Beautiful Stranger
by Rb

No one ever understands me. Not even my own family. Especially not them.

I've always been overshadowed by my older half-sister, Senna, the "beautiful stranger", as she was dubbed. She's only three months older than me, and she gets everything.

Her mother ran away shortly after Senna was born, and Senna was raised as my sister. She always got all of the attention, everything, because she manipulated everyone with just a toss of her blonde hair and a beseeching look in her grey eyes.

I never got much attention. I only got the things Senna didn't want, stuff Senna would pass on to me with an arrogant sneer on her beautiful face.

It's odd, really. When we went to school, I was the outgoing, popular one, while Senna was quiet and enigmatic. I was the actress, the loud, cheerful one, while Senna was quiet and demure, and manipulated everything. For instance, we both got straight A's. But I know she didn't study. Not like me. I had to work at it, damnit! I had to work at everything! And Senna just smiled her serene smile and got what she wanted.

It's not fair! I'm pretty, smart, outgoing, a good actress and singer . . . and yet, whenever Senna is near, I fade away to an insignificant speck in the backround.

It's happening again, right before my eyes. That bitch has bewitched David and Christopher. Can't you see? I ask silently, desperately. Can't you see the voice has been honey-coated? Can't you see the arrogance? Can't you see that she's really evil? No. They only see what they want to see.

She lets me see what she truly is because she underestimate me. She underestimates everyone, thinking we're all idiots. She thinks the lowest of hormonal boys, "the easiest to mislead", as she once remarked. She underestimates all of us, wanderers in a universe we don't belong in. Senna underestimates all mere mortals, so unlike herself.

She's already got David and Christopher. She will not get Jalil. I'd fight her myself for him, because I . . . But it wouldn't be needed. Jalil is too insensitive to respond to feminine charms.

Merlin's monster, a dragon, comes. It will destroy the witch! I can almost taste the fear emanating from her.

You feel that fear, Senna Wales? You'll feel it again. Because I will destroy you, bitch. I will destroy you from taking everyone who I ever cared about away from me.

I. Will. Destroy. You.