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Authors note: Where here is another poem I came up with and I hope you like it as you did the others. This is definatly not my favorite but hey I thought I put it up anyway. Review please!

Slowly the pain eases

Slowly the pain eases

the pain you've caused

The pain that flows in my veins

Just for loving you so

you have died once

slowly the pain eases

She then came here

She reminded me of you

I hated her

just as I thought I hated you

Slowly the pain eases

you are here now

dead yet alive

now a damn decision must be made

you or her

I love you

yet I love her to

how can this be

slowly the pain eases

I know who it must be

Slowly the pain eases

sadden that I cant have you both

Slowly the pain eases

"Kagome take my hand

I have chosen you"

Kikyo go back to where you came from

it is not you I choose

Slowly the pain eases

You are erased from my life

And she fills the emptiness

the pain is no more

It feels great just so you know

that pain that you caused

it slowly began to fade

then it was gone as soon as you were

rest in peace with no pain

as I am now

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