Chapter 2: The New Cat In Town


Where is it? A female walked up and down the hallways, a confused look upon her face. She looked left, then she looked right and she let out a whimper. Blue walls, blue tiles... everything looks the same... The red haired blue eyed female looked at her schedule again. She bit her lip, panic raising up in her. She was lost on her first day, and also late to boot. She ran her hand through her hair, looking around. She took a left instead of a right and walked around, looking at the numbers on the doors. She smiled when she finally came upon room 101. She looked up and, on a gold name plate with bold black letters, read Choir Room. She grabbed the handle and opened the door slowly.

Heads looked over at her, curious looks all over their faces. The girl smiled a little and looked at her schedule. She was sure she was during the right period... yet the students weren't singing. They weren't doing anything at all... there wasn't even a teacher at the front of the room. A confused look came upon her face and looked at the students. It was a small choir.. maybe thirty people at the most were in the room. She wasn't used to this, she was used to hundred plus choirs. She bit her lip and finally spoke.

"Is this second period choir class?" she asked, her voice timid and quiet.

"Yes," said a male voice. She noticed as a young looking man with dirty blonde hair and green eyes approached her. She noticed he was taller than her and freckles dotted his face. He smiled. "Do you need something?" he asked. The girl fumbled with her paper as she tried to avert her eyes. Her eyes landed upon his lanyard and his identification card. It had a blue dot. She began to go through the colors in her head. Yellow was freshman, blue was sophomore, green was junior and red was senior. He was a sophomore. "Um hello, earth to the new girl," She looked up at him startled

"Where can I find..." she looked at her paper, "Mrs. Smith?" The boy smiled and pointed to the right. She looked and noticed a middle aged blonde woman in the office to the right. "Thank you," she said softly and walked to the door. She could feel the boy who she talked to walk behind her to go back to the risers. The girl knocked on the door and she heard a soft Come in.

She opened the door and walked in. She shut it softly and looked at Mrs. Smith.

"How may I help you dear?" asked Mrs. Smith. Her voice was quiet, no emotion behind her voice at all. The girl fumbled with the papers in her hand and walked over to Mrs. Smith.

"Hello Mrs. Smith, my name is Kara Fitsim. I just moved here and today is my first day," explained Kara, fumbling over words and her voice quivered. She was nervous, but she didn't know why.

"Nice to meet you dear. Please, don't give me any papers at the moment, I'm not really myself today.. I might lose it." explained Mrs. Smith. Kara let out a soft oh, okay and put the papers into the folder that she pulled from her bag. "May I ask what part you sing my dear?" Kara looked at Mrs. Smith and smiled a little.

"I sing first soprano ma'am," Mrs. Smith gave a little huff.

"If you do, the way you talk makes it seem you don't carry your part," Kara was a bit taken back by the comment. She wasn't the strongest singer, but she thought she had a pretty decent voice.

"I can't carry myself as well as most people can, but I assure you I can sing the part," said Kara, her voice not as light and shy as it had been moments before. Mrs. Smith smiled to herself.

"I know. Please, go have a seat, I will be out there as soon as I can." explained Mrs. Smith. Kara nodded and turned and walked out of the office.

Kara walked towards the risers, her head cast down. She felt eyes looking at her and it made her uncomfortable. It made her feel like how she felt at her old school, before they moved. Kara looked up and found a spot at the end of the top riser next to a chestnut colored hair female. Kara smiled a shy smile and asked, "May I sit here?" The girl looked up and nodded.

"Go ahead tyke, I'm not stopping you," Kara let out a soft and nervous laugh and sat next to the girl. Kara began to twiddle her thumbs and stole a glance at the color of the lanyard that the girl next to her wore. Red. She was a senior. Kara coughed a little and looked at the girl.

"Does Mrs. Smith act like that all the time?" she asked, trying to make small talk. Everyone in the room were in their own little conversations, but the girl next to her just seemed to stare off into space. She looked at her and shook her head.

"No, never until the beginning of this week. Did you just transfer into this class because of the situation? I've never seen you before..." said the girl. Kara was confused. Situation?

"Um... I just moved here and this is my first day. What do you mean, situation?" questioned Kara. The girl gave a little smile and let out an ahhh, finally figuring out what was going on.

"Ah, so you're new. Well, you probably should have stayed at your old school. We're in a bit of a crunch for cash and the School Board has decided to pull the fine art classes if we don't shape up. They say that we make no money for our school, but we take up a lot of it. It's kind of true... The band and choir concerts are free and we only have one show a year, which is usually a musical. Last year was a bad year for us, we ran into several bad situations for our show and it left us in debt basically and we had to pull money from the school to pay the royalties for the show. It was pretty bad..." explained the girl. Kara looked at her.

"They are pulling the fine art classes next year?" Kara spat, not fully understanding what she heard. "Can't you put up a tax increase to help with funding?" questioned Kara, curious on why they would have to cut the classes.

"We have no support from this town, its basically the parents who come see the shows... The town would care. Word did get out though, and several people are angry, but nothing that can produce big turn outs... Oh, look at me rambling on and I have yet to introduce myself! I'm Kerri Vesta, my name means dark and mysterious... I kinda like it. How about you?" Kara blushed a bit.

"Um... my name is Kara Fitsim... I don't know what my name means, sorry." said Kara shyly. Kerri let out a heartful laugh and grinned.

"Its alright," Kerri grinned and Kara smiled back shyly.

Time went by slowly, Kara's mind darting between questions on her head. Kerri was now talking to a girl to her left, forgetting that she was there. Kara doodled on her folder, her eyes glancing over at the office door. The bell rang, taking Kara by surprise. She watched as Mrs. Smith left her office then the room. Kara looked at her schedule... It was Drama I in the choir room as well. She looked behind her and noticed that no one moved, they just continued with their conversation and no one walked in. She tapped Kerri on the shoulder and Kerri looked at her. It took her a second to recognize Kara's face but then smiled.

"The choir class is the drama class... Once the announcement was made, everyone really interested in doing the musical changed their schedules so that we could use second and third period to rehearse the show for we know we are going to need to time," explained Kerri. Kara was about to ask what the musical was, but the door opened and Kara looked to see who it was. A female with short blonde hair walked into the room. There was a bounce in her step and a smile upon her face.

"Good morning class!" she cooed, making her way to the piano. She sat her folder on top of the piano, it opened and her pencil going down the list. Her crystal blue eyes landed upon Kara and smiled.

"Why, we have a new person in this room. Why, stand up and introduce yourself!" cooed the teacher. Kara coughed softly and stood up. She turned to look at the class and gave a shy smile.

"Um.. Hello. My name is Kara Fitsim and I just moved here from Troy, the neighboring town. It is very nice to be here," said Kara, looking at everyone then looking at the teacher.

"Hello Kara! I am Camille Davis. Please, call me Camille, I hate being called Miss Davis, I feel too old and that isn't a fun feeling," cooed Camille, a big smile upon her face. Kara took her seat and looked at her hand.

"All right kids. As you know, we have auditions for the musical tomorrow after school and all of you better have your music memorized. Now, to get us into the mind set for tomorrow, I would like you all to get up and spread around the room and get ready to be slinking around the room like a cat," explained Camille. Kara got up but was a little confused. A cat? Why would they act like a cat?

"Um... Miss Da..."


"Camille... Why are we acting like cats? I don't understand." said Kara. Camille smiled.

"We are being forced to do Cats for the musical this year." explained Camille. Kara began to get butterflies in her stomach. Cats? They were doing Cats?

"Are we going to have the extra characters, like Admetus and Electra? Are we using Broadway or London names?" asked Kara, excitement running through her. Camille smiled and put her hands together.

"We will have London characters and Exotica, but they will be named as chorus cats for we technically do not have the rights to them... The names will be Broadway, now please Kara, get on all fours and meow like a good little pussy cat." said Camille.

The bell rang and Kara laid upon her back. She felt tired, either feeling like she was a cat or maybe it was all the crunches she seemed to have done while she acted like a cat. She sat up slowly and crawled over to the risers. She grabbed her paper and looked at it. She was a little confused, all it said was lunch.

"We have a forty five minute lunch break. Come on, you can eat with me and a couple of the others," said Kerri, grabbing her bag.

"Okay," said Kara, happy that she wouldn't have to eat alone.

Kerri and Kara walked outside and Kara was surprised. When she had arrived she hadn't had time to look around the school yard, but not she was seeing that there was a small courtyard surrounded by the school. The area was big and there were several trees and picnic benches. Living in Florida always had its perks, and having really only two seasons, Spring and Summer, played to their favor.

"Hurry up kid," said Kerri. Kara broke away from the scenery and followed Kerri. Kerri made her way to one of the shade trees where there were at least three other people there.

"He's freakin hot Amber," said the blonde, looking at her auburn haired friend. Amber shook her head.

"Sarah, sweetheart, he's not cute. You need to check your eyes." Sarah swat Amber on the arm and glared at her. "Besides, he's only here to fix things, he's a college student Sarah," Sarah smiled.

"I know, that is why I think he's freakin hot," cooed Sarah, taking a drink of her water.

"You two are so fun to watch," said the sandy haired male who sat to the left of Amber.

"Hush Andrew, just because we aren't talking about your ass doesn't mean you can tease us," said Sarah, glancing at Andrew. Andrew stuck out his tongue.

"Love you too Sarah." Andrew said.

"Who's ass are we talking about? If it's Andrew's, then we should talk about another one," said Kerri, sitting down next to Andrew.

"Oh ha ha, not like you've talked about my ass. I have about yours," said Andrew, winking at Kerri. Kerri swatted the boy and laughed.

"He's telling the truth," said Sarah, trying to balance her spoon on her nose. "He was talking about it in the boys locker room yesterday to Tony." Andrew looked at her.

"What are you talking about?" he stuttered. His face turned slightly pink. Kerri grinned and punched Andrew on the arm.

"Knew you couldn't get my ass out of your mind," she said, bitting into her sandwich. Kara sat the entire time, listening to the whole conversation. She nibbled her sandwich, feeling like an out cast. She liked the feeling sitting with a group of people, but she wasn't in the conversation and so she felt the same as if she was sitting by herself.

"Are you being ignored?" came a voice that seemed like it was right next to her. She whirled her head around and noticed the same eyes that had first stared at her when she walked into choir.

"Hi," she said, startled. The dirty blonde boy smiled and pulled out a sandwich.

"I didn't introduce myself earlier today, I am Cody, Cody Laven. It's nice to meet you Kara," he said, a gentleness to his voice. Kara smiled, he seemed like a nice boy.

"Hi Cody! When did you are the new girl get here?" asked Amber, bitting her chip. Cody grinned.

"I just got here, the new girl, aka Kara, has been here for a while I believe... I saw her just sitting here while you were talking about something..."

"We were talking about how Andrew is in love with Kerri's ass," said Sarah nonchalantly as she put her spoon on her head. Cody smiled.

"About Kerri's butt, and I figured she felt left out. You should probably try to let her into your conversations," explained Cody, a smile upon his face. Kara's face turned red. She felt a little bit embarrassed, but felt greatful for Cody.

"I'm okay, I had no problem just listening to the conversation, really," Kara said, stumbling over a few of her words. Cody gave Kara a gentle smile.

"Of course." he said and went back to eating his lunch.

"So tyke, what made you move here?" asked Kerri. Kara's grip on her sandwich became more forceful than what it was. Cody glanced at her hands then up at her face. Her eyes looked terrified but the look slipped away and she gave a small smile.

"We needed a change of scenery," explained Kara. Andrew cocked an eyebrow.

"That's strange... You just came from Troy and thats like, right next to here," explained Andrew. Kara smiled again.

"Believe me, its a nice change of scenery for me and my family," she explained, biting into her sandwich. The conversation died down as they all ate their lunch and soon the bell rang for the start of fifth period. Kara got up and threw her trash away and made her way to her science class. She would have to talk to her father that night about what was going on at school... about the cutting of fine art classes... She couldn't let that happen.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter, if you remembered the old chapter, I have changed a lot. I will be changing a lot to this story for I just now noticed how horrible it was... and how Mary-Sue ish Kara was... and it made me sick :) I hope I can write this story as fast as I can, even though I doubt I will be able to until summer. Thank you for reading.