The Light Crystal Of Amora

By Eclipsing Flames

Centuries ago, long before the power rangers, a great being known as the White Wizard possessed a crystal so powerful it could build universes, using but a fraction of it's power. Fortunately, the White Wizard was a peaceful being and used the crystal to provide peace to others and assisted kindly beings against the rebellion against all peaceful forces. To those whom thrived with evil, the crystal imprisoned them deep within depths of space, never to return as punishment against the cruel acts they convicted.

However as there is darkness to light and evil and to goodness, the White Wizard had an negative, an opposite far stronger than any dark nemesis before him, an evil warlord named King Dimenis. Though equal in their magic's and hand combat, the crystals powers unbalanced the scale between the two combatants. Knowing this, King Dimenis was more fueled to possess the crystal for his own wicked purposes and immediately began searching for the crystal's origin in aspire to create a rival force against the light crystal's power.

King Dimenis succeeded, how he accomplished this to this day is still a mystery. A sword crafted in the very blood of darkness and worn at the evil King's side in all its cursed glory.

The White Wizard felt the poison of the swords power upon it's completion and prepared for the ultimatium. The war of all wars was coming, dawning over the edge of a grand horizon, strattling both the regions of virtuousness and wickedness. Knowing he would not survive this final battle, The White Wizard deviced a plan, inscripting a journal which held great secrets of the crystal and his intensions of it, so that one day a being would rise and harness the crystal's power to do good. At the wake of battle he gave the journal to a mere child on Eltar, whom he felt would grow to be honorable and kind, that child's name was Zordon.

As the powerful wizard had predicted, he did not survive the war, killed by the blade of King Dimenis sword, however upon this, the crystal awaken in a rapid rage and killed the evil King along with his allies, before throwing itself into the black stary pool of space, searching for the one to reclaim its power.

Now is that time...

For not all evil rests easly upon defeat.

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