"don't leave !" she screamed But Sasuke ignored her and walked away, Sakura fell to the ground crying until Naruto came to her rescue but she wouldn't listen.

"Sakura you don't need him you got me" Sakura looked up at him and smiled briefly then the thought of Sasuke popped back into her mind and she started crying, Naruto didn't know what to do he just tried to comfort her the best he could

A year and a half later...

"finally I killed him he's gone I don't have to worry about him going after the village or Sakura" at that the mention of her name a picture ran into his head of the pink haired shinobi running to greet him as he entered the village.

"Sasuke" Sasuke turned around to find Sakura standing behind him

"aren't you suppose to be back at the village" She shook her head no "then what are you doing here?"

"escorting you back to Konohona" She said

"why?" she shrugged her shoulders

"ask hokage-sama" he nodded

"well then I guest we better get going if we want to back there by sundown" she nodded and watched him pack his things "you're already right?" she nodded when Sasuke was ready they walked outside and starting walking back to there all to familiar village of Konohona when they reached it, it was midnight Sasuke walked through the gates half excepting to be tackled by Sakura but when that didn't happen he looked behind him and saw nothing but a disserted road. Sasuke thought nothing of it and walked to the Uchiha Mansion.

the next morning...

Sasuke got dressed and stuff and started walking around Konohona when he saw 2 of 3 familiar faces, Naruto's and Kakashi's ,there backs were to Sasuke.

"dobe" Naruto turned around

"Sasuke your back" Kakashi now turned around to face him

"konichuwa" Kakashi said

"I can't believe your back" Naruto said running over to Sasuke and hugging him.

"dobe...I ... need ...to ...breath" Naruto released Sasuke considering he almost choked him

"have either of you seen Sakura today, I need to talk to her" Naruto and Kakashi's face turned sorrowful

"am not telling him" Kakashi said and walked away

"well I am not either" Naruto said fleeing as fast as he could I wonder what's gotten in to them Sasuke thought. So Sasuke decided to go ask Hinata where she was. On his way there he didn't notice three stones with names written on them. At Hinata's he rang the door bell and Hinata answered.

"Sasuke your back" she just hugged him, although not as hard as Naruto but you get the idea "am sorry" she said softly

"don't be, where's Sakura and Ino?" Hinata too looked sorrowful and motioned for him to come inside he did

"please sit down Sasuke things have happened since you were gone" Sasuke sat down along with Hinata

"so where are they?" Sasuke asked growing impatient

"last night Sakura , Ino and Neji all died defending Konohona , the village was attacked by a bunch of S-class ninjas Kakashi and Iruka sensei took care of them but not before they got to Sakura , Ino and Neji" what she died impossible Sasuke thought

"how can that be she accompany me from the sound village back to Konohona last night" Hinata's eyes widened

"when did she leave you?" Hinata asked now curious

"she left at midnight that's when I reached Konohona"

"am afraid that she died at exactly midnight along with Ino and Neji" Sasuke buried his head in his hands and cried softy

"no ... no this didn't happen ...not to her ...not to me ...not to anyone " Sasuke woke up with beads of sweet falling down from his forehead it was just a dream Sasuke thought trying to calm himself down then he looked around the room he resided that he was in the Uchiha Mansion or was it a dream or was it real?