and noticed Zazu fiddling around with his former monocle. "Zazu, why do you still have that monocle?"

Zazu cleared his throat. "Well, it certainly helps with spotting trouble from afar. It's not as though anyone else needs it..."

"What ever you say." He then turned around, only to accidentally kiss the female antelope. "Oops… sorry."

The antelope giggled and kissed him back on the cheek.

Bernard blushed. "Oh well," he said to himself. "It happened to Josh." He then smiled and ran over to a group of Zulu people who lined up in front of Pride Rock. "Alright folks, let's start singing. Sing so all of Africa can hear ya!"

And as expected, the Zulu people hummed a beautiful melody and began to sing.

Till we find our place

Josh and Rosa looked deeply into each other's eyes.

On the path unwinding

"I love you." said Josh.

In the Circle

"I love you too," said Rosa.

The Circle of Life

Then the two kissed as the lionesses roared. And they both lived happily ever after.

Circle of Life