A Mark-POV fic. Dunno what else to say. WARNING: ANGEL IS MENTIONED AND POSSIBLY "REPLACED" but no one can replace Angel… just read and find out.

I film them, I observe them, I think I know them.

They dance, they love, they perform.

I film, I film, I film.

I used to dance. I used to love. I used to perform.

They think they know me.

I film

Mark films. Mark observes. Mark…

Mark loved. Mark wishes he could love again. I want to love again.

I want Angel back. I want life in our group. I want Collins happy again. I…

I am the only one who realizes this.

Maybe it's time for a new Angel.

No, not a new Angel.

Time for a new Mark.

Mark needs to be the Angel of the family.

Now that I look at it, this could be the intro to a little mini-series. Hmm.. what do you think?